Othersidepsychic, Don’t Come Knocking if Your Evil

Laying in bed in Nantucket, I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard this male voice, whisper in my ear, DIE.

Really? Really? If you are trying to scare me, better try something else because I don’t scare that easy. Not even road rage phases me, much less some dead dude whispering Die in my ears.

This was an old home, a rental cottage that my employer had me staying in. The landlord was not nice to boot and so it had all the makings of perhaps a dark spirit attraction to the space and here I come with my gift and white light. They obviously hated the fact that I walk in the white light.

It is not often that I run into dark spirits but it does happen. and when that happens, I am strong enough to make them leave or hide. I have had to learn how to use my gift and surround myself in white light so I don’t get hurt or attacked.

Eventually, l left the cottage and the dark spirit.

Did I ever tell you I sleep with the lights on? Too many nights with spirits and I want to see who I am communicating with, especially if they tell me to die.


Othersidepsychic, Why Are you Still Answering the Phone? Your Dead

It’s been a while since I posted simply because I have been working non stop and have had no time to even iron my pants for work,much less write about the dead or my experiences with them.

This is kind of hard to ignore though. Ever since Joe’s mother died, Joe has had her phone. It is comforting for him to hear her voice when he dials the number and her voice recording comes on. Well, comforting for him. Not for me. Not by a long shot.

For two weeks after she died, I would call Joe on that particular phone and for two weeks straight, she would answer first, then Joe. Each time I was freaked out and threw the phone with a scream to follow. Only one other time in my life has someone I knew answered the phone after they were dead or used the phone as communication and that was my identical twin sister Amy.

One time I was driving and when I heard her answer, I almost wrecked the brand new car I was driving. It happened again tonight. This lets Joe know she is still around but for me, well, you would think that maybe she might say something like, Hi Mary, it’s Rose. Still here or something to the fact to let me know she was not going to spook me everytime I called or even an inkling to let me know she was still around but nooooooooo. So I just started calling Joe on his old phone.

Yes, we psychics still get chills up our spines and freaked out from time to time. Usually it is in a very scary ghost movie or something we were not expecting such as this that totally throws us off guard.