OtherSidePsychic, When The Dead Speak.

After four days of driving down muddy roads, flying in an un-pressurerized plane from Roatan to Le Ceiba Honduras, we finally arrived at the only clinic at the time that had a MRI machine. Four days prior, my ex husband comes out onto the deck of the yacht, holding his head in pain, screaming, “Call the Doctor, call the doctor.” It was around 11 pm at night, in a strange port, and we didn’t know anyone. I had no idea of really where we were at the time. I just knew, Honduras.

I have never ever seen him in such pain before. He was yelling it hurt so bad. This was a man whose pain threshold was so high that even a professional fighter would look like a kindergartener.  I was outside smoking a cigarette at the time, (when I smoked) and this was one month after my twin sister Amy had passed. We had just gotten into port. We were next to Johnny Carson’s yacht, The Serengeti and did not have yacht cell phone service. The only cell phone that was working was that of our Ships agent given to us earlier that day and one number only we knew. His.

“Call the doctor” and with that Richard stumbled back inside the yacht. I was frightened beyond belief and asked out loud, “Amy, what is wrong with Richard?” I was crying and shaking.

I knew Amy was around, had been with me since she died. She never left my side because I was at the jumping off point and there was a reason she had stayed with me.

Then I heard her clear as day, loud as an ambulance siren.

“Beth, Richard has had a brain hemorrage. Call the doctor. He will be okay but you need to call the doctor.”

I called the ships agent with my trembling hand. I explained we needed an ambulance, a doctor immediately.

“What is wrong with the Captain so I can tell the doctor? he asked.

“He has had a brain hemorrage. Please tell him to hurry.”

Within a few minutes, Dr. Noel Brito from Roatan arrives and gives Richard an injection to bring his blood pressure down.

It was the rainy season. We couldn’t get a medivac jet in because the runways were closed down. We were stuck. So the three of us made the journey to the mainland to the hospital there to seek treatment. Time was of the essence and Richard’s life hung in the balance.

Four days later, Dr. Brito, Richard and the Neurologist and Neurosurgeon confirmed that the MRI did ndeed show that Richard had had a sub-arrachnoid brain hemorrhage.

The big question they all wanted to know was, ” How did you know what had happened to Richard?” “How did you know what to tell Dr. Brito?”

Very simply, I said, Amy told me.

Thank you Amy for being there for Richard, for myself, even when you were dead.

OtherSidePsychic, If They Died, Then How Come I Just Saw Them?

It is because you did.

The woman with her hair pulled back that made me do a triple take was indeed my twin sister walking on the street. That man with the handle bar mustache I have seen for the last three days, same build, same hair, is indeed my friend who died three years ago.

Make no mistakes, they do come back and make their presence known and some spirits decide to make it really obvious.

“I was at her funeral, but I just saw her” was a remark made to me not too long ago.

It is because they want you to know that they are still around you, still watching over you. It’s really comforting to know this.

When I saw the woman on the street walking in Honduras, I could have sworn, put my hand on the bible kind of swear that it was my Amy. My heart just pounded with excitement, then I realized I had buried her one month prior.  She was my identical twin.  My heart sank and the tearing apart started all over again.

You saw it on Long Island Medium, where a man came back to check on his son, dressed in baseball gear and he thought he saw his dad. He did.

So the next time you do a double take and swear that it is the person in your life you loved that was lost, but your senses tell you that it just can’t be, trust me, it can be and it is.

I have since seen Amy several times and heard her. But it’s been a long time now. I will do another post about Amy while in Roatan.  Well, my dead friend, like family really, Harvey, was really a shock. For the last three days I have seen Harvey. I wonder where his wife Ann is.  We were really close. When I left my husband in Portugal, due to divorce, as the cab was driving away, I saw her sitting on the back deck of the yacht with my ex husband. It was around 2 am. Her white hair glowed in the night. She was there for him. He couldn’t see her because she was already dead but I could. I have that gift. He just didn’t and never believed in it.

Now it is her deceased husband I am seeing around me. Hey, weirder things have happened.

I am just glad he is around. He always did make me feel at ease. His wife on the other hand was kind of prickly and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Just like my ex husband.

Still I loved them dearly.

OtherSidePsychic, The Christmas Father

I was at a party tonight and immediately felt the presence of a man who wore a uniform. I really saw it when I met his widow, the women with the green eyes. They had the look of mine so I know she had a gift. But I saw a hard life she had. It was not easy for her and what I knew to be her past.

The son of this man seemed distant, putting on a smiling face when it was so obvious that he was hurting so bad. His new girlfriend, my friend, is his saving grace. He not only lost his father who was  a NY police officer but his horrible ex took off with their child to Canada along with their dogs, leaving behind one older dog.  So triple whammy hit him hard in a period of only a few months.

Since it was a party, I didn’t want to freak him out by telling him I was a psychic and that his father was there. His father is there because he is worried for his son. He knows what has been happening with him and wants to comfort him. There is also some unresolved issues upon his passing he wants to let his son know about. He is worried for his son but at the same time, wants ask for his forgiveness.

This will have to come in time. I don’t always act and blurt it out especially when I know I am sensing arms length. When the time is right, the teacher will appear and the student will listen.



OtherSidePsychic, Animal Ghosts

A lot of people have asked if animals have a soul and are still with us even when they die. Yes, they do. They are from God and are made of love. The answer is that they still are with us.

A great way to see if the animal you loved is still with you especially if you have other animals around is to watch them. Watch them when they suddenly perk up for no reason. If they stare at or near the floor or a couple of feet above the floor, then it is probably a loved animal that has passed on.

IF they don’t flip their ears back, it is usually an animal that they do not feel threatened by and probably knew before they passed.

Happiness for the new year is to know that our loved ones really never leave us, That includes our beloved pets.

Merry Christmas World. Know you are loved from the other side.


OtherSidePsychic, Funeral Director

Taken from an email I just had with my friend Joe about our mutual friend Mark who had died.

He was standing by the doorway waving his arms to come in. That was so Mark!! Directing people, even at his own funeral.
The body is but a shell, a vessel. Nothing more. We have to deal with what we are given. It was not Mark i was looking at but a shell of what contained a beautiful soul when it was alive and breathed.
At his funeral, Mark in spirit is incredibly happy. He looked very happy!!
He made himself known to several people after his death just to let them know he was still there  and cared but he had to go. His time was short.  His relatives that were there , were there to take him with them, take him home.
I told Joe, see those empty chairs in the back of the room?
Joe said, yes.
I said they are not empty.
Joe said, They look empty.
Trust me Joe, they are not empty.
His grandmother was there, so was his grandfather and not sure but I think his uncle. These were the people I saw sitting in the chairs in the back of the room
To normal eyes, the chairs were empty. To a psychic, me, they had people sitting in them, and they were eating, of all things, at a funeral.  His grandmother, was eating cake.
Wheres the cake??? I was hungry!!   If I weren’t psychic, I would have been called crazy or locked up by now


OtherSidePsychic, The Ghost Printer

The funeral is tomorrow.My friend Joe wrote a beautiful testimony to our recently departed good friend, Mark. Well, Mark came to visit last night and I explained to Joe what Mark had given him when asked by Joe. Joe found the object and soon was totally freaked out by me. I am only the messenger, not the dead guy okay?? If you are given a message by a dead person, please listen. It has meaning.

Anyway, Joe asked me to print out the testimony to give to Mark’s daughter that he had written of what Mark meant to him as a friend.  I did and left it on my computer and made the comment out loud to myself, “Wow, Joe should read this at Mark’s funeral. tomorrow” Mind you, I had shut down the computer and the printer was just turned off. As I was about to head out the door to work, my printer started printing again. I stopped, kind of in shock. Um, what do you say to something like that? I was frozen.  Literally, frozen.

You, the person without the strange gift I have,  would think I would not be scared or be in shock when strange things happen, but I do get somewhat unnerved sometimes. I turned around, walked back into the dining room and looked at the sheet laying in the printer que. It was the testimony Joe had written. How could this have happened? I don’t know but it did.  I do know, and it was Mark.

I guess Mark wanted to read it too before it was read at his funeral or perhaps, he wanted a copy as well.


OtherSidePsychic, Mark

I have known Mark for a couple of years. If there was anyone who had a heart of gold, that would be Mark. He gave and gave and gave until his heart gave out.

Two days ago, I thought about him. For some reason, he came into my mind and usually when that happens, well, it scares me when people suddenly come into my head because I know the outcome, Its never, well, I wonder how Patty is doiing, sure would be nice to hear from her.

Instead it’s, kind of like being hit in the head with a cast iron skillet except without the pain involved, thank goodness for that right? Seriously, I hate it when it happens because I honestly know the outcome and path that has to be walked.

Well, Mark died. Just slumped over in his seat while riding with some other close friends. Congestive heart failure.  I called to tell Joe, who truly loved Mark and while I was talking to Joe, Mark came through.

Mark told me to tell Joe, “Take care Bud.”

So I told Joe.

Joe Mr. Skeptic said, “if you are really talking to Mark, then tell me what he gave me.”

I said, okay, and the answer was a patch, pennat.

Joe said no.

I said yes.  it is a triangle on its side, and the colors are blue, red, white that I can see with another one.

Joe said no.

I said yes, and it might not mean anything to you now, but it will. He still was a doubter.

After we hung up, he texted me back, freaking out.

He had found it. Mark had given him a patch, and in the center was the space shuttle that was in the form of a triangle on its side. the colors of the patch was red, blue, white.

Joe called and said, you have to tell his family.

I said, Joe, I will but Mark doesn’t have much time right now and he has to go so he is saying goodbye for now, and he wanted you to know he was here, that he cared.

Joe will never doubt me again.

It’s not me that should be doubted, I am only the messenger.



Okay, so, I stayed up late last night, trying to write a query letter to an agent about a cookbook. You say, cookbook and you are a psychic? Something has to pay the bills doesn’t it?

Well, I am not so sleepy and get up to make some coffee.

Standing outside my kitchen window which does not have a blind on it as the realtor showing my house broke it, was a dead guy staring in at me.

I saw him plain as day. Tall, blonde hair almost to shoulders, skinny, stoic, and most certainly dead.

Not really the first thing I wanted to see when I get up especially when i have not had my morning coffee in order to deal with things in my surroundings.

My spirit guide is saying, it found me because of my gift. Geez, you would have thought it would have used the front door.

I know though that it is not a happy go luck ghost rather, just stood there and stared at me as if frozen. He was wearing blue jeans, nice shirt. He kind of looked like the designer who works across the street except that guy is not dead.


Freaky deaky baby, especially in the am. Rather the am than the pm.

OtherSidePsychic, More about Evie

I thought at the time all was well but then I had another vision about Evie. My spirit guides were showing me that she had another hurdle to cross. When the word came down that she was cut open for her surgery, I saw one more obstacle in her path. It was major and I knew it but how to say it? I couldn’t tell her because she was already in the hospital. Who wants to here that something major is about to happen to them. No one,  so I told a co worker who was going to see her.

“There is one more major hurdle that she has to go through, then she will be on her road to recovery.”

Well, two days later, a third surgery was performed. Now Evie is on the road to recovery. Finally.

Just keep walking the yellow brick road Evie, Oz is in sight.


OtherSidePsychic, Absalon

Absalon was like a sweet brother to me. I worked with this man from the Philippines for over 15 years on board several yachts. Good looking, tall, built, Absalon’s nature was that of a beautiful person inside and you wanted to be around him. Over time, he acquired a new girlfriend, the chief stewardess, Tanya. One day they decided on their day off to go ahsore, swim in on rafts, as the yacht was anchored off the beach in the Bahamas, Exumas to be exact.

Tanya and I were not always on the best of terms. We both were type A personalities and she was also from Russia and so of course we butted heads. She was a doctor in her country but the USA did not recognize her medical degree so to support her children back home, she went to work on yachts.

Neither one of them knew I was in the galley, (kitchen) and they were sneaking past me when i asked them, do you have your radios with you? As yacht crew, you always carried your radio with you, no matter where you went. It was a premonition on my part but something told me to ask them if they had it. Indeed they responded they did.  I asked again. I had to be sure.

Tanya in a short quip, almost as though she was pissed off that I asked, retorted back to me and I let it go. Then I heard from Absalon, that he did indeed have his radio. I always trusted Absalon. I would trust that man with my life and have before.

A few hours later, a boat is speeding towards the yacht and it is full of men in the back, DEA agents who work in the Bahamas. Word came over the VHF that there was an accident and that they were working on someone heading to our yacht.

My heart sank as the small boat approached. The person they were working on was Absalon, he had died on the beach with Tanya and neither one of them had taken their radios with them.  My premonitions came once again to pass.

You can warn the person, inquire to ensure your message gets across to the person, but when it is their time to leave this earth, you can’t stop God’s will.

Absalon had a heart condition so bad that even if he did have his radio on him, no one could have reached him in time to save him.

I miss him and I love him dearly. Truly a brother I lost that day.