Alex Holland Missing in Kent England

A friend of his family came to me and wanted to know if I could help them I said sure I’ll give it a shot I could try and so when I became involved in the missing person case I never really expected to find his body but I did.

i’m not one to sugarcoat what I see so when his mother and I may contact about 30 minutes later I saw the missing person standing on a street corner in South Florida and I thought wow he moved to Florida and he never told his mother. What was he running from? The problem is as I drove by him and our eyes locked I realized He was dead because he was hanging from the street sign and that’s physically impossible confirmation came after I passed him and looked in the rearview mirror and he was gone and that’s when I knew he was dead but how was I to tell his mother that. I had to be 100% sure. I saw the killers, Described them in detail, and then was shown a picture of them and my descriptions matched their photos.

The murderers lured him away from his parents house One cold night in November . And so he drove his car to meet these people that he knew. That’s when I believe they took him and put him in a container and then eventually after they killed him they wrapped his body in shrink wrap and disposed of him. I knew he was going to be found face down in water as Alex showed me where he was. there was a church a dirt road and then the road connected into a marsh area, mind you, miles apart. I went online and looked at churches in the area in the church I saw in my versions was identical to the church I found online until I follow the road down and there was the marshy boggy area. Finally I looked at a map and Alex told me where to circle and that’s where they found him.

The Kent police were of no help to the mother to the family or to me because that police department does not believe in someone like me and so a dog walker is actually who found Alex‘s body . he was found exactly where I said he was and how he would be found was exactly how he was found.

Today I am working on another case, in Israel. it’s tough because I see what happened to the young kid and to the older person that is also missing both with the same name and I actually have a picture of the older person who showed up in my backyard when I became involved in the case. His soul showed up so I took a picture of it. No one knows what happened to him. I do.

it’s hard working with people who don’t understand what kind of gift I have. ultimately I want to be able to deliver the person back to their family, Preferably alive but more cases than not they are no longer with us, among the living.

The police seem to think that he committed suicide. when Alex‘s car was found one and a half miles away from where he was found and he had one shoe on and one shoe off in the dead of winter and he was face down in the water with no water in his lungs tells me he was murdered carried to the location and it was certainly no suicide. How do you deduce suicide from all of the hints and clues to include an autopsy saying there was nothing in his system to kill him.? One day the killers will slip up. Until then the case remains open to reinvestigation.

Please find below attached pictures of Moshe, father of five who went missing in 2019. he showed up in my backyard I knew he was dead.


Even the most talented mediums have attachments. Its not something we ask for, instead an attachment or spirit that follows you and stays with you may have the ability to form a chord with you and so you hear the term cutting the chord ie millennials cutting the cord with the cable box and streaming live TV and movies and things like that we have to cut the cord with attachments

I never expected to be followed back from a location and usually I’m pretty careful about protecting myself telling Spirit they cannot follow me. However spirit saw an opening and I let my guard down. I knew I had the spirit with me I just didn’t know who and when I finally confronted them they admitted on video that they were from the crime scene from Connecticut. I turned on my video and I heard the humming of the gray area. It’s a mechanical hum and it equates to me like nails on a chalkboard so when I first originally asked them how I could help them and do they have a name, the man gave me his name, Walter, but the woman said “don’t tell.” A good spirit would never say this. Thats how I knew they were not exactly the upstanding Christian community leaders they made themselves out to be.

Once a trickster in life they never change their spots in death unless they’ve had that psychic change and decided to turn a new leaf and follow God. The spirits had not done that and even got to the point where they were coming up to me where I slept and yelling in my ear for help. The problem is in one of the pictures I took of the crime scene there are several demons waiting for their souls and the demons are there to collect them now that they are dead. This man and woman will do anything to stop from going to hell. What they don’t realize is that when they come to me it’s their judgment day because ultimately if I cross them then they are going to face their maker. I tried crossing them until I realize what I was dealing with and I simply could not cross these two. Their earth bound crimes were such that no amount of trying to cross them helped. Either they had something to do with the missing girls or they knew about it and did nothing or they let it happen or perhaps they participated in it.

Also no amount of trying to trick me saying on video we have new leads we can lead you to the bodies we know where they’re buried to screaming in my ears at night to haunting my friends who have GIFTS could cross them.

I was pretty desperate to get rid of these pesky evil doers because they stayed with me for six months. Finally I reached my breaking point. I told them they had to return back to the crime scene and they needed to make amends to all of the victims that are still there. Then maybe, a big maybe, I could cross them. The victims are standing in my photos and they needed to make amends and apologize for what happened to them and then and only then when the soul has genuine remorse can it ask for guidance and help in crossing into the light. So far they haven’t followed my suggestions bugging friends of mine with gifts to try and cross them and they show up from time to time such at my work or apartment. And it got to the point where I pinned them with the help of two very gifted mediums back at the crime scene and they will stay there until they have remorse for what they did to others in life. Or we can hope. hope is an optimistic word.

I’ve had a lot of people say I wish I had your gift. It’s not fun dealing with souls trapped in a vast black void that need crossing, guidance, and tremendous help.

Recently I walked into a bedroom of a new apartment I just rented and the spirit said “I missed you”. I’m like how could you miss me you’ve never met me and then I realized they were back. and so the games begin again. I think I’m just going to call the demons in to come get them, or have a friend do it for me. I like the latter idea.

Remember this: once a trickster in life and they don’t change their ways they become a trickster in death.

Crime Scenes:Why You Need To Take This Serious

I recently was called to a crime scene investigation in Connecticut where over30- 50 years ago little girls disappeared.

Police FBI they don’t take me seriously. They don’t believe in a gift like mine which actually could help them because if it’s a cold Case crime it’s left unsolved.

I mean really what do they have left to lose and I deal in hope, hope that maybe we can recover their remains based on what I know because it comes directly from spirit and based on what I can show in my photographs and film because it’s spirit standing there.

Case in point here are a few photos That I took while on the scene you can clearly recognize a few of the missing children.

Where they are standing is where I believe they are buried by the killer and I have photos of the killers standing next to the victims so we know who did it.

This comes from a higher power much greater than mankind.

The killer would dress the girls in gowns white pure untouchable like the dolls he wasn’t allowed to touch when he was a child

I come in to help not to hinder if it’s a cold Case crime why not use someone like me with my abilities ?

There is a reason I have these gifts. You can choose to believe or not but the victims need some sort of help because they’re standing there asking for it.

What’s Real and What’s Not

Youve seen the paranormal tv shows asking if the spirit is there, (sigh) and every other spin off that a paranormal series can muster.  Granted, as a medium, remote viewer, psychic I have watched my share of it. It was the highlight of my weekends. When you are not married, middle age and have cats, your life is not exactly full of hot dates, and oh, if you are a medium, might I add, men avoid you. I’ve been married twice. It scared them as one ex husband told me. “Don’t meddle in that.” Well, how can I not? I was born with a gift.  So two husbands later, I still have my cats and my gift and not so real paranormal shows. If you were to walk in my shoes, you would turn the channel when those shows came on  because they have nothing on what goes on in my life. Are they for real? Why can’t they capture what I get on a daily basis? It’s simple, its called spirit and a gift.

It amazes me what happens to me on a daily basis. It is like a child discovering new surroundings when I wake up. Spirit never fails to show me another side to the otherside. For several years its been spirits in my hair. They catch a ride. Some are good, most are, some are not so good. I immediately know when it happens to. My energy level has sunk to a record 0. Photographs always confirm this. Sometimes I have spirits follow me from other locations. Not attachments but followers hoping that my energy can help them cross. I had a spirit follow me from the Deep South to Paris France and show up in a group photo. Then there are the spirits that show up in daytime. that is a part of my gift that stands out among all of them. Others have tried but not to the extent I have been able to show them. They once had lives, once had families that loved them and even maybe animals, kids too. Even the animals have souls. So when you think you are watching something entertaining, think again. Most spirits are more than capable of doing something resounding only they dont have to sit up and beg for treats. They don’t need to. Respect is the word that needs to be learned when dealing with spirits. They know all and see all once on the otherside.

To take away from reading this, how would you like it if someone chased your dead mom and grandad around to get them to speak or interact with you just so they can be famous and show something that might be more than most people show on tv. I don’t chase spirits, I simply don’t have to. They want to be around me. It’s my energy and I am not out to make a dime off it. I give it away more than I am given.

“What Michael Looks Like”

I had passed out. It was January 2001. All I remember about the incident was that I came too sitting in a chair with people around me. What I saw when I passed out, was a golden light, sort of like an encompassing tunnel but a tremendous golden light in front of me. It seemed closer than what it was. It was brighter than looking at the sun but it emitted an all loving feeling.

So i decided to head towards the light. It was as if I was floating. For a brief moment, I realized, that this light was not from the sun but of our Heavenly Father,  God. Simply, I asked, “God? is that you?” and I heard a resounding yes. I remember smiling because it was an all knowing feeling I had and that he had answered me. Deep, the voice was deep and it sounded as if he was on a microphone, but my lips never opened to ask the question.

Then out of the clear blue came this bronzed  all over, golden in color angel wearing a short sleeved, roman tunic that came down to his thighs with ropes around the waist. He had outstretched wings, and I could see the tendons in them. They spanned greater than what appeared to be ten feet wide. I was that close. His eyes locked with mine and they were pitch black, full of compassion yet determination. The distance between us was no more than a couple of feet. There was a purpose to his visit. When I looked into his eyes,  I heard the name Michael. Never did I know that there was an angel named Michael. Apparantly,  I missed that bible school lesson.

I looked behind him, into the golden light and I tried to go around him but He wouldn’t let me. He was floating right at my level. First on the right hand side and then on the left hand side of me. The realization was fruitless in trying to sneak my way into the kingdom. There was a reason I was not allowed. It was not my time.

What I will never forget is his appearance, the black hair that had curls all over but appeared bronzed, to his muscles, his wings with tendons to his piercing black eyes. He was dressed like a gladiator but without the helmet, and shield. I suppose he didn’t need that with me figuring I was a lost wayward soul whose time had not come and he was there to turn me away back into the life I had. The bronzed angel stayed on the left hand side of God for my brief visit. I will never forget what I saw. But why Michael and why me? This I won’t know now, not until it is my time.

The second time I saw him, he was standing at the opening of a cave looking out into a lush hillside,  like an eternal garden filled with flowers. What struck me was the cave. It was not a house per say as we know it by todays standards but a home with a round opening like a cave. I was withered, old, grey hair, wrinkled body  wearing a robe with a hood and he held out his hand. Both of us were standing inside the warm cave. Slipping my hand into his, my outer skin with its looks fell to the floor and a beautiful young auburn haired woman stepped out of the empty shell. (I naturally have auburn hair).

This experience made me want to find pictures of the Arch Angel to see if what I saw was real or a dream.

On a visit to Fairfield Auction house in CT several years following my spiritual experience, with my now ex husband, I saw a statue from across the room and I immediately knew who it was of. I ran up to it. My face looking as though it had seen a ghost.  It was the same angel I had seen, Michael. No one had to tell me who it was, I innately knew deep within that this was the same angel that found my wayward soul and turned it back. I also came across another artist who had seen the Arch Angel Michael and sketched what she had seen and my heart stopped when I saw the rendering.  It was indeed the exact same face as what I had seen. There stood my proof that I without a doubt had seen Michael,  not once but twice in my life with a foreshadowing of events to come but apparantly with a great ending..

We tried to buy that sculpture that day at Fairfield but it was too pricey. I realize I don’t need a sculpture to tell me or remind me of what I had witnessed. He will be with me for the rest of my natural life. Maybe I will see him again before that event.


Better Late Than Never

He had heard about me from my hairdresser. So he became my friend on a social media site. That was it. He never sent me a message or contacted me. I think he wanted to. He never did.  Actually I sent him one. As soon as I saw his picture, his old partner came through and he wanted me to contact him because he had something to say.

So I did

If I contact someone it is to deliver a message from spirit. This spirit was his former partner who took his life. He had to get his message known. So I persisted and we agreed to meet. I am sure when a medium contacts you, there might be hesitation to find out what they want to tell you. He was very open to it which made the process better. I somehow ended up in the wrong location and spirit was there hanging onto my shoulder the entire way, nervous that his ex partner was about to show up. Eventually I made it to the right location. It was a very eclectic, diverse and very popular place on a weekends. It was the first time I saw a cat in a stroller and loving it. Usually you see a smaller dog being pushed in a baby stroller, certainly not a cat.

You might ask, well, if the living have grief, and gotten over it, maybe the dead can too. Even if the living human has gone through the grieving process and forgiven the suicide victim, it is not over for the suicide victim themselves. They are still trying to come to terms with what they did, why they did it and to find closure, most want to say they are sorry, the biggest word is sorry. Some dont want to let go, others will remain in a grey area because they can’t forgive themselves but most are in the light upon death. They don’t go to hell unless they are extremely bad people in life. He was still around, still hanging around.

So we three sat down, me and two men. One was the new partner. Of course spirit was not happy that he was there but he knew he was dead and couldn’t do anything about it and just wanted his old partner happy. He just wanted happiness for him. I told him I was shown pills and a rope. This was how the suicide victim took his own life.

Burial plans were discussed and I suggested that they follow his wishes. Keeping his remains was not an option but perhaps granting what he wanted with maybe a second option to appease the living was the answer.

All in all, the suicide victim was happy in that he could now move on, and go into the light knowing that he said what he wanted to say, and that was a simple but heart felt sorry and to grant forgiveness and receive it. Better late than never I say.



Measures in Time

Measures in Time

The eternal smile, worn tight, fosters an agist culture that demands youthfulness. Constant bombardment of natural cures, anti aging creams, cool sculpting to going under the knife for the sake of erasing time stares back at you in the mirror. The deep circles or sagging neck, the jowls all define the human person as it ages. The greying of the hairs, crows feet flying, smaller eyes, are but the signs of father time and the measures he places upon the human body.
The time it took someone to experience life, to outgrow diapers, to spell, read and write, hit their first baseball, or learn to ride a bike, is wiped away. Where did the line go that signified true loss and pain or , the moment you captured love in the eyes of another? Is it magically lessened? Sent away in one knife and one pull of the skin? Where did the smile upon attending the grandchild’s first birthday go? What happened to the wrinkle that upturned on its own, that symbolized the marriage to the love of your life? The frown line when you scrunched your face thinking? That cuteness with abandonment filled by botox. When the character lines are erased, where might have the character of the moment of that particular memory have gone? Each subtle pull of the fingers, tightening ever so gently, takes away what life intended you remember. The scar from falling in the river on oysters, the laugh lines from the comedy club, a night spent with friends to the minutest engravings left behind after the worst breakup, where has it gone? Holding the lifeless furry body of your best friend after getting hit by the car, where is the life line on you to connect you to that moment? It’s gone. This is life found in the memories of your skin, character lines of where you have been, and what your soul has experienced.
The attention placed on the soul must be greater than the attention placed on the outward appearance if one is to remain forever young.

The Brown Leather Satchel with the Gold Buckle

It was kept in the trunk of my fathers old Chrysler. The smell of leather and cherry pipe tobacco came from the bottom of it when the satchel was open, and when he did have to open it, there in lay his syringes, his stethoscope, and other medical necessities that the local small town doctor carried with him on house calls. When he came home, that same brown leather satchel had prizes in it for us children who stood on the steps leading to the spare room waiting to surprise him when he came home. We would jump on him and act as though we had not seen him for years. Out would come the trinkets the pharmaceutical reps would have brought him during the day, now presents for his children. They were pens, to spinning balls with names on them that we had never heard of or understood how to pronounce but they were the highlights of his coming home beside himself.

He was the first doctor and the last doctor to practice the art of going to someones home to tend to the sick and elderly. After he passed, no one I knew or came to know made house calls. A rarity then, certainly unheard of today unless the doctor is a concierge medicine practitioner, just another name for high dollar visits. There was nothing uppity about my father. Nothing that said affluence or better than in position or life. Most of his patients couldn’t pay for their care let alone the medicine that he gave so freely. They were the poor, the starving, trying to survive in a small southern town in South Carolina. Money was the reason he became a doctor, the honest route, to help was in his nature. When they couldn’t pay, we would come home from school to find pies, baked items, fresh produce from their garden on our door step. “A way of payment back for what he had done” can be heard echoing in my mind from my days as an adolescent. Several times we would have gifts of puppies or other animals. There began my love affair with nature and animals of all kinds. It came from my father.

If it was on the weekend, they would come to the house and the garage turned into his medical exam room. Like clock work the cars would be coming down the driveway to see Dr. Lawton.

The first time my ex husband, 15 years my senior met my daddy, my father sat him down and brought out the brown satchel bag with the golden buckle and pulled out hydrogen peroxide and band aids. Mending people with that salt and pepper hair, those black rimmed glasses and soft demeanor was Daddy’s way. He had a fan that day. He still does.

When he passed I was given his national geographic collection dating back to the 20’s and his brown leather satchel with the golden buckle. I put every memorable thing that I had from his medical practice in that bag to include pharmaceutical statues of African chiefs that my father kept on his shelf at the office. Perhaps I could have wanted more but those were the items that meant the most to me and still do.

Eventually my sister went on to fill his shoes but in a different medical setting and in a different town, this time a city, not the country were our life began.

Many years later,  I went into my attic and saw that precious parcel sitting all by itself. I emptied out the brown leather satchel with the golden buckle and handed it to my sister at Christmas. It was now her turn to mend the sick, and put band aids on grown men.



She wore a white cloth diaper with lots of safety pins stuck through it on her head, wrapped like a turbin surrounding her stubby areas of black hair that still remained., other areas with no hair. The thick glasses were handed down from the local eye bank or probably my father and she finally got a telephone in her wooden shanty when she was 90 years of age. Time stood still in Cameron SC and it still does.

Daisy imprinted herself on me as a baby, from the time our eyes locked, having lived over 70 years and counting when she came to be our “Mammy”. In the south, they were not housekeepers or babysitters but lovingly called Mammy’s. Today, even fourty years plus later, Mammy is not an appropriate term or considered politically correct when speaking of the hired “help.” She was not that, she was so much more. She was a boo boo kisser, a spanker when it called for it, a bean shucker, a flu shot giver, and a hugger, the most important quality of any good Mammy, a hugger.

To me Daisy was not hired help but my family. No matter what the white folks thought of her or how they treated her, she still was like my second mother and I am white, she was Black, but I am not describing the difference in our colors, rather the important difference in the mindsets that shaped these derogatory cultures that  spawned slavery. A dreaded curse for the south and having to relive it whenever I say I am from the South, that is the first thing that people think of. I get asked so many times, “Have you seen the movie the help?”  Yes, and Yes to what you are going to ask me.

There are fond memories of her sitting on the living room couch, or chair watching tv with a corn cob pipe in her mouth, the hair wrap, and her very thick coke bottle bottom glases, shelling beans or peas while we played with our toys. The moth ball smell never came out of her clothes and she had the “black smell” that only particular older blacks from the South had. It was in her skin and such a distinct smell that if she were to come around me now, I could pick her out of a hundred souls because of her skin’s smell.

I was known as the boy baby. Not because I am a boy, but rather a tom boy among girls. I had all the bumps and bruises on my body that my baby brother should of had. I was rough and tumble, tree climing, bush hogging female. So with that kind of nature, I was very accident prone. Mama threatened to name me Grace. That was how my parents and especially Daisy could tell me apart from my very feminine twin sister Amy, was that I was the wearer of plastic bandaids and the bearer of deep scars.

She never learned to read or write always signing her name with an x when asked. Picking cotton in the fields of South Carolina were left to the blacks starting at the age of of a child, and no one ever knew how old she really was when the good Lord called her home because they did not give birth certificates to slaves or children of slaves. Daisy’s mother and father were what history books speak about, the chained African American’s of long ago, sold openly on the slave market in cities such as Charleston and she was one of many children in her family that grew up and lived in Cameron SC.

Married at age 13, Daisy had 9 children, some not making it out of the womb, or maybe she was 9 years of age when she married and had 13 children. I simply can’t remember that part. When she died, her alcoholic son Thomas, was there but most had already gone on to be with their Lord. Why did the almighty let her live so long? Daddy thought she was well, well over 100 years of age when she died but sadly, there was no way to prove it.

When Mama and Daddy had bridge club nights out, all of us children, four in total would line up on the couch and watch Daisy sleep in the leather chair. Her body would jump violently and we would start crying and screaming, never waking her up. She slept like the dead when she closed her eyes. We were afraid she was having a heart attack in her sleep or feared the worst, she was dead. Sometimes she did it to pull a prank on us. Doctors kids know everything about everything and we swore she was dying. Mama and Daddy would eventually come rushing home to find everything normal as it should have been and Daisy still alive.

When Daddy died, I gave Daisy Daddy’s wheel chair. I wheeled her upfront to be with the family, and covered her up with his blanket. She was family. She was my cherished Daisy and no one was going to tell me otherwise. Color didn’t matter to me. It never did. Even when the community of Cameron SC made my father build a waiting room onto his medical clinic for the coloreds, the blacks in the 1970’s or 1980’s, because they smelled funny, I never saw color.

Being the outcast, rebel and instigator, I enrolled in the Miss Black Orangeburg pageant. I did it to cut the stigma  between colors. The audience gasped when I walked out on stage. It was to prove a point at age 15. I did exactly that. Even though it was not the right kind of point to make, maybe it coming from a teenager who hated the segregation even in modern times, might have touched someone. I did it. I did it to prove there is no difference in color of a human being.  I can still hear that loud gasp from the hundred or so patrons and some certain members of the audience saying, “What in the hell is that crazy Lawton girl thinking?”

Today, my soul says go home, just go home Mary to the piece of history that few know about. To that special place that doesn’t exist today. I will, eventually, but I don’t think the time is right. The sad part is seeing what the South still believes in. If I could have given Daisy more, I would have because she gave me so much. She gave me the biggest hug of my life.

Copyrighted, TM 2000  from my book

A Portal

This morning as I was in my hotel bathroom, preparing myself for work, off to my left, I caught a vision of the doorway, the path, leading to the other side. It was right there, beside me. It has never appeared to me that way before. i have witnessed the giant marble steps that my twin walked up when she cried for help to seeing the Arch Angel Michael appearing before me in a whiteness with the golden light behind him. The idea that it was my time had suddenly crossed my mind but this vision vanished a few seconds as fast it appeared. Was a spirit coming through that it opened for? They don’t normally enter my world this way or if they did, they didn’t make it so announced.
This was not a door per say as we know it with a door handle, knob or sliding glass but an opening of white, almost as if a cloud had formed into a doorway. This opening I knew. I immediately knew what it was intended for, a white entry way leading into what I could not see, a walkway, a path to follow and it was filled with love. When it closed, it closed from the bottom up. There was nothing to be afraid off. Nothing at all. Was this the proverbial tunnel that so many people speak of. Was this the way a soul travels in a near death experience only to return and tell of? Their diminishing senses upon the death of their body is awakened with a renewed sense of life. This journeying soul ifeels an all encompassing love from a golden light on the other side and is  greeted by lost loved ones, This we know from store.
If it was indeed my time, then I would have gone right there as it was the most welcoming feeling, the most loving feeling I have had for a long time.
Magicians use smoke machines to create an illusion of mystic means and this was no different. It appeared and as soon as it appeared it was gone.
Was I to die this day? Was the door intended for my soul not yet finished with it’s mission? Why did I see the entrance to what some refer to as the pearly gates, the golden gates, the heavens, leading to a power much greater than ourselves? Perhaps this was not meant for me but to relay this to someone else, so that they know not to be afraid. Perhaps that I was born with the gift of being a medium, I am to relay this message. Justly so, Perhaps.
Scrooge was not there with the angel of death pointing his ghostly, craggly thin skeletal finger at his demise. Darkness didn’t appear and fade into another drama of the wrongs I committed in this lifetime, rather a lighted path, a warm loving path laid out before me only I could not see the path but yet, an all knowing of it being there. This is what a medium has been gifted with, an all knowing in a way to see, to hear, to feel the other side and the souls in it.
The vision went on to a gradual fading of everything we know, as depicted in the movies, but can only be described similar in circumstance to a passenger looking out of a airplane window. The view is starting to become obscured, with a thick blanket of whiteness overtaking the view, the clouds slowly dissipating what the eye has before it. The natural light fades with the onset of the clouds and then a brilliant golden light emits from above as though the sun peeked its way out. The noise, all noise cancels and the harmonious voices of thousands of souls singing can be heard in the background.
When i state that the doorway is open upon ushering in a reading, the doorway is different. The souls that have crossed are now in a different room behind a different door, like a large conference room standing in line, waiting their turn, a holding room. They come freely, some not all or all but not some will inevitably show. The doorway is different than the doorway I saw today. However, it all leads to the same magnificent place, a place that offers total unconditional love, like the puppy you have who just wants to show you how much he bestow his gratitude and love upon you. Unconditional love is what awaits us with no strings attached.
As I walked out of the hotel and boarded the plane, I experienced Dejavu as we ascended into the clouds. I relived what I felt in the bathroom this morning. It can’t be lived twice, so I know this vision was not intended for me but to relay it to others as a remote viewer, psychic and medium.
This is what Heaven wants you to know.

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