The Portal Medium

My primary gift is that I am the only portal-medium in the world who can film the otherside live. Yes, I can film, photograph the otherside live (heaven, hell and in between) and being a portal I can create portals into time, such as the Salem Witch Trials, The Gallows at Portsmouth, to a Charleston Lynching from the early days of the KKK and show them to you.  My other gifts:  I am a Medium, Remote Viewer, Psychic. What makes me special is that I can see very far away to see what is happening in a particular place, personal life, or what is haunting a place and I dont need to see you or know you to give you a reading.

Spirit comes to me or I meet them half way. What I have been given is a gift to help others, spirits and the living find closure. I do not make money from it. It is a God given gift.. When I travel to a location, the activity really goes ballistic into full force and you never know who will walk through the door once it is open.

I keep saying that “once the door opens, spirit will come through”

Well, I finally realized, lol, I am a doorway to the other side. On my hands are the symbols of doves, and in my palms are small crosses. I am the Portal for souls to cross. All they have to do is look at me.

The Arch Angel Michael has visited me three times

My life has been blessed in that I make money doing something else  to pay my bills and I give my gift away for free. I really want to help humanity by giving hope of everlasting love and comfort from the other side by God’s redemption of souls in the process of having closure for both the spirit and the living.

Animals are my passion and I try to rescue all I can. They are the light of my eyes and are innocents as well as children.

What I won’t tell you is who you are going to marry, or if your husband or wife is cheating on you or what job you should take as these are journeys for the soul to experience and learn from. That is what and why our souls are here on earth, to learn, to gather knowledge to make our souls better. Your primary job here as a soul is to love and learn acceptance of one another.


8 thoughts on “The Portal Medium

  1. Hey MaryBeth! My Daughter Jenny has been speaking with you through Dot! Just wanted let you know that we appreciate all that you have shared! We would love to talk more!

  2. I have never believed in psychic sightings or any related matters but am intrigued by the statement that repeating numbers could be seen as half angel half demon. I have a number repetition in my life, well a historical one which I find intriguing and which could not be coincidence. But would it be demon or angel related.

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