Measures in Time

Measures in Time

The eternal smile, worn tight, fosters an agist culture that demands youthfulness. Constant bombardment of natural cures, anti aging creams, cool sculpting to going under the knife for the sake of erasing time stares back at you in the mirror. The deep circles or sagging neck, the jowls all define the human person as it ages. The greying of the hairs, crows feet flying, smaller eyes, are but the signs of father time and the measures he places upon the human body.
The time it took someone to experience life, to outgrow diapers, to spell, read and write, hit their first baseball, or learn to ride a bike, is wiped away. Where did the line go that signified true loss and pain or , the moment you captured love in the eyes of another? Is it magically lessened? Sent away in one knife and one pull of the skin? Where did the smile upon attending the grandchild’s first birthday go? What happened to the wrinkle that upturned on its own, that symbolized the marriage to the love of your life? The frown line when you scrunched your face thinking? That cuteness with abandonment filled by botox. When the character lines are erased, where might have the character of the moment of that particular memory have gone? Each subtle pull of the fingers, tightening ever so gently, takes away what life intended you remember. The scar from falling in the river on oysters, the laugh lines from the comedy club, a night spent with friends to the minutest engravings left behind after the worst breakup, where has it gone? Holding the lifeless furry body of your best friend after getting hit by the car, where is the life line on you to connect you to that moment? It’s gone. This is life found in the memories of your skin, character lines of where you have been, and what your soul has experienced.
The attention placed on the soul must be greater than the attention placed on the outward appearance if one is to remain forever young.

A Portal

This morning as I was in my hotel bathroom, preparing myself for work, off to my left, I caught a vision of the doorway, the path, leading to the other side. It was right there, beside me. It has never appeared to me that way before. i have witnessed the giant marble steps that my twin walked up when she cried for help to seeing the Arch Angel Michael appearing before me in a whiteness with the golden light behind him. The idea that it was my time had suddenly crossed my mind but this vision vanished a few seconds as fast it appeared. Was a spirit coming through that it opened for? They don’t normally enter my world this way or if they did, they didn’t make it so announced.
This was not a door per say as we know it with a door handle, knob or sliding glass but an opening of white, almost as if a cloud had formed into a doorway. This opening I knew. I immediately knew what it was intended for, a white entry way leading into what I could not see, a walkway, a path to follow and it was filled with love. When it closed, it closed from the bottom up. There was nothing to be afraid off. Nothing at all. Was this the proverbial tunnel that so many people speak of. Was this the way a soul travels in a near death experience only to return and tell of? Their diminishing senses upon the death of their body is awakened with a renewed sense of life. This journeying soul ifeels an all encompassing love from a golden light on the other side and is  greeted by lost loved ones, This we know from store.
If it was indeed my time, then I would have gone right there as it was the most welcoming feeling, the most loving feeling I have had for a long time.
Magicians use smoke machines to create an illusion of mystic means and this was no different. It appeared and as soon as it appeared it was gone.
Was I to die this day? Was the door intended for my soul not yet finished with it’s mission? Why did I see the entrance to what some refer to as the pearly gates, the golden gates, the heavens, leading to a power much greater than ourselves? Perhaps this was not meant for me but to relay this to someone else, so that they know not to be afraid. Perhaps that I was born with the gift of being a medium, I am to relay this message. Justly so, Perhaps.
Scrooge was not there with the angel of death pointing his ghostly, craggly thin skeletal finger at his demise. Darkness didn’t appear and fade into another drama of the wrongs I committed in this lifetime, rather a lighted path, a warm loving path laid out before me only I could not see the path but yet, an all knowing of it being there. This is what a medium has been gifted with, an all knowing in a way to see, to hear, to feel the other side and the souls in it.
The vision went on to a gradual fading of everything we know, as depicted in the movies, but can only be described similar in circumstance to a passenger looking out of a airplane window. The view is starting to become obscured, with a thick blanket of whiteness overtaking the view, the clouds slowly dissipating what the eye has before it. The natural light fades with the onset of the clouds and then a brilliant golden light emits from above as though the sun peeked its way out. The noise, all noise cancels and the harmonious voices of thousands of souls singing can be heard in the background.
When i state that the doorway is open upon ushering in a reading, the doorway is different. The souls that have crossed are now in a different room behind a different door, like a large conference room standing in line, waiting their turn, a holding room. They come freely, some not all or all but not some will inevitably show. The doorway is different than the doorway I saw today. However, it all leads to the same magnificent place, a place that offers total unconditional love, like the puppy you have who just wants to show you how much he bestow his gratitude and love upon you. Unconditional love is what awaits us with no strings attached.
As I walked out of the hotel and boarded the plane, I experienced Dejavu as we ascended into the clouds. I relived what I felt in the bathroom this morning. It can’t be lived twice, so I know this vision was not intended for me but to relay it to others as a remote viewer, psychic and medium.
This is what Heaven wants you to know.

Othersidepsychic, Don’t Come Knocking if Your Evil

Laying in bed in Nantucket, I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard this male voice, whisper in my ear, DIE.

Really? Really? If you are trying to scare me, better try something else because I don’t scare that easy. Not even road rage phases me, much less some dead dude whispering Die in my ears.

This was an old home, a rental cottage that my employer had me staying in. The landlord was not nice to boot and so it had all the makings of perhaps a dark spirit attraction to the space and here I come with my gift and white light. They obviously hated the fact that I walk in the white light.

It is not often that I run into dark spirits but it does happen. and when that happens, I am strong enough to make them leave or hide. I have had to learn how to use my gift and surround myself in white light so I don’t get hurt or attacked.

Eventually, l left the cottage and the dark spirit.

Did I ever tell you I sleep with the lights on? Too many nights with spirits and I want to see who I am communicating with, especially if they tell me to die.


Othersidepsychic, Rose

It had been a few months since I had seen her. Rose is the mother to my friend Joe. Upon entering the room and looking in her direction, I saw white light. She was bathed in white light. It just surrounded her.  It was not the same Rose I had seen a few months prior hobbling but still full of life and other stuff, lol. She spoke her mind and you knew it too when she did. I was the brunt of it on emails and phone calls but she was an overprotective Mom to her baby son. This day, her lungs was filling up with fluids and her body was shutting down. I knew she didn’t have much time. Not at all. I thought maybe a week. I was right. She was going to God.

I heard yesterday that hospice was called in. Tonight she passed. She went into a coma last night and never woke up. There wasn’t much time left for Joe to say his peace so i told him to tell her he loved her. Even though someone is in a coma, I believe they can hear us. She did. She tried to open her eyes but it was futile and a few hours later, she was gone.

I am praying for her soul and an easy transition to the other side.

OtherSidePsychic, If They Died, Then How Come I Just Saw Them?

It is because you did.

The woman with her hair pulled back that made me do a triple take was indeed my twin sister walking on the street. That man with the handle bar mustache I have seen for the last three days, same build, same hair, is indeed my friend who died three years ago.

Make no mistakes, they do come back and make their presence known and some spirits decide to make it really obvious.

“I was at her funeral, but I just saw her” was a remark made to me not too long ago.

It is because they want you to know that they are still around you, still watching over you. It’s really comforting to know this.

When I saw the woman on the street walking in Honduras, I could have sworn, put my hand on the bible kind of swear that it was my Amy. My heart just pounded with excitement, then I realized I had buried her one month prior.  She was my identical twin.  My heart sank and the tearing apart started all over again.

You saw it on Long Island Medium, where a man came back to check on his son, dressed in baseball gear and he thought he saw his dad. He did.

So the next time you do a double take and swear that it is the person in your life you loved that was lost, but your senses tell you that it just can’t be, trust me, it can be and it is.

I have since seen Amy several times and heard her. But it’s been a long time now. I will do another post about Amy while in Roatan.  Well, my dead friend, like family really, Harvey, was really a shock. For the last three days I have seen Harvey. I wonder where his wife Ann is.  We were really close. When I left my husband in Portugal, due to divorce, as the cab was driving away, I saw her sitting on the back deck of the yacht with my ex husband. It was around 2 am. Her white hair glowed in the night. She was there for him. He couldn’t see her because she was already dead but I could. I have that gift. He just didn’t and never believed in it.

Now it is her deceased husband I am seeing around me. Hey, weirder things have happened.

I am just glad he is around. He always did make me feel at ease. His wife on the other hand was kind of prickly and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Just like my ex husband.

Still I loved them dearly.

OtherSidePsychic, Mark

I have known Mark for a couple of years. If there was anyone who had a heart of gold, that would be Mark. He gave and gave and gave until his heart gave out.

Two days ago, I thought about him. For some reason, he came into my mind and usually when that happens, well, it scares me when people suddenly come into my head because I know the outcome, Its never, well, I wonder how Patty is doiing, sure would be nice to hear from her.

Instead it’s, kind of like being hit in the head with a cast iron skillet except without the pain involved, thank goodness for that right? Seriously, I hate it when it happens because I honestly know the outcome and path that has to be walked.

Well, Mark died. Just slumped over in his seat while riding with some other close friends. Congestive heart failure.  I called to tell Joe, who truly loved Mark and while I was talking to Joe, Mark came through.

Mark told me to tell Joe, “Take care Bud.”

So I told Joe.

Joe Mr. Skeptic said, “if you are really talking to Mark, then tell me what he gave me.”

I said, okay, and the answer was a patch, pennat.

Joe said no.

I said yes.  it is a triangle on its side, and the colors are blue, red, white that I can see with another one.

Joe said no.

I said yes, and it might not mean anything to you now, but it will. He still was a doubter.

After we hung up, he texted me back, freaking out.

He had found it. Mark had given him a patch, and in the center was the space shuttle that was in the form of a triangle on its side. the colors of the patch was red, blue, white.

Joe called and said, you have to tell his family.

I said, Joe, I will but Mark doesn’t have much time right now and he has to go so he is saying goodbye for now, and he wanted you to know he was here, that he cared.

Joe will never doubt me again.

It’s not me that should be doubted, I am only the messenger.


OtherSidePsychic, Absalon

Absalon was like a sweet brother to me. I worked with this man from the Philippines for over 15 years on board several yachts. Good looking, tall, built, Absalon’s nature was that of a beautiful person inside and you wanted to be around him. Over time, he acquired a new girlfriend, the chief stewardess, Tanya. One day they decided on their day off to go ahsore, swim in on rafts, as the yacht was anchored off the beach in the Bahamas, Exumas to be exact.

Tanya and I were not always on the best of terms. We both were type A personalities and she was also from Russia and so of course we butted heads. She was a doctor in her country but the USA did not recognize her medical degree so to support her children back home, she went to work on yachts.

Neither one of them knew I was in the galley, (kitchen) and they were sneaking past me when i asked them, do you have your radios with you? As yacht crew, you always carried your radio with you, no matter where you went. It was a premonition on my part but something told me to ask them if they had it. Indeed they responded they did.  I asked again. I had to be sure.

Tanya in a short quip, almost as though she was pissed off that I asked, retorted back to me and I let it go. Then I heard from Absalon, that he did indeed have his radio. I always trusted Absalon. I would trust that man with my life and have before.

A few hours later, a boat is speeding towards the yacht and it is full of men in the back, DEA agents who work in the Bahamas. Word came over the VHF that there was an accident and that they were working on someone heading to our yacht.

My heart sank as the small boat approached. The person they were working on was Absalon, he had died on the beach with Tanya and neither one of them had taken their radios with them.  My premonitions came once again to pass.

You can warn the person, inquire to ensure your message gets across to the person, but when it is their time to leave this earth, you can’t stop God’s will.

Absalon had a heart condition so bad that even if he did have his radio on him, no one could have reached him in time to save him.

I miss him and I love him dearly. Truly a brother I lost that day.

Other Side Psychic, REBECCA

I made a promise to my former employer before her death  I would not leave the yacht as he would need me. I also promised her friends. I didn’t, not for a few years, and it was only until her spouse could become stronger.  He did rejoin life, eventually. Life went on as it always does. We seem to think it stops, and wish it would so the world could grieve our heartbreak. Just because they die doesn’t mean they leave us. Rebecca didn’t.

When he couldn’t go on, crying in the master stateroom of how he didn’t want to live life without her, the bathrobe fell off the bathroom door.

He got up and picked it up and put it back on the hook.

Then he started talking to her again and once more, the bathrobe fell off the hook again. Once more he picked it back up and placed it back on the hook.

When he started talking to her again going over his life with her and how he couldn’t possibly go on, the bathrobe fell down. A light bulb went off in his head and it occurred to him that she was telling him to pick himself up like that bathrobe and go back to life.

She was still there after many years. The chair she would always sit in on the aft deck was covered in her signature perfume.  The strangest thing was that it was a terribly windy day and to have perfume linger in an area was not going to happen on a day like that. It couldn’t, but it did. Her perfume was there years after she passed.

They never really leave us. They truly never do…

Other Side Psychic: Eric

the number 5 coincided with a male that was around a person I read by accident. He emailed me and immediately, I saw this. 5. What does it mean?  Eric is many states away, yet communicating with me via email. I am in New Hampshire and he is in Florida.

Still yet, the number 5 kept coming up around a young male I saw around Eric.

Eric lost his friend on October 5th, 1996. Joe was his name. He was 19 when he died.

Joe is still with Eric, not because Eric can’t let go but because Joe wants to be around Eric, to guide him.

Spirits have a job to do, just as we have work to do…



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