Othersidepsychic, Youre a Encyclopedia?

Sitting around eating funeral food cooked by this great Italian lady, the conversation came up of what I do. Well, I am a cook, I answered. And I am a psychic, medium.

Your an Encyclopedia?

No, Psychic Medium. How in the heck do you get encyclopedia out of psychic medium. I suppose if you were hard of hearing you might.

Of course skepticism came across his face upon learning this. Most people either say, “yeah right or prove it.”. I didn’t want to have to tell him his dead friend Larry was standing behind him, immediately behind him..

We chatted a bit more. Frank was an older man, around late 60’s and he really didn’t have a clue as to how it worked, my gift that is. I told him I don’t charge and that it is a gift. I also tell him basically what I see, and how my gift worked. The conversation stopped and we ate a bit more. I really didn’t want to have to read him but his friend was pushing the issue. His dead friend actually.

So I asked him who Larry was. It turned out it was his best friend who died a couple of months ago of numerous health issues. I said well, this is validation that he is with you and is okay.

“Did he fish or have something to do with the water?  because I am seeing a him standing near water and he has a bucket also a bucket and  fishing line.”

Frank said that he loved crabbing. That was his favorite past time.

I then asked Frank who the lady was in his family with the first name that started with a C such as Car something? I can’t see the entire name.

Frank answered, his grandmother’s name was Carmella.  By now, Frank is totally mystified and very much wanting to know more. I read him while eating funeral food and showed him a new way to view death. There was a lot more said and he left a totally different person. The change was so overwhelming for him that he was not the same person I originally met while eating green beans and turkey. Just knowing that the people he loved and that loved him are still with him, guiding him, watching over him is a true validation from an encyclopedia.

Wonder what covered dish church suppers would bring?


Othersidepsychic, The Running Bobcat

Pulling into the long winding drive to the South Florida National Cemetary, I announced in my car, okay people, I am here. Here I come. Of course  I always announce my arrival upon entering a space that is inhabited by the dead. Well, the dead know as soon as I enter a cemetery but this particular moment was very strange and my gut had a twist in it. Like I got the wind knocked out of me. I knew something was about to happen. Out of the blue a 30 lb bob cat came running along side my car. What made this incident strange was that it continued to run along side my car, not away from it. I slowed down, and rolled down my window and starting calling it. Here kitty kitty and it came pace with my car, literally for about 1/4 mile. Then it jumped ahead of me and went into the bushes. Why would a bob cat run with me? I had showed up early for Joe’s mom’s funeral. Too early as a matter of a fact. In South Florida they wheel the dead in and wheel them out as fast as a sign up sheet for football betting.Chasing the casket down to touch it to tell Rose Joe will be taken care of and will be okay took effort. Those people are fast at wheeling them! There is no time for lingering, hugging, crying or long winded read eulogies You have exactly one hour or whatever you booked and then you have to go because another one is on it’s way.

So, When they started putting on the Jewish hats, I knew I was at the wrong funeral. So, off I go to drive out, and come back one hour later. I got in the right drive through lane and the funeral was good. Rose was there, standing beside her children. She appeared younger, happy, and then all of sudden, birds started squawking, and Joe could have sworn he saw the Bobcat on the outside perimeter of the funeral. I think he did. I do believe this was a sign. What, I am not sure the meaning but it came to me, and showed up again. When I left the funeral, I didn’t see it anymore.

Rose had a message for me to relay to each of her children, at a separate time when they would and could hear it but right now was not the time during their grief and of course to understand it’s meaning. I was given a message to pass that expressed her deepest sorrow for any pain she caused her loved ones in this life, but one in particular, needed to hear it. Maybe in time, in her reflections on her relationship with her grandmother, she will come to have empathy for her and understanding and see what her part was in the whole damaged relationship scenario

Rose was a tough woman, and made enemies amongst her family but loved them and gave them her all. One in particular was her granddaughter that could have cared less that she died. I approached L and told her, your Grandmother wants to pass a message to you. She looked up as if she was in shock but also, told me she didn’t care she died. I said to L, “Rose, says she is sorry for the incident she and you had in the past and she needed me to tell you this as she couldn’t. I simply am passing a message.”

I don’t know if L took it seriously because she doesn’t really know my gift, but she soon will know it.

I passed the message and delivered closure for the dead wanting to make amends. It is up to the living to accept it.

Othersidepsychic, Pony Tail Begger

It started with one young man. I came out of the grocery store tonight and was walking to my car when I spotted one young man not too far from it. I glanced back at him and he stared at me. I was afraid I was going to get jacked. So I unlocked my car when another male approached me asking me for a dollar. He was smaller than me, had a ponytail, and was shy with a sweet smile.. I stood there for about five seconds not saying a word, reading him silently and told him he needed to ask the people going into the store, not the ones coming out of the store. The people going in had money. The people coming out have spent their money. He smiled and said, “okay and looked own sheepishly. He was not good at begging and I knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. I assumed he needed it for food. I knew he needed it for food. So before I even put my groceries in the car, I reached into my pocket and gave him a dollar. I said, “just so you know, I am a psychic and I know this is not for bus fare.”

“No way, what?” was his response.

“Yes, way, I am psychic.”

“You mean, you are one of the those people who sees the future?”

I think they were misguided on what I truly did. I smiled and said, “well, yes, I can do that to.

His friend challenged me.

Geez, really people?? Challenge? No you didn’t just do that. Have some respect when a psychic tells you they are a psychic. I don’t tell strangers, or at least not yet, but I just did. Hey, I am getting the courage up to say it to strangers. Usually I just acknowledge the dead standing behind the living and walk on. Not this time. I hate that shit when I am challenged. It’s like I have to prove myself over and over but it was okay.  They needed to hear what I was seeing.  So, I told him about his deceased great grandmother in Haiti. What she looked like, what she wore to include the scarf around her head to his GED, to him thinking about enlisting in the military. I He turned white and he wasn’t white. I proceeded to make friends with these two young males and tell them everything I saw. I am especially concerned about the kid with the ponytail, the one who is not a good beggar. There was something about him that warmed my heart. Maybe because I knew he was a good kid.

 I read both of them, outside Publix, with my ice cream melting I gave them my website address and I also kind of shocked them to the core.

About an hour later, I am walking outside around my house, feeding the neighborhood cats when I hear a lot of young guys which sound like a gang. They are coming my way. I hid behind the ficus bushes and watched them. There were the two boys I read outside Publix. I yelled at them. They turned around and stared at me.

I said, it’s the psychic, Mary.

THey came running over to me so happy to see. My visions were correct. The dollar was not for bus fare but for food. They yelled at their friends to come over and soon 7  young men were standing there. All wanted to know what I saw for them. The two young boys told them what I did and what I saw. Quickly these seven men turned into 11 when the others heard about my ability.

They all received readings, some more than others but to think It all started with pan handling.

I hope I made an impact on some really young lives and maybe they will heed the guidance their deceased loved ones left for them.


Othersidepsychic, Telephone Readings

I have been called by people from different states and I can see the deceased in their lives, to the inside of their homes. Serious. Not many psychics can do this. It just happens to be part of my gift. As I have stated before, usually once the living person has communicated an interest in speaking with me, their deceased loved ones have already decided to come visit me and usually show up shortly thereafter, kind of like unannounced house guests with baggage. And they are there after the three day rule of visiting. You think I am kidding? Well, today, she and I finally got our acts together to speak on the phone. After numerous attempts to set a time, something always came up or my work got in the way or she had appointments. Finally, today, we were able to speak but her father, well he showed up the minute she asked for my help. Nice guy, great dresser, held a book in his hand. It had special meaning to her and I relayed it. A validation that it was indeed her father who came through. Then her grandmother, then her grandfather, and her grandmother’s son who was put in a hospital, all of them came through, to include her a picture of her future partner, and wow, is he gorgeous.

Sure you can call those 1 800 numbers out to California and get someone reading from a script and believe it but honestly, they ask too many questions and get their answers from yours. Don’t be fooled. My gift has never let me down with regards to helping others find closure and it usually is spot on, 100%. I can’t claim victory or claim it as my power because it isn’t. It is simply a gift that I am meant to share. I know someone who does exactly this, calls these places and pays for shoddy information. If you are a really good psychic, then you won’t waste your talents making the owner of the company you work for rich. You will use it to enrich other’s lives. Isn’t that what this is about? Helping others?

Anyway, I think the lady was hanging up with doubts when I shared a few other insights that the spirits gave me on the way out. I think I heard her gasp for air. Especially with her mother and father.

These spirits on the other side, you never know what they will say. She left a true believer.

Or course I can’t see for myself. Darn it.

Othersidepsychic, The Smell of Cigarettes

Okay, so this smell of cigarettes  has been following me for two days, even around midnight last night in my bedroom. I got up and looked outside to make sure no one was smoking outside my house. They couldn’t because I have fences and gates surrounding me but the cigarette trail just enveloped me. I gave up smoking about 11 years ago and today, the smell trail finally moved on. I know who it was now. Joe, my friend, well, his father smoked. Actually, he died of lung cancer and last night his mother died, Rose, leaving Joe all alone. He is really not all alone as he has me and his sister Judy and brother Dan but when a person loses both parents, you have the feeling of being abandoned. Joe even told me today he made the comment two nights ago that he was all alone and that when his mother died he would be.  His father came to check in on me and make sure I was there to take care of his Joey.

So, the cigarette smoke belonged to his dad. He came not only to get Rose, his beloved wife of 59 years but to also make sure I was going to look after Joe, make sure he would be okay. When I figured out who it was, I said, you have no worries. I will take care of him and he so will his sister and brother. He will be okay.  I will make sure of it. I knew he wanted to hear that.

It’s not like they come right out and say, Hey, Mary, I am Joe’s father. I am here to insure that my son will be taken care of by you that he won’t be left abandoned.. Can you promise me that?  It’s not like that at all. They hang around until us living humans, the ones with the supposed brains in our heads figure it out. Okay, so it took me two days, but I got it. I am accurate, dead accurate, sorry,  but never said I was quick. lol. 

Then the cigarette smell dissipated and left. I have not smelled it since this morning. Joe’s dad was trying to get my attention and to make sure his son would be okay. He will be. Now Joe’s father can collect his beautiful wife Rose and go. Go with God.

Othersidepsychic, Smell Smoke

It has followed me throughout my tiny for the past two days and nights. At first I thought the smell of smoke was my Daddy who smoked a pipe. Then I thought, it is the father of the lady I am supposed to read tomorrow. Then I thought it was my twin sister Amy, nope. None of the above. It is someone I should know and they are here for a reason. They came to me but I really don’t know who it is. It could be Joe’s father who came for his mother Rose tonight. It’s not like it stays constantly but is intense and surrounds me and right now it is in my bedroom. Creepy. but had to share this. I guess I will find out who this was one way or another, over time. I suspect it is my father but it could be anybody in my life or someone else’s..

Othersidepsychic, Rose

It had been a few months since I had seen her. Rose is the mother to my friend Joe. Upon entering the room and looking in her direction, I saw white light. She was bathed in white light. It just surrounded her.  It was not the same Rose I had seen a few months prior hobbling but still full of life and other stuff, lol. She spoke her mind and you knew it too when she did. I was the brunt of it on emails and phone calls but she was an overprotective Mom to her baby son. This day, her lungs was filling up with fluids and her body was shutting down. I knew she didn’t have much time. Not at all. I thought maybe a week. I was right. She was going to God.

I heard yesterday that hospice was called in. Tonight she passed. She went into a coma last night and never woke up. There wasn’t much time left for Joe to say his peace so i told him to tell her he loved her. Even though someone is in a coma, I believe they can hear us. She did. She tried to open her eyes but it was futile and a few hours later, she was gone.

I am praying for her soul and an easy transition to the other side.

Othersidepsychic, Animals Know

Ever wonder if you have a ghost in your house? Well, it is as simple as watching what your pet does, If you have pets. I do and they say a lot without meowing. All they have to do is sit up and stare and they do. Boy do they. Sharkbait will suddenly rise up and look, all at attention, and just stare at the entity at my doorway. He is not looking up but rather looking down at the floor, which tells me that it is either another animal that he recognizes such as one of his brothers that died, Harry Teedies or Medusa, or else it’s a  small child of which he has no fear of. Sharkbait loves children. I have watched him stare for minutes and not move. I have watched Nell Nells stare and I have intently watched Nuggies stare at something that is not there to the visible eye, but I know is there because of the feeling I get when an entity is around.

Their ears may perk up and hold a straight look. If their ears go flat back, then I suggest you whip out your bible and cross and start reciting God’s word, out loud.

So keep an eye on your pet, especially at night. Animals and children can see spirits. Usually grown ups can’t because we have been so conditioned we are not open to seeing them, that is if you weren’t born with a gift.

Othersidepsychic, Past Lives, Yours and Mine

Ever have a dream that feels so natural, so real that in the dream you are in a nother time? Maybe wearing different clothes, a different era and yet, you know you have been there before when you wake up? Do you look for buildings or landscape that was in your dreams? I have and do. Yes, what I have seen is indeed my past life. It involved my identical twin sister Amy..

My past life that I know did happen was in the late 1700’s, early 1800’s. I see both of us in period dress for that era. I see the building we both go into. I actually follow her into the building. It is a brick building. Brick in sort of a way, with a two story look to it but we both are not healthy. Both she and I are drug addicts. I see where it could have been opium of some sort. I am not sure what drugs were prevalent then but that is what I am seeing. This was actually a dream I had. Same hair, same body, our dresses were at one point nice but now somewhat dirty, and had a lot of wear on them. I think perhaps we were lost souls, and our lives were destroyed by that particular drug. The dress had stripes in it, sort of a champagne and salmon colored stripes. Our hair was curly and pulled up into buns. the sleeves on the dress came to our elbows and even though I hate it today, the dress was poofy in places, like we were wearing corsets around our waist and it poofed at the sleeves, and then poofed at the hips. I hate that look today. Seriously, I can’t stand anything around my elbows, or mid arm length. I prefer to wear long sleeves rolled one turn up.
 I know, it’s tom boyish, but that’s me. its like I am rolling my sleeves up to get dirty, that kind of look about me even though I am not.

The house was bare, window not in place, a desolate kind of feel, as if it were abandoned like a warehouse look to it made of red clay brick and it is in France somewhere. The architecture speaks of France or England. That is where we both go in and do not come out. I can see the building as it is etched in my memory and I know I have been there before, in another time, another era. I entered as a drug addict. I stayed there as a drug addict, probably even worse as a woman some of the things I did.

Drugs scare me today, especially needles. This could be the reason.  I was never into drugs in this lifetime, well, I don’t think I could run for president with my background, but FBI, yeah, maybe, for sure I could.  I can say, I did my share of drinking in my 40 something years of living and am sober now, going into 14 years sobriety.

So I know that I kicked that habit that followed me into this lifetime. Sometimes we are brought back or come back of our own will to fight what plagued us in our other lifetime, something we couldn’t get over or conquer. This lifetime I did. Unfortunately, Amy didn’t. Maybe I did it for both of us.  I won the lost battle.

This is a past life of mine. I have had others but this clearly stands out as though I know I was there. I indeed know that I was.