The Dark Side of Beautiful

The marsh and tidal creek lay just out front from the large plantation house, with its majestic oaks draped with Spanish moss . It’s a beautiful setting for a low country wedding, and a place I fell in love with and could stay forever. With the price of beauty comes the side of darkness of its past.

Last year I went there from a request from the owner to see what was there. I primarily concentrated on several areas of the house and got lengthy Evp’s from the still lurking around owner from the 1800’s. This year, it was different.

I asked to speak to the kind man I engaged with last year. A voice came back to me over Evp’s that said, “He’s dead.”

My reply was, “Do you know you are dead too?” I was irritated that a spirit decided to screw with me as a medium and thwart my endeavors as to why I came.

“What do you mean he is dead?” What kind of spirit says that? Not a good one that is for sure. I had to dig deeper. I asked for a name and I got it. The next day I went to the library to get information and found out that the name given to me over evp by spirit belonged to the man who was ruthless, making this estate the richest during his lifetime for the area. He lived during the 1700’s. It was him I heard. It only got worse from there. The night time cameras catching us sleeping showed our project manager sitting on the edge of the bed rocking back and forth in an unusual manner around 2-3 am and all of sudden the footage showed his back contorting into a balloon. It was not humanly possible to do so unless you have helium to blow your back into a bulbous round shape. His did. Then you see the same spirit come over to me when I was sleeping and yank the covers from my feet and lay down beside me. I was not about to sleep alone in that house and he was my best friend. For three days I watched my friend turn into a 80 something year old, a man I did not know. Even his voice changed and his eyes narrowed, shutting for most of the time. Who was he? Not my friend Joe.

Later, his back hurt so bad that I took him to the emergency room. The doctors came back in and said his back had a compression fracture and a cracked rib. I know what caused it. He kept saying he wanted to go back home. We were home and now over 500 miles away from the estate.  Apparantly, this home was not the one he intended.

I asked out loud over an evp session when we were at the estate “Who is the evil entity here? Can they hurt someone?” I never heard the answer at the time, and it was “Yes”

After we arrived back at the house a few states away, having gotten home from the hospital, Joe’s phone turned Siri on, by itself, and a message came across the front screen,  “You don’t know true evil yet.”

After I left the estate last year, I got a message on my phone that said, ” What do you call a slut in the ground?.”

Pure evil lurks behind the beautiful sometimes.

Three Escorts

He saw angels standing at his window sill in the hospital room. Large angels that were waiting on him. The fragile hairless man who stood up was ravaged by the disease that had him. Yet, he jumped out of bed to see his companions who would, along with his father escort him to the otherside. He had never seen an angel before, there were three waiting on him, their wings outstretched, all in white gowns, with crowns of gold on their heads were waiting for one of their beloved souls to cross. He asked if I saw them. I had to see them! They were so beautiful!

A few hours later, this fragile man was comatose muttering in his sleep, “How are you going to take me home? Yes, I want to go home. How are we going to get there? Piggy back?” then he laughed.
I knew he was talking to his father, my Granddaddy, who was present in the room, ready to retrieve his son. He had died about 12 years earlier of a different form of the disease that had my father.
I stepped out after that to refresh myself and left the hospital grounds for a while. Suddenly upon walking through the parking garage tunnel that led to the hospital, I knew he was going. I innately knew my father was not to live much longer. A voice whispered to me, hurry, just hurry. Running to meet death, I had to tell him goodbye.
Holding his hand while his breaths were shallow, strained and heavy, gargled by the mucous in his chest. I asked him to check on me from time to time, and to tell God and Jesus I said hello, that I loved him dearly. I always would.

Not yet fully able to come to grips with his death which was so imminent, I held back what I really wanted to say and that was to say how lucky I was to have him as a loving father, one who stood by me all those years and who only wanted the best for me. No girl could have been as lucky as me.

He squeezed my hand. In that moment, I knew he could hear me. He knew. There is life in a comatose state before we pass. Thank God he knew how much I loved him.

With all the family around, he arose from his coma to ask what was happening with his body. My sister, a physician, had to tell him, “Daddy, you are in the hospital.  He asked, “why?”
“Because Daddy, you are dying of lung cancer.”
He nodded as though he understood, being a doctor himself. He then said he loved everyone very much and laid back down, his head upon the soft pillow and stopped breathing.

What Heaven Really Wants Us To Know

The lady in the elevator was rude. Pointing out that I could not see the number 5 had been pressed and not 3. Not looking up to meet my eyes, was a way of hers to let me know I was less than, not important in her world or others. I didn’t matter. It happens every day, all day, the mentality of others toward others.

The young man standing in the get together with other young cronies, some of them female, starts to laugh when they lay eyes upon me. Is it the way I look or that I am older? Am I not dressed nice enough? Is it a way of being defiant and important in their world, to shun the older people as not important? Is it a way to make someone feel less than? It’s the mentality off others toward others.

The cute puppy immediately runs up to me as I exit the elevator, picking me out of strangers walking past. He knows. He sees what I try to carry, what I try to instill in others, the “Good Soul”. It only comes with the white light. Animals know when you are a good person or not. Their built in uncanny sense of awareness is very distinctual and humans do not poessess it. I carry the white light. I am merely one of millions of souls on this planet in a body but my soul tries to walk along God’s path.

What Heaven really wants us to know is that we as individuals are indeed loved, by something much bigger than what we will ever be able to see while alive unless you have a gift or unless you someone meet your maker but come back. Heaven wants us to know that when our time comes we don’t just go away but are still learning. We have a job to do here, to learn how to be better souls in a body that perhaps might not work, might not be perfect and might not be what we wanted. We still have to learn from our mistakes and right the wrong. Learn from the mentality of others so that you don’t repeat it.

We need to learn to be grateful for what we have, be grateful to be able to give to others perhaps the last dollar we own, the last smile a person may see, or the last laugh someone may experience from our jokes. It comes with compassion and it comes from God.

Empathy and compassion, stepping outside of our own needs to see the lost dog on the street, the homeless man asking for money or food, to the person who suffers from mental illness. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, what we wear. What does matter is how we treat people, the mentality of others toward others.

If you saw an elderly woman walking outside in the pouring rain would you cover her with your umbrella and help her? If you saw an elderly man with a flat tire would you call someone or ask if he is okay? If you saw a lost dog or cat would you try to help get it to its home?

Say you are rich, so you donate money to a worthy cause. It does not mean your soul is good. You donate it to give it away because if you don’t, the government will take it in tax form. What were your motives to begin with? Do you personally hand people money instead? Do you personally go out of your way to help an indivdual in need or find the most needy to help? Did you buy a turkey for the lady who supports her grandkids and disabled husband and yet, she only has one lung and lives on food stamps? What have you done to deserve being called a Good Soul”? Remember, the mentality of others towards others.

Hide and Seek

He didn’t want to show himself. He was married to her for far too long and when he passed, that was it for him. No more going back to check on her. It wasn’t that long after he had died that she moved another man into her bed. So what was the point? Then she started contacting me. I mean really contacting me to the point of almost abuse. Why couldn’t I bring him through to her and why couldn’t he come to her?

“I was slacking. I was useless, I wasn’t any good.” Those were her words to me on a daily basis. I, being a kind soul couldn’t bring myself to tell her, he is hiding behind a wall throwing out clues to me because he really basically doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. He is playing hide and seek, only he doesn’t want you to find him. He doesn’t want to be found.  He DOESNT WANT TO COME BACK TO YOU!!!  Really simply abusive lady, try kicking that scum bag out of your bed and show some real remorse for the loss of your husband who probably put up with you for umpteen years.  That was my thought but obviously she wanted her cake and her birthday present as well. Not going to happen. It’s not like they can’t see you and what you do. Of course they can. Just because they move from one physical body to a spiritual energy form doesn’t mean they can’t see you. They can. They can hear you too. He probably heard what you called me.

So her deceased husband hid behind the partition, a wall that reminded me of the tv show, The Dating Game from the 70’s. Now I am showing my age. He showed me signs, symbols, private things that went on their married life but refused to come all the way through. Some spirits won’t do this as they are afraid they might not get back to where they currently are. He was not the only one to do it this way. A mother who passed early in life from a heart issue also wouldn’t show herself. I think she was, I know she was ashamed and the family didn’t tell me everything but I saw it. I saw what happened to her. That’s okay. Also, some spirits who take their own life do this as well because they are also ashamed. This was not the case in this instance with this lady and her deceased husband. If I were him, heck I would run as far as eternity was long. I would keep on running.

So if I tell you I can’t bring him or her forward, but I give you all the necessary information from them so that you know without a doubt I am speaking to them,  take this as a sign that perhaps they don’t want to come back..for whatever reason.  However, for this “lonely” lady in mourning, it was because he had had enough of her crap and didn’t want to deal with it in the afterlife.


Othersidepsychic, Adoption, The Spirit Bond.

You don’t have to be close to a family member or to have known them really well for them to show up unannounced in a reading or for them to be around you.
It happens. Just because you didn’t know them in this lifetime doesn’t mean that you won’t know of them or they are not around you as it was the case yesterday for a friend.
Case in point: A mother makes a decision to put a child up for adoption. Whether due to circumstances beyond their control, whether it is money, family issues, or just the non ability to care of a newborn child, adoption is a great idea when in the long run, both the mother and the child will not benefit from staying together. Sometimes staying with the mother is not in the best interests of the child at that given point in time.
Well, that doesn’t mean that you will never have them around you.
It happened to a friend of mine. There she was.

He searched for her, found her but never really knew her as to what I gathered from our conversation but I could be wrong. With all of the other children she had, she could not care for the new infant with her financial circumstances and the issues she faced so she put him up for adoption. The good news was, he found her and he had pictures of her. He knew his birth mother.

At this given point in time, she showed herself. She was off in the distance watching over him. Not in the poor health she found herself in, in the latter years of her life toward the end but with her hair curled, and looking radiant and healthy and with less weight but still very recognizable to me, a medium. I saw her before he asked me to read him.

Then the question came, who or what or if I saw anything around him, curious as to what I might say. I had only just told him about my gift. He was more of a scientific believer than a spiritual or faith based believer. That’s okay as it is not up to me to question or make him believe. I am only a messenger. He could take the information I gave him and decipher it himself. There was no denying what and whom I saw. A picture proved it. One picture in particular.

Indeed I told him, there was a woman around 70 years of age behind him, but not directly behind him, which indicates she just died, rather, a few feet behind him and off to the right. She stood at a distance but was smiling. To me this indicates a spirit that was in the picture at some point in his life but not directly involved in his life for the long haul…a birth mother. The blond hair, curled as if she just took it out of big rollers and didn’t brush it out. A bottled color. But then again, she was surrounded in golden light and it can cast a hue of gold or blonde to the hair.

Then the pictures came out. I immediately pointed to a child’s photo of her. I knew her instantly. This was the adult woman I was seeing. He had pictures of her from the time she was a baby to the time she passed. I saw some later photos of her and yes, this was the woman standing behind him.

Dont think that once they put us up for adoption and leave us with a different family that they are completely gone from our lives. They are not. They brought us into this world and will see us through it to the next life, even if we didn’t really know them.
Adoption does not separate the spirit bond.

Othersidepsychic, When Spirits Don’t Speak Our Language They Bring Translators

I was in the AT&T store the other day looking at new phones and Juan was the salesman assigned to me. He was a pretty non descript non exciting gentleman who was busy trying to figure out my needs. My phone just stopped working and I wanted to upgrade to a different one and I was curious as to what plans were out there for me.

Well, then she showed up. Her hair was impeccable and so was her English. She was dressed in a suit and behind her was a little old man, wrinkled from the sun. He was dressed in simple attire, old work pants, a old shirt, and he had a comb over on his head. I could tell he was foreign but not sure as to what country he was from.

She was his language barrier. An interpreter.

I looked at Juan wondering if I should say something. I did. No holds barred with me. I said, “Juan, there is a man standing behind you and a woman standing to the right of you. The woman is telling me there is a man who died about 13 years ago and is here. Did you lose a grandfather about that time?”

He was in shock. The look on his face was not what he was expecting and just looked dazed at me as to question, who am I?

I explained that yes, I cook for a living to pay the bills but I am really a very gifted medium and psychic and remote viewer. I also explained I was seeing his grandfather and this woman standing behind him and they are trying to get a message across to him. In my explanations of what I was seeing, I also told Juan the names of other famous people I have read to lend credibility to who I was.

He indeed did lose a grandfather 13 years ago. At that time, he lost all concentrations on me and my needs of wanting to upgrade. Well, that was sorted out over a period of two hours.
After a few minutes, my questions turned to Juan and I asked him, “who is this woman? I described her to him but it did not fit any description of a lost loved one.
Juan had not a clue. Then I asked, did your grandfather not speak English? This woman was very professional looking in her mannerisms, how she was dressed and how she stayed at a distance from the grandfather. You could just tell they were not together as a couple. That she was there on business only.
He said no, he did not speak English. He was from Mexico.
Bingo, I figured it out, he had brought a translator with him to see his grandson.
This was the first time I encountered a translator on the other side.
The translator never gave her name and she proceeded to show me a place in Mexico that this man, Juan’s grandfather lived. It had columns, stone concrete columns sitting outside to the entrance of where he lived.
Juan did indeed confirm that the entrance to the town had columns outside, concrete columns that were tall. It was the entrance to his city that he grew up in as a child and where his family lived. He named the city but for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the town.
The grandfather then proceeded to tell me about Juan’s sister who was studying to be a medical person. But for some reason she left school. He didnt want her to leave school, rather finish her education so she didn’t end up like him, poor, a pauper, a man of little knowledge.
Juan confirmed his sister was in medical college at one point but left due to family issues and money.
His mouth was left hanging open. But the real kicker came when I said to Juan, your grandfather loves your three children.
Indeed, Juan had three children, and he became a true believer when I said those words. I nailed it on the head for him. For a non believer, he came to believe that our loved ones are indeed around us.
My point is that, even though our loved ones may come from different countries, they can still speak our same language on the other side, only that it may need a translator to do so.
In leaving Juan, and with a new cell phone in hand and pricey plan, I told him, his grandfather will always be with him, watching over him and his family.
Nice to know language is not a barrier to getting a message across.

Mary Othersidepsychic Facebook

Othersidepsychic, More Readings from Facebook

These are individuals who have posted on my facebook page, Mary,Othersidepsychic. I have no control over what they post. I can only share it.
I do give readings for free as I have been given a gift. For now, I don’t charge. Please contact me if you need closure from a loved one, a missing loved one or just want to know if your family member is okay.
I am here to help.


“I just now had an amazing reading with Mary again! A dear friend came through and showed her things until there was no doubt it was my Debbie! I have missed her so much but have dreamed lots of times about her so real like and Mary assured me it wasn’t a dream, they visit this way! Made me feel so good! Mary is amazing to be able to interpret their messages so well! Thanks again Mary!!!! Once again you uplifted me!!!”

“ive just had a reading of mary and omg this woman is amazing i cant thank her enough thankyou for the closure mary i will sleep better now keep doing what u do your a angel xx”

“Omg this lady is amazing helped me big time about my uncle Peter my nana my brother and my aunty…thank you so much I feel so much beta knowing my loved ones are ok.”

“Also to think I’m in new Zealand and she’s in the us”

Other Side Psychic, 11:11, 1:11

Its to the point I know it has something to do with me personally, perhaps my spiritual fitness or perhaps it is  due to my gift.

We on occasion look up at the clock and see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11.

Well when you see it day in day out, twice, even three times a day, there might be a reason. I have heard it is because these numbers belong to half angels and half demons. That people who see it all the time are just that. I am no demon but yes, I can claim the devil made me do things on occasion.

That is pretty scary to think that could be the case. Usually when people see those numbers, they say a rhyme or even riddle after it.

I know I do, to the point of it being something like this: 11:11, God please bless my family, especially (and I name the ones who have passed.)who are in heaven.

There are several articles written on this number or collection of numbers and I know I am not alone in seeing it but when you see it everyday for days on end, there is a reason. Even this all knowing psychic and medium doesn’t know all the answers, especially when it comes to me. I can’t see for myself.

I had to share this because it is so prevalent in my life I wish I truly knew what it meant for me and why I am seeing it all the time.

I welcome comments on this subject from some of the bloggers I follow who have far more knowledge on this subject than I do.

OtherSidePsychic, When We are Near Death

Its called Life on Life’s terms. We all have to go through it and face the final hour. Its not so romantic really as the movies portray it. Some people are riddled with cancer, others, a debilitating disease, still others take their own life, despondent over the ones they were living.

He was talking to his father during his final hours, even seeing angels at his window. His father had passed about twenty years prior of throat cancer and alzheimers.  I witnessed it first hand.

When we are near death, either we are surrounded by angels, people who loved us and passed on before us or we are not. I know I have seen the arch angel Michael twice in my short life. I know that is one angel who will be with me during my finalexperience and into the next life.

I knew when my twin sister was dying as I felt it half way across the world. I became violently ill, and it was a sinking feeling of actually dying, needing to reach her immediately but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Amy. I had to tell her goodbye. I was too sick to get off the floor. It was actually what she was feeling.  I was perfectly healthy a minute before.

If we didn’t care about a person we wouldn’t cry our hearts out when they pass on. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t cry but be happy that they have gone onto a world far more better than what they left.

We all know what happens to the people who are not so nice and pure of heart.

I do know the man I saw die, saw angels, was surrounded by them, and was talking to people he loved who had passed on. They came back for him to take him home. In a coma, he said he wanted to go home but how was he going to get there? Piggy Back? Those were his exact words. He laughed, and a few hours later, he passed.

I hope I don’t have to hitchhike a ride, I hope Amy shows up in a nice BMW




Everyone has their own path in this life. Be it right or wrong. I chose mine and my powerlessness evolved because i realized I am not God, I am a spirit that chose to walk my path laid out for me to learn from it,  lessons, only to return into the light. I am a former angel as we all were,  living a human life directed by God, my higher power and angels have been with me the entire time. These angels are family members who have died, to my guiding angel who I have seen twice, The Arch Angel Michael.

Here are some encounters I have had good and bad.

I am a beacon that shines like a bright light off a foggy north shoal, a lighthouse of sorts,  guiding ships safely into port. What I was given as a gift, acts very much in the same way, only it is lighting the way for something else, spirits to come closer to deliver their message much as  ship delivers its cargo. 
As a child, I flew with other children who were angels. I walked among them, saw them after they had died, some from the early 1600‘s, 1700’s and 1800‘s in their death clothes laughing, playing,  little boys with beret type hats on, suspenders holding their pants up, sleeves rolled up and barefoot, clutching fishing poles. They died while fishing, they ultimately drowned.
 Little girls running with dolls in their hands,  giggling, climbing the  flower laden hill, with still other angel children playing with dolls. Some dressed in simple smocks, while others were dressed in the finest clothes that money could buy. Then swoosh, ducking, I saw overhead a number of them were flying, in single file, then coming together side by side. The little girl leading the flight in particular wore a puffy organza white dress down to her ankles, gathered into puffs at the upper arm, filled with glittering white light shining all over it, leading the way of the flight of other angels, darting up, swooping down. She had ringlets of golden white blonde hair, giant curls on top of her head pulled around in the back where it flew free. Her pink bow on top of her curls glistened in the golden light I was bathed in. The entire dream was in color, if that was what it was. I doubt it was a dream per say, but rather, a small glimpse of heaven from a child’s eye.
Truly I had died and gone to heaven and saw the children there.  There were hundreds of them. All happy, all playing. There were small miniature houses built for them and they were flying in and out of them, through them. Some houses were pink, some were golden, some were snow white.

The faces are like a rolodex, flipping fast, and I can see them talking. Their voices are silent. Their mouths are moving but nothing is being heard. They are speaking their request to me, asking for closure.  Women, men, all races, all ages.This roladex of unknown faces are moving as fast as a deck of cards being shuffled, all spirits wanting to find closure. Some nights I see hundreds. All different, but all are dead. Their lips are moving but I am not hearing anything because I am not supposed to. When I come across a loved one, the rolodex face shows up, and the request is made to be known.
When i am in the presence of an unknown spirit, I know it immediately. A sixth sense, no, it is actually knowing they are there. My body erupts in bone cold chills as though I am standing in a European winter. Not always though. There are times when they are behind me, in front of me and I have to ask them to step aside. I can’t be bothered because I have other jobs to do. It’s not that I want to ignore them but if I never met the person who is seeking closure or needs it, I can’t honor the spirits request until that person is made known.
Then there is the person on this side who needs to find answers. Why was their loved one and not them taken? They are suffering a terrible loss. Their grief is unbearable. How do you find comfort in a world that doesn’t understand the other side? That’s where I come in. Are they in a good place? Are they still with them? The answer is yes, they are still with them, daily. They just leave this earthly body, a vessel given to them to learn lessons before re-entering back into God’s white light. We are here to learn, not to get ahead of each other but to learn, from our past mistakes, to rectify any wrongs we did while alive, to make another persons life enriched. That is our purpose here on Earth. To love and to help others.
I always had the feeling of being watched, literally, and not by one but by hundreds
I walk among angels.I still do. They watch my every move and are there to protect me when faced with danger.

He appeared with red eyes, roughly about my height, wearing dread’s on top of his head staring at me at 1 am in the morning, in the train station. It was pitch black outside, and his intent was not to say hi but to cause harm. WIthin seconds, as he walked around me looking at me and then his eyes met mine, he backed away. There was some force that made him back away. I immediately felt protected. I felt as though I was surrounded by 12 warriors a shield so strong that not even 100’s of these demons could break or tear down.   A band of angels stood around me and he knew it, he saw it and he ran. I felt them surround me. Shield me. No harm could come to me.


I was being escorted by a driver in a very dangerous place, too dangerous to walk, especially if you were a woman. To make matters worse,  I was not entirely sure that this person  sent to escort me to a store could protect me if anything happened rather, I knew I could help myself but to the extent of several people jumping us, I knew I would not make it out alive or if I did, it would be in pieces.
Then it happened. The white hair, his red eyes crossed, spikey knotted dreads covering his head with an extremely white face.  His gums were pink when he smiled with crooked greyish yellow teeth and he stood in the middle of the street with very busy oncoming traffic in both directions, just  staring at me. He just stopped dead in his tracks, and a bone cold chill went up my spine. I knew he was evil from the time I saw him. I watched him intently, and stopped falling behind my escort which was a dangerous thing to do. I  just looked at him. He was trying to reach me, through the traffic.  I was not afraid in the least. It was as if we had a contest on who could stare the longest at each other. Then his face contorted into a shape that was not natural. His face was overcome by a Cheshire grin. I knew I was looking at a fallen angel, someone from the depths of hell. I do not believe that this was in deed a person but an evil entity. I was not in the least going to back down. I never did. Instead he stopped. Just stopped. Then he was gone.

I have seen both sides..I have nothing left to fear if I am an honest loving person.
I am powerless over my own life. I am not in control. Once I realized this, it gets easier, simpler. Material items don’t matter anymore. The art of giving, the gift of it, to be able to give without wanting anything in return is what God wants us to do. To be able to love and give it away in acts of kindness for others,
Powerlessness doesn’t feel so good does it? It’s a feeling that can send a wave of fear into our bones. What will be the outcome? What do you mean we don’t have control or power over others, especially the ones we seem to love? We raised our children in the way we thought that was in our own minds, the right way, the right way to do things, treat people or how to live, based on our moral and ethical values we were introduced to but that doesn’t mean we need impose our power over others, only share our knowledge. Power and knowledge need not impose its sanctions onto each other but rather live apart. You may have the power to impact a life or the knowledge to share to effect change but never should the two interact because when they do, they can cause chaos, conflict, and ultimately powerlessness the inflictor will feel which leads to feelings of despair, and deep seated feelings of anger and resentment that we put upon ourselves.