Othersidepsychic, Poltergeist or Pissed off Dead Mother.

Paranormal Witness contacted me tonight. They don’t know I had poltergeist activity in my house last night. They will. This is not something I tolerate let alone have happen but it did. I ducked when the golf ball came whizzing by my head. No one was around to throw it except Cheetah the cat and he is extremely intelligent but not strong enough to pitch it like that.

Usually a poltergeist is a manifestation of a living person. An evil entity that is created an negative energy.

My roommate and I were arguing. He had just lost his mother two months prior and I was the brunt of many of her irate phone calls protecting her baby, him. She never heard the real story. Usually I had to email her to let her know what really happened or what was said and then she would calm down.

Well, after the heated exchange over the care of the cats, which are my babies as I don’t have children, he went to his bathroom and I turned around. All I saw was Cheetah on the kitchen counter and the next thing was a golf ball that came flying by my head. I said to my roomie, ” Nice going ace, throw a golf ball at me. Really mature”

No answer. The cats ran. Cheetah looked confused.

I called again to my roomie. He answered from down the hall from behind a locked door, his bathroom

It could not have been him. It wasn’t.

I realized it was his mother. It was his mother who threw it.

So I had a heart to heart chat with the air, his dead mother.

I didn’t sleep that well last night. I kept one eye open waiting to see if a dresser was turned over on top of me or one of the kitchen knives somehow msyteriously ended up in the bedroom with me. It didn’t..

Luckily nothing happened.

Guess I could always ask Cheetah what he saw

Sleep well!




One thought on “Othersidepsychic, Poltergeist or Pissed off Dead Mother.

  1. Man, that is nuts. It would be nice to be able to speak to animals. They could all tell such stories. Not sure I want them to be able to converse.

    Sleep well tonight. If you can. Doorbell Joannie

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