Directions From The Other Side

It never fails to amaze me

everytime I fly to Italy to see my family I plan on going to  see my twin sisters grave. She died and was interred in Rome Italy in 2002.

Trying to find her actual family plot in the Italian myriad of mass graves, pauper markings and glass moseleums is quite a feat. She always comes through.

The very first I soloed my driving trip to her grave I was so very upset but had the faith she would instruct me where to go. She did. She led me to her grave as though I had been going there all the time.

The “backup’s, go one block, make a right, to yelling stop so loud in my head I thought my brain would burst, succeeded in confirming she was I need still with me.

This time was no different.  A simple Beth, you’ve gone one block too far,to I am behind that wall of trees once again proved she is still with me . This time I had a passenger who witnessed it first hand and he was Jewish.

3 thoughts on “Directions From The Other Side

  1. Mary I am hoping you find this and know that I am confused and kind hurt tonight! I had a dream about Mom after I had talked out loud the other day asking her if she can talk to me please I miss her. In the dream she would look at me and kept walking past me and wouldn’t answer me. She put up her hand waved it and did I am busy, I am fine and happy I am ok…like leave me alone! Am I bothering her or was that just a stupid dream? My Mom is a snob to me now!! 🤔😭😭😭Lisa Shaw

      1. Thank-you so much Mary. I just found this too btw!
        I came to your web page because I want to thank you for coming to me this morning. I know we are connected to one another but I’ve been pondering something lately and you came to me and told me the answer. You said to stop trusting these people and telling them everything, and to not talk to them anymore. Thanks so much!!!
        The last thing I came here for is my brother Eddie. Eddie has been hit in his sleep by something. He feels the punch and then when he wakes up he’s in a lot of pain. He wants to know how to stop the punching. He doesn’t know who wants to hurt him.

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