Othersidepsychic, Not Alone

I admit it, I watch the ghost hunting shows. I was in bed last night and tuned into Zac and his crew in a rerun out in California with some guy who had Sharon Tate haunting his bachelor pad. Okay. Yeah, I was a little scared. Wait a minute, me, a psychic, medium, and one who sees the dead scared? Well, yes, I am only human. I am not dead yet.
So speaking of having ghosts in your home like this guy did, and I do, can be blamed on many avenues such as a murder next door, down the street, or in the same area. It doesn’t have to happen in the same spot as the haunting. You could literally go a haunted place and spirit sees you and wants to tag along and next thing you know, you have an attachment. I know I do and it has not left me since I left a clients house in upper SC. I also know my sister is with me as well and keeps those nasty other spirits at bay. She was a fighter in real life and I know she is dead. A real fighter for her sister. She wont allow any harm to come to me but neither would my higher power.
What’s happened lately? I was at home when I felt this energy start whirling around me. It just swooshed up on me and then started whirling. I immediately yelled for it to stop to leave me alone. It did. But it is eery to have that feeling of something you don’t know coming into your aura and hanging around.
How do I know amy is around? Th signs are there. From buying items in a store that results in tows, such as two yolks in one egg. Two zucchini squash blossoms bound together in one package. Two flowers growing together. Two tomatoes and the list goes on. I remember too well on our birthday, cracking open eggs to make something and every single egg was a twin. I finally said, I get it! You are with me. That happened in one day. I must have wasted seven eggs that day. All were twins.
This last birthday, I bought two helium balloons, and in the flower bunch I attached to the balloons were twin sunflowers. I set it free on our birthday and to my surprise, it never went anywhere. It floated in front of my face for the longest time, then up to the tree and stayed there for days. When I left for my job out west, Joe called me to tell me, the flowers and balloons were gone. He said there was no wind, that it was weird, they just left.
Where I go, she goes. So I want you to remember this as well. There are signs that are around you, just look for them. You are not alone either.