Crime Scenes:Why You Need To Take This Serious

I recently was called to a crime scene investigation in Connecticut where over30- 50 years ago little girls disappeared.

Police FBI they don’t take me seriously. They don’t believe in a gift like mine which actually could help them because if it’s a cold Case crime it’s left unsolved.

I mean really what do they have left to lose and I deal in hope, hope that maybe we can recover their remains based on what I know because it comes directly from spirit and based on what I can show in my photographs and film because it’s spirit standing there.

Case in point here are a few photos That I took while on the scene you can clearly recognize a few of the missing children.

Where they are standing is where I believe they are buried by the killer and I have photos of the killers standing next to the victims so we know who did it.

This comes from a higher power much greater than mankind.

The killer would dress the girls in gowns white pure untouchable like the dolls he wasn’t allowed to touch when he was a child

I come in to help not to hinder if it’s a cold Case crime why not use someone like me with my abilities ?

There is a reason I have these gifts. You can choose to believe or not but the victims need some sort of help because they’re standing there asking for it.