The Phone Call in Panama

Amy had died about a week prior and I had to return to work in Panama. Sick with the horrible flu I caught on the airplane, My ex husband and I arrived in Panama and I was a distraught human being, wanting to die, because I had just lost my other half, my identical twin sister. I was at the jumping off point and was in no shape to go back to work. I never imagined life without her because it would always be her and I together when everyone else was gone.  Just Amy and I against the world. Now she was gone. She left behind two babies, Cristiano and Julia. He was three and Julia was 1 1/2.  Their father ensured that the babies were taken good care of so I didn’t have to worry about them. I couldn’t. All I saw was the blackness of grief.

Because my employer was sick with cancer, we could not go directly to the yacht we worked on so we had to stay in a hotel until my bronchial flu was gone. Our cell phones would not work in the country of Panama so my ex, who happened to be the captain of the yacht called the Ships Agent and we were provided with a private number, his cell phone. Even I didn’t know the number. This phone was used for business and so it sat beside the bed.

That night while Richard and I slept, I dreamed of Amy. She was trying to tell me something but there was too much interference. I did hear the words, “Beth don’t forget about the white bonnet.”  White bonnet???? I didn’t understand..Maybe I heard her wrong. White bonnet to me means that someone is expecting a baby. Should I buy a white bonnet?

I said, “Amy, I dont understand. I can’t hear you.”

She said, “I will call you.”

Then silence,

Then the cell phone rang at 3 am. There was no number on the cell phone. But it rang.

Amy called me.

It was announced by my brother a couple of days later that He and his wife were expecting.  They thought they were having twins, to be born on or near mine and Amy’s birthday, June 13th.

That was the white bonnet Amy spoke of.

They can communicate from the other side. Amy did.


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