Othersidepsychic, Dark Shadow Figures

I was at a stop light and happened to glance up and saw a dark shadow figure bent over suddenly jump into a car that was about two cars in front of me.

Did I just see what I think I saw? I have never seen them out in broad day light and certainly not hop into cars like that. Well it did, and when I got close, I felt it come into mine.

My car became ice cold, with temperatures outside reaching 90. A kia does not have ice cold ac.

As soon as it came, it went. I don’t know why it jumped from car to car. It is looking for something and or using jumping to get to where it wanted to go.

I am just glad it didn’t hitch a ride for too long.

Othersidepsychic, Poltergeist or Pissed off Dead Mother.

Paranormal Witness contacted me tonight. They don’t know I had poltergeist activity in my house last night. They will. This is not something I tolerate let alone have happen but it did. I ducked when the golf ball came whizzing by my head. No one was around to throw it except Cheetah the cat and he is extremely intelligent but not strong enough to pitch it like that.

Usually a poltergeist is a manifestation of a living person. An evil entity that is created an negative energy.

My roommate and I were arguing. He had just lost his mother two months prior and I was the brunt of many of her irate phone calls protecting her baby, him. She never heard the real story. Usually I had to email her to let her know what really happened or what was said and then she would calm down.

Well, after the heated exchange over the care of the cats, which are my babies as I don’t have children, he went to his bathroom and I turned around. All I saw was Cheetah on the kitchen counter and the next thing was a golf ball that came flying by my head. I said to my roomie, ” Nice going ace, throw a golf ball at me. Really mature”

No answer. The cats ran. Cheetah looked confused.

I called again to my roomie. He answered from down the hall from behind a locked door, his bathroom

It could not have been him. It wasn’t.

I realized it was his mother. It was his mother who threw it.

So I had a heart to heart chat with the air, his dead mother.

I didn’t sleep that well last night. I kept one eye open waiting to see if a dresser was turned over on top of me or one of the kitchen knives somehow msyteriously ended up in the bedroom with me. It didn’t..

Luckily nothing happened.

Guess I could always ask Cheetah what he saw

Sleep well!




OtherSidePsychic, A Giant Puzzle

I meet some wonderful people in my line of work sharing my gift and these people come to me for closure and reassurance. They really just want to know that their loved ones are truly close by. I can say yes, they are for the most part but when I do a reading, I am merely imparting what the spirits are trying to relay. They show me symbols and signs and to the person being read, it might seem confusing and that I am off base on what I see. For some, it might be the hand made doll or the kitchen apron or the beige suit and matching shoes. They all have meaning to the person I am reading or should have meaning.

I am the one who has to tell you what I see and see if it makes any sense to you. A reading in Boca is a prime example. I saw my clients father standing there holding a book. He was very proud of it. He never turned it around so I could read the front title. Instead, it was simply a large book he was holding. Okay, maybe it was something his daughter had made for him, or something he had written. Nope. not the case. Then the picture of horses came through. I found out that her father had a gambling addiction to horses and the book he was holding up was a recovery book.

He was very very proud of the recovery book that he was holding. That tied in with her because she also was in recovery.

See how hard that was to figure out? If he had not shown the image of horses, we both would be scratching our our heads. So it was a validation that he was there letting her know he was there.

When I do a reading, it is not like the spirits come to me and start a conversation. They don’t say, hey Mary, its me, Melissa. Nice to meet you. Say can you help me? I need you to tell my love ones that….blah blah blah.  No, it doesn’t happen like that, well, not for this psychic. They show up, unannounced, with objects and pictures and a whole host of stuff.  Usually the really older spirits that have passed on, decide to  come back somewhat younger, close to the age of 50 or 60 but I am able to see them when they died and the age they died. Some don’t but that is their choice. The tiny infants that die usually come back as toddlers or progress to an age such as a young adolescent.

Really mean people who have passed on, or evil people show up and send bone cold chils through me.  I honestly don’t even acknowledge their presence. They go away or don’t even come into my space. I won’t have it. I have sent them away.

The spirits just don’t come out and say their entire name or when they died or for that fact tell me complete sentences. They simply make it brief and to the point. It is putting the pieces of a puzzle together that eventually makes sense to the person seeking closure.


OtherSidePsychic, Out of Body Experience

I had a dear friend in the hospital, ICU to be exact for five days and when he said he was getting out, I told him I would pick him up after work and take him home. He is actually my roomie and it was the least I could do for him. He had stayed in afib for a solid five days and even though I knew for a fact he was not going to die, I just kept doubting myself and my gift.  So I proceeded to enter his room when I stopped and stared at the neighbors room. He was hooked up to feeding tubes, and other machines. I knew he was not doing good but even though he was lying there motionless, the machines barely pumping artificial life into his body, he was very much alive, standing beside his hospital bed, looking at his lifeless body. He was not alone. He had his departed loves ones standing next to him also looking down at his bedside.

I turned to look away at my friend in his bed, and then turned around to ask the nurse, if she didn’t mind, what was wrong with the man next door? She ignored me. Patient confidentiality. Ah, I forgot about the privacy laws. So, when I turned back around, he was still there but his relatives were not. Soon after, before I left the hospital, he had left as well.

I had thought about telling the nurse that he was there standing outside his body but then I thought, she was a trauma ER nurse, she had seen it all. Who is to say she did not see what I saw earlier.