Other Side Psychic, 11:11, 1:11

Its to the point I know it has something to do with me personally, perhaps my spiritual fitness or perhaps it is  due to my gift.

We on occasion look up at the clock and see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11.

Well when you see it day in day out, twice, even three times a day, there might be a reason. I have heard it is because these numbers belong to half angels and half demons. That people who see it all the time are just that. I am no demon but yes, I can claim the devil made me do things on occasion.

That is pretty scary to think that could be the case. Usually when people see those numbers, they say a rhyme or even riddle after it.

I know I do, to the point of it being something like this: 11:11, God please bless my family, especially (and I name the ones who have passed.)who are in heaven.

There are several articles written on this number or collection of numbers and I know I am not alone in seeing it but when you see it everyday for days on end, there is a reason. Even this all knowing psychic and medium doesn’t know all the answers, especially when it comes to me. I can’t see for myself.

I had to share this because it is so prevalent in my life I wish I truly knew what it meant for me and why I am seeing it all the time.

I welcome comments on this subject from some of the bloggers I follow who have far more knowledge on this subject than I do.

2 thoughts on “Other Side Psychic, 11:11, 1:11

  1. I just posted on my fb page 619 are the numbers that haunt me, wake me, annoy me every day, over and over for close to 5 years now. 6-19 is my birthday and the death of my ex Father in law who I loved. My friend suggested try numerology. It was informative but no ties to 619. the first year I thought it was a warning of my death, obviously not as Im still alive and kicking. I wish I could help. just wanted to share that I have “number demons” as I like to joke and call their appearance.

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for sharing. I do have number demons, and it is always 1111. Always, several times a day. Maybe it could be that my natural clock is tuned to that time. I really cant answer why I see this set of numbers all the time or a combination of them, such as 1:11 or :11 or 11:11. Sometimes it is followed by 2:22. Not often though. Geeeze, as I write this post, it is now 11:11. Go figure. I need more of an expert in this field to help us understand how this plays a role in our abilities. My number that I consider my lucky number is 13. It is without a doubt my lucky number.

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