Even the most talented mediums have attachments. Its not something we ask for, instead an attachment or spirit that follows you and stays with you may have the ability to form a chord with you and so you hear the term cutting the chord ie millennials cutting the cord with the cable box and streaming live TV and movies and things like that we have to cut the cord with attachments

I never expected to be followed back from a location and usually I’m pretty careful about protecting myself telling Spirit they cannot follow me. However spirit saw an opening and I let my guard down. I knew I had the spirit with me I just didn’t know who and when I finally confronted them they admitted on video that they were from the crime scene from Connecticut. I turned on my video and I heard the humming of the gray area. It’s a mechanical hum and it equates to me like nails on a chalkboard so when I first originally asked them how I could help them and do they have a name, the man gave me his name, Walter, but the woman said “don’t tell.” A good spirit would never say this. Thats how I knew they were not exactly the upstanding Christian community leaders they made themselves out to be.

Once a trickster in life they never change their spots in death unless they’ve had that psychic change and decided to turn a new leaf and follow God. The spirits had not done that and even got to the point where they were coming up to me where I slept and yelling in my ear for help. The problem is in one of the pictures I took of the crime scene there are several demons waiting for their souls and the demons are there to collect them now that they are dead. This man and woman will do anything to stop from going to hell. What they don’t realize is that when they come to me it’s their judgment day because ultimately if I cross them then they are going to face their maker. I tried crossing them until I realize what I was dealing with and I simply could not cross these two. Their earth bound crimes were such that no amount of trying to cross them helped. Either they had something to do with the missing girls or they knew about it and did nothing or they let it happen or perhaps they participated in it.

Also no amount of trying to trick me saying on video we have new leads we can lead you to the bodies we know where they’re buried to screaming in my ears at night to haunting my friends who have GIFTS could cross them.

I was pretty desperate to get rid of these pesky evil doers because they stayed with me for six months. Finally I reached my breaking point. I told them they had to return back to the crime scene and they needed to make amends to all of the victims that are still there. Then maybe, a big maybe, I could cross them. The victims are standing in my photos and they needed to make amends and apologize for what happened to them and then and only then when the soul has genuine remorse can it ask for guidance and help in crossing into the light. So far they haven’t followed my suggestions bugging friends of mine with gifts to try and cross them and they show up from time to time such at my work or apartment. And it got to the point where I pinned them with the help of two very gifted mediums back at the crime scene and they will stay there until they have remorse for what they did to others in life. Or we can hope. hope is an optimistic word.

I’ve had a lot of people say I wish I had your gift. It’s not fun dealing with souls trapped in a vast black void that need crossing, guidance, and tremendous help.

Recently I walked into a bedroom of a new apartment I just rented and the spirit said “I missed you”. I’m like how could you miss me you’ve never met me and then I realized they were back. and so the games begin again. I think I’m just going to call the demons in to come get them, or have a friend do it for me. I like the latter idea.

Remember this: once a trickster in life and they don’t change their ways they become a trickster in death.

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