Othersidepsychic, Past Lives, Yours and Mine

Ever have a dream that feels so natural, so real that in the dream you are in a nother time? Maybe wearing different clothes, a different era and yet, you know you have been there before when you wake up? Do you look for buildings or landscape that was in your dreams? I have and do. Yes, what I have seen is indeed my past life. It involved my identical twin sister Amy..

My past life that I know did happen was in the late 1700’s, early 1800’s. I see both of us in period dress for that era. I see the building we both go into. I actually follow her into the building. It is a brick building. Brick in sort of a way, with a two story look to it but we both are not healthy. Both she and I are drug addicts. I see where it could have been opium of some sort. I am not sure what drugs were prevalent then but that is what I am seeing. This was actually a dream I had. Same hair, same body, our dresses were at one point nice but now somewhat dirty, and had a lot of wear on them. I think perhaps we were lost souls, and our lives were destroyed by that particular drug. The dress had stripes in it, sort of a champagne and salmon colored stripes. Our hair was curly and pulled up into buns. the sleeves on the dress came to our elbows and even though I hate it today, the dress was poofy in places, like we were wearing corsets around our waist and it poofed at the sleeves, and then poofed at the hips. I hate that look today. Seriously, I can’t stand anything around my elbows, or mid arm length. I prefer to wear long sleeves rolled one turn up.
 I know, it’s tom boyish, but that’s me. its like I am rolling my sleeves up to get dirty, that kind of look about me even though I am not.

The house was bare, window not in place, a desolate kind of feel, as if it were abandoned like a warehouse look to it made of red clay brick and it is in France somewhere. The architecture speaks of France or England. That is where we both go in and do not come out. I can see the building as it is etched in my memory and I know I have been there before, in another time, another era. I entered as a drug addict. I stayed there as a drug addict, probably even worse as a woman some of the things I did.

Drugs scare me today, especially needles. This could be the reason.  I was never into drugs in this lifetime, well, I don’t think I could run for president with my background, but FBI, yeah, maybe, for sure I could.  I can say, I did my share of drinking in my 40 something years of living and am sober now, going into 14 years sobriety.

So I know that I kicked that habit that followed me into this lifetime. Sometimes we are brought back or come back of our own will to fight what plagued us in our other lifetime, something we couldn’t get over or conquer. This lifetime I did. Unfortunately, Amy didn’t. Maybe I did it for both of us.  I won the lost battle.

This is a past life of mine. I have had others but this clearly stands out as though I know I was there. I indeed know that I was.




Other Side Psychic, Roatan Honduras and Amy

Working on yachts was my occupation, my life for 23 years as a professional chef. At this particular time in my life, I had just lost my identical twin sister September 28 2002 o a pulmonary embolism. It was November 12th and I was despondent, a broken individual, who had contemplated some horrific ideas about taking my own life.  Nothing could bring me back from that point, or so I felt, until I had to come to back to the land of the living. Amy stayed with me after she died. She stayed with me for four months continously by my side, even laying in my same bed and I believe she had a hand in what happened to bring me back from the brink.

The yacht was docked at Fantasy Island in Roatan next to Johnny Carson’s yacht, the Serengeti. It was late and we had just pulled in into harbor. Most of the crew had jumped ship out for a night on the town and Richard and I stayed on board. Around 11 pm, my ex husband starts screaming, holding his head, yelling, “call a doctor, call a doctor.” He is suffering relentless pain. This man had a pain threshold that makes a professional football player with a broken knee cap look like a pansy.

Panicking I frantically search for a cell phone but no signal on mine.  I ran outside looking for the cell phone from the ships agent, thinking it was there and at the same time, crying, I screamed for Amy,  my twin sister pleading with her,  “Amy, “what is wrong with Richard?” She was still there with me, even though she was dead, she was still there. She replied as someone standing next to me would talk to me in a normal calm voice.  “Beth, Richard has just had a brain hemorrage. You need to find the phone and call a doctor. He will be okay, just call for a doctor.” The cigarette I lit was shaking violently. There was the cell phone from the ships agent on the boat deck.

I dialed the agents number. He answered. I said, ” I need a doctor at the yacht immediately as fast he can get here, ambulance anything.”

He asked, ” what is wrong with the Captain.”

I said, “He just had a brain hemorrage.”

Within a few minutes Dr. Noel Brito, a dive doctor  shows up,  running onboard with his bag and injected Richard with codeine to bring his blood pressure down. It was 244 over 188.

It took four days to get a jet in to medivac him out to Miami to Mount Sinai  because of the rainy season but before he left, the neurosurgeon and Dr. Brito confirmed that he did indeed have a sub arrachnoid brain hemorrage with a graphic image from the MRI,. We had to travel by car and as scary as it sounds, and was, by an unpressurized plane to the capital of Honduras.

Then I was asked the question by both doctors with Richard laying there, ” How did you know what happened to Richard? How did you know what to tell Dr. Brito on the phone what was wrong with the Captain.?

I said quite matter of frankly, “Amy told me.”

I believe that my twin sister saw a need to step in, to help me come back from a very dark place by placing me back into the land of the living and to stop grieving as she was there with me, as she has been since.



I have been able to see things before they happen since I was about  five years of age. Not alone in my ability, my identical twin sister Amy also had the same powerful gift. I knew of events to come and recorded them. One of my visions book has the cancer of my sister Claire, a break in at my brothers’s, my twins death, my bosses death, and numerous others all of which have come to pass and then my gift started to show it self in other ways. I saw names in bright neon lights above peoples heads to Spirits starting to  show themselves to me. Still able to see future events, and forewarn people my gift has evolved into the very very strong ability as a claircognizant, seer, to see thousands of miles away, into a person’s home, place, with the ability to walk through it, to see what is there, what is haunting it.  It is very hard to describe my gift as not many people have this ability combined with being a psychic and medium. Do I charge for it? If I have to travel to a place, I would charge only that but God gave me my gift to help others not to help myself. I can’t use my gift for my own clarity or pursuit of happiness. That is not allowed.

I could be driving down the road, and see inside a haunted location and know what is inside to spirits alongside the road. I saw where Chaundra Levy was buried to the young girl abducted from Salt Lake City held in the desert. I see who killed Ms levy  and his description and no it is not the person they are holding in jail, to knowing the whereabouts of missing people. I see deceased people’s faces similar to a roladex streaming live, with them talking at the same time as their face flipped into the next one. These are all spirits trying to carry a message to the loved ones left behind. A request.

Some nights I am about to fall asleep and I hear some of the most angelic voices as if I am listening to a heavely choir but it is very faint, then it becomes stronger and stronger. Indeed I am listening to choir but I am no where near a church. I do believe what I am hearing is a Heavenly choir.

If I know of a murder that has taken place or a missing person case has gone cold, why not come forward with the information I have? For the simple reason police are skeptics and assume that if I know the location or what happened, I would be under suspicion. I am a medium, psychic, and that is why and how I know these things.

Usually before someone contacts me, the spirit of the deceased has long since been to visit me and I know before hand the events that have happened or why I am going to a location. Sometimes deceased people come to me for help but finding the people that they need to get a message to is tough. They just don’t come out and say I am John Smith and I lived at 42 Elm Street in Indianapolis IN. They show me signs, symbols.

For the most part, I find that people are open to my gift on a general level or they are shrugging it off. When you announce the specifics in someone’s life, then it becomes unsettling for them.  Just as Bobby Deen couldn’t understand why I knew so much as I did, maybe now he is a believer.

I can sense when a spirit is around, to also include  animals. Animals are also on the other side as well and some even travel with the family that loved them. I have been able to read animals on this side as well as from the other side. Their “voice”  is almost like a child  with a speech impediment.

For the skeptics, I can’t provide you with enough proof to sway your opinion but I can impact you to the point you have doubts of what you did believe before meeting someone like me.

Be sure to read my next post on Amy, my twin who is on the other side and how she helped me with my ex husband’s brain hemorrage. as well as Frank and Phyliss. in the bar.



The Phone Call in Panama

Amy had died about a week prior and I had to return to work in Panama. Sick with the horrible flu I caught on the airplane, My ex husband and I arrived in Panama and I was a distraught human being, wanting to die, because I had just lost my other half, my identical twin sister. I was at the jumping off point and was in no shape to go back to work. I never imagined life without her because it would always be her and I together when everyone else was gone.  Just Amy and I against the world. Now she was gone. She left behind two babies, Cristiano and Julia. He was three and Julia was 1 1/2.  Their father ensured that the babies were taken good care of so I didn’t have to worry about them. I couldn’t. All I saw was the blackness of grief.

Because my employer was sick with cancer, we could not go directly to the yacht we worked on so we had to stay in a hotel until my bronchial flu was gone. Our cell phones would not work in the country of Panama so my ex, who happened to be the captain of the yacht called the Ships Agent and we were provided with a private number, his cell phone. Even I didn’t know the number. This phone was used for business and so it sat beside the bed.

That night while Richard and I slept, I dreamed of Amy. She was trying to tell me something but there was too much interference. I did hear the words, “Beth don’t forget about the white bonnet.”  White bonnet???? I didn’t understand..Maybe I heard her wrong. White bonnet to me means that someone is expecting a baby. Should I buy a white bonnet?

I said, “Amy, I dont understand. I can’t hear you.”

She said, “I will call you.”

Then silence,

Then the cell phone rang at 3 am. There was no number on the cell phone. But it rang.

Amy called me.

It was announced by my brother a couple of days later that He and his wife were expecting.  They thought they were having twins, to be born on or near mine and Amy’s birthday, June 13th.

That was the white bonnet Amy spoke of.

They can communicate from the other side. Amy did.