Othersidepsychic, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

I can’t remember if that movie was about trains or flying. For me, it seems appropriate that it is about trains.

Yesterday while going to see property with a realtor whom I am not so sure about ethically, because of what happened,and what I see to come,  I had a premonition seconds before it happened. I couldn’t stop it. I wasn’t supposed to. I do know I got a very uneasy feeling about the realtor when I walked into a restaurant to meet him and his wife. It was not a good aura around him. It was more of a grey black. This much I do remember. For someone like me, good auras are everything. He did not have one. She did, but he didn’t. I should have listened to that and walked away. Selfish, only about what he could get is the type of person I had received from my spirit guides and his aura.

Making a right hand turn and about to proceed onto rail road tracks, I got a premonition that I was going to get into an accident and sure enough kabam, right into the back of my car.  The other driver got out. He was okay. He was going really fast to because my back bumper on my old car was made of metal and split right in two. Not good.

I think I was so much in shock that I don’t remember turning the car off, just realizing that my premonition had come true. The realtor reached over and put my car into park.

Needless to say, I didn’t heed my own warnings nor my feelings that surrounded meeting this person. Unfortunately, now I know, because I see it, that he will sue me for his medical injuries. He had none as he proceeded to get up immediately and walked over to the ambulance and had them put a collar around his neck. A cat scan and exray later of his entire body, he bent over to put on his boots and walked out of the hospital to go look at property. It was not a loss for him. It was for me, my car, my transportation and ultimately, what I see to come. A few seconds after the car was hit, the train comes. As I am on the phone with 911, the operator asked if we were off the tracks. Barely made it.

What goes around comes around. Good Karma begets good karma. I only surround myself around good karma. Live and Learn. I am good, a little sore but magnificently alive and good!

As for the other driver, I hope he is okay. As for the realtor, remember, good karma begets good karma. I don’t see it for him.

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang..

Othersidepsychic, CHEAP WHITE BREAD LIES

Some people read tea leaves, some read palms, some read tarot cards. I read people. All I have to do is look at them. My gift is centered around the top of my head. That is where it enters. I also feel it in my chest. Today though, I am feeling like cheap white bread. Simply, given a gift and not sure how to make people want it or flock to it.  I also realize that I can see people and even through their lies. I am not to charge for my gift. I can’t. So I guess I am destined to be poor for the rest of my life. It’s okay, because actually I am rich. I am rich because I have the love of a higher power, animals and others. Money cant make my gift perform any better. Money can’t buy me happiness. Money kept my gift from me. My ex husband said, don’t get to wrapped up in that spooky shit or else it will consume you. Well that spooky shit happens to be my God given gift.

What am I supposed to do when I was given a gift such as mine? Stifle it? I am sorry. I can’t.  It helped me today, to have my gift. It always does. I just cant see it for myself until after the fact. One the reasons I was given this gift. It was given to me to help others, not myself.  I do listen to warning signs though.

How it helped me today was that I sold my house and the person buying it was not honest in telling me who they really were. I knew who they were. I saw it. I knew they were lying to me. I knew they were a realtor pretending to be someone else. Don’t ever lie to me because it only hurts you if you are in my life. Do you think I can’t see it?  There has been times in my life when I wasn’t honest and it came back to bite me and stung really bad. Anyway, this person who I met.  I knew it before I found out who they were. I found confimation online today when I was doing some research and found their picture. Honestly for someone like me is a life or death situation. I am trying to put my past behind me and live a totally honest life. Its hard when others aren’t.  So when I feel as though I have been lied to, I feel like cheap white bread, more like toast now. Cheap white bread for a poor person who can’t charge for her gift. Pity potty story.  Hey, I could make a sandwich with that one or better yet, creamed chipped beef over white toast or Welsh Rarebit. Sounds good to me.

Othersidepsychic, Claircognizant, Clairvoyance, Knowing

All you have to do is email. That is all it takes. I don’t have to meet you, I don’t have to hear your voice, or see pictures or touch items to tell you what I see. Thousands of miles away, I can see what is going on in your house, with you, there is not much I can’t see. Am i 100% right? Most of the time, there are pieces to the puzzle that I can deliver to you and you have to fit the puzzle together, and sometimes it goes back generations and sometimes it is in the future, not yet happened.

This is so much more fun than making boring cod cakes at work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay the bills. It is not meant to. It is a gift I have to give away freely in order to keep it.

Othersidepsychic, Reflections in the Washing Machine Window

i have never had a ghost come whirling up to me, sort of like a whoooosh, and then decide to swirl around me. It happened today.

You know how you just know someone is standing behind you or standing beside you or even to feeling like you are being stared at? But when you turn around there is no one there?  I was in the employers kitchen, making him dinner when all of sudden it was as if this ghost came running up to me, and started swirling around me.

I have never had that happen. Then it turned ice cold. I grabbed my cross around my neck and said that I am a child of God and Jesus is my savior and if they are not of God, to leave. Immediately, the air became warm, then it came back. I ignored it. Went about making cod cakes.  I mean seriously, who would be talking to ghosts and making cod cakes at the same time?

Then I went down to the laundry room where there are several washing machines. I happened to look up and there was a face staring at me from inside the washer. I just stopped, I stared. Weirder, it morphed. The face went into the image of my twin and then into the image of my twins beloved dog, Beth, a German shepard whom she named after me. I know I know. When they called the dog, we both answered. Neither the dog nor myself were sure which one of us they wanted so we both showed up.

Then the image was gone.

When I got home from work, spirit is knocking on the door, scratching on the door, a cabinet sounding like the door was rattling as though someone was trying to open it.  I am also wondering if I was followed from work to home. I think though my painting the house and doing some minor work has disturbed who ever is residing here. At least the paint color I picked out warms the place up. I did inform the ghost in my house that if they didn’t like the colors, they could take it outside and stay there. Their choice in colors sucked.


OtherSidePsychic, When We are Near Death

Its called Life on Life’s terms. We all have to go through it and face the final hour. Its not so romantic really as the movies portray it. Some people are riddled with cancer, others, a debilitating disease, still others take their own life, despondent over the ones they were living.

He was talking to his father during his final hours, even seeing angels at his window. His father had passed about twenty years prior of throat cancer and alzheimers.  I witnessed it first hand.

When we are near death, either we are surrounded by angels, people who loved us and passed on before us or we are not. I know I have seen the arch angel Michael twice in my short life. I know that is one angel who will be with me during my finalexperience and into the next life.

I knew when my twin sister was dying as I felt it half way across the world. I became violently ill, and it was a sinking feeling of actually dying, needing to reach her immediately but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Amy. I had to tell her goodbye. I was too sick to get off the floor. It was actually what she was feeling.  I was perfectly healthy a minute before.

If we didn’t care about a person we wouldn’t cry our hearts out when they pass on. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t cry but be happy that they have gone onto a world far more better than what they left.

We all know what happens to the people who are not so nice and pure of heart.

I do know the man I saw die, saw angels, was surrounded by them, and was talking to people he loved who had passed on. They came back for him to take him home. In a coma, he said he wanted to go home but how was he going to get there? Piggy Back? Those were his exact words. He laughed, and a few hours later, he passed.

I hope I don’t have to hitchhike a ride, I hope Amy shows up in a nice BMW



OtherSidePsychic, When They Go Missing

Yes, I can see where they are. Yes, I know who took them and yes, the police think all psychics are a bunch of wackos who make stuff up. Not true.

In this case, it was a missing dog. I happened to be talking to a Hispanic lady about pets in the pet aisle of Whole Foods the other day when she said her precious yorkie went missing over a year ago.

I saw it.

I asked her if she had a Korean or Chinese family close by as a neighbor. She said yes. I asked her if the lady had short brown/black hair and lived with a daughter or the daughter came by to check on her all the time. She said yes.

I then proceeded to tell her where the Korean lady lived. She lived at the end of the street, across from her.

The lady did indeed confirm that the Korean woman lived across the street and it was at the end of the street.

I also saw a metal fence around her yard. She confirmed this as well.

A lot of confirmations wouldn’t you say? She was in shock I saw this. I told her that the young lady who appears to be the daughter is the one who wanted the dog but I did see the dog got out, and ran to the house not knowing where it was. The Korean lady took it and gave it to her daughter.

I am waiting to find out if indeed the dog is still at the house or with the lady’s daughter. I see more with the daughter. My point is, if the poilce had more open minds, more crimes would be solved by very capable people such as me, because I can tell you alot of things about the crimes you see on tv. But for now, no one has asked my opinion.