Slave and Ghosts from The Past

Litchfield Plantation
I went there as a psychic and medium right after Ghost Hunters the tv show went there, trying to capture something out of the ordinary. My job was different in that, my abilities are not scientific based but rather a direct connection to the other side and the messages they have to send us. Specifically, I was to help the owner and to tell him what I saw. This was in late September 2015. Upon arrival to the grounds I exited my black car and suddenly, without warning, went down grasping my head in pain. Absolute pain. The kind of pain that makes you wonder if you are dying. I just kept holding it and saying to my partner in my business, my head, my head. In this case, someone did die and I was feeling what that person died from. An empath you say? Yes, I am that as well and a remote viewer, but it was also a spirit getting a message across to me. A spirit with no name or face. Incognito. It happens on occasion.
Just then a big just polished SUV pulls up and out of it climbs the most fit and handsome man with the bluest eyes I have laid eyes on. He was the owner of the plantation. Young to my oldness. But he was so kind as to have me there and Joe and I made ourselves right at home. It was going to be a long two days with doing our recordings into the wee morning hours.
I looked at the owner still holding my head due to the pain and said, Hi, I am Mary, Sorry but as soon as I got here I got the worst head ache and I dont get headaches. He just looked at me.
I told him, someone died of a head injury or brain injury and they had something to do with this plantation. He just kept staring at me.
I also told him he had a father figure standing behind him. He acknowledged his father indeed did die. I asked what he died from and he said, a brain hemorrage. Theres the proof there. It was his father who I was feeling. Still didn’t see him as clearly as I normally see spirits but it was his father who died of the brain injury.
A brain hemorrage or anuerism is one of the worst headaches you would every experience in your life. I know because my ex husband actually survived one.
While at Litchfield, I saw a slave cook at the outdoor kitchen, actually about 8 of them but one stood out. She was a very short and very overweight cook from the mid to late 1700’s or early 1800’s dressed in a head scarf, long dirty white apron to the ground, long sleeves and a long dress that she obviously made herself. I don’t know her name but she is still stuck to the plantation, perhaps a home she grew to love and admire. In one of our taped conversations, she said to me, “Good Life Here”.
Joe and I were visited by two little girls running and laughing. No sight of them but I heard them clear as day out on the balcony and Joe heard them at the same time while he sat on the front porch. They are probably the same children who died at an early age and both had the same name. A older girl accompanies them, probably Mona who is dressed in a blue dress, with dark hair parted down the middle, and dark eyes.
I never saw the full blown apparition of Mona but I saw her if that makes sense. I can see the spirits without the proverbial full apparition.
Then my encounter with Dr. or Colonel Tucker. On several occasions, he did not want to excuse me for the way I was dressed and he certainly did not like the music I was playing at 3 am, coming across loud and clear with his repetitive no’s when I asked him if he wanted to hear it again.
He first showed up on my bedroom threshold two months early when I said I was coming out there. I looked up and a man dressed in a beige confederate or maybe Bermuda uniform walked past my bed and turned and walked back into my kitchen at my tiny apartment. He kept doing that. When I say yes to going somewhere to do a reading or yes to reading a person, the door opens and there he was. Hat, pointed white beard, spectacles, larger mid area but it could have been his uniform. White hair. It was him. He carried in his hand a small black book, almost like a bible. I found out later he was very religious and had the church moved to his property so the slaves could worship easily.
Litchfield was the largest slave plantation, rice growing plantation in the South during those times and he had close to 150 slaves at any one given time working the rice fields.
I lost my temper with him one time when I got upset as to how he treated the slaves and that slavery was wrong and you can hear on one of the tapes Dr. Tucker carrying on a conversation. A full blown conversation.
He mainly stayed in his office and bedroom.
So many slaves on the grounds, one was a gate keeper who had a hidden agenda to a confederate soldier who hangs out under the oak trees guarding Litchfield. He doesn’t move. One bride who was walking under the oak trees for her wedding saw him so I know I am not the only one.
Sally and about eight other slaves are on the grounds holding the body of a humungous black man with no head. Massive slave man who died apparantly maybe by a gator attack. I cant see his head and it is not there. Just some of the things I saw. Another spirit, perhaps an older woman as it was really hard to tell asked me Who are you?
The one spirit that had to go and spoil a good time was Donald parsons. A not so nice man who stole millions from the plantation, just robbing it blind leaving others to hold the bag. He is there as well and hangs out in the cottage. Evil doesn’t begin to describe him. I searched all over Pawley’s Island for white sage to do a cleansing and when Sunday came, the day for me to leave and also perform the cleansing of the cottage, Joe got a telephone call saying his alarm was going off at the house. that was not possible. Why? Debora knew the code when she went in to take care of the cats. Then again. I never stopped to think it was or could have been the evil entity trying to get me off the property so i wouldnt have to do the cleansing. It was brought to my attention. Earlier that morning, I know I saw him wave at me, Red eyes, a wave from the cottage window from where I stood in the main house. A slow wave. Unbeknownst to me, I also captured him on video pacing back and forth in the window of the cottage. At least I have proof of him.
So we gave the owner the information we had, and had him listen to the tapes and watch a few. We captured more than any other team ever had simply because I am a medium, and I have no hidden agenda. I am not using it to make myself rich or for a tv show. Spirits know this and few will talk to you if they know they are going to be used for that purpose. Most are in touch with the living world. Shortly thereafter we left and arrived back in Florida around 10 pm. I had just gotten Joe a new iPhone for the business when Siri came on. The phone was turned off. Joe didn’t know what Siri was and how to operate the phone. It was brand new. Somehow Siri came on and clearly said, “Now Now” as if to scold me. Joe and I looked at each other in disbelief, horror. There was no way. No way that phone could have powered on by itself. It was still off.
Then Siri said, “What do you call a slut in the ground?” The obvious answer to this question was “dead” I knew the answer to the question but Joe and I were to alarmed to say anything but look at each other in horror.
I knew who this came from. I knew what he intended to do to me if I returned.
I totally understood the message he was trying to send. I wasn’t dealing with a typical haunting of a greedy ex plantation manager but now a full blown demonic entity that had to be removed by a priest. I alerted the owners admin assistant as to what transpired and she said to me, the phone calls for the alarm, the phone coming on when turned off and Siri speaking to me. It was an attempt to get me off the property immediately and it was a death threat.
It was indeed a warning sent to me by Donald Parsons.
Well, I have news for him. I will be back but in the meantime, I am surrounding him with lots of God’s love and white light. I am also doing the same for me as I walk in my eternal fathers white light and love. Oh, I am also praying for his soul. For any kind of redemption that can be had.
Mary, Othersidepsychic