Other Side PsychicBy day, I am a dual-credentialed chef with numerous culinary accolades and awards to my name. I’ve appeared in several media venues from the Food Network to PBS to glossy table magazines. I have also been an author of a culinary column for over 15 years. Working for the top 1 % of the world has been my life, garnering much success for nearly 25 years.  However, there is this other side.

I am the only medium in the world who can film spirits and speak with them during the daytime. Every photo or video I take has a ghost, spirit, elemental, native Indian soul, sprite, or the deceased soul of a human or animal. I have been able to capture as many as over 100 spirits in one photo.  Not only can I show ghosts in the daytime, but I also make you see them too. Literally, I am a spirit magnate and I carry a message from the other side that no one has ever seen. I donate my time and effort to finding the missing or lost and rescuing animals. As a psychic knower, I have given thousands of readings for free, sight unseen as far away as India, Indonesia, Europe and Southeast Asia, Scotland, etc. I prefer to give readings sight unseen, or not know anything about the person prior to the reading.

As a remote viewer, I can see into homes, businesses, and so forth even when thousands of miles separate myself from the location. I can see what is haunting it, who is there, and what they want. In addition, I can show animal souls, elementals, sprites, spirit portals, and tree portals.

Currently, I am signed with a producer and a production company for the creation of a show.

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