Othersidepsychic, Don’t Come Knocking if Your Evil

Laying in bed in Nantucket, I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard this male voice, whisper in my ear, DIE.

Really? Really? If you are trying to scare me, better try something else because I don’t scare that easy. Not even road rage phases me, much less some dead dude whispering Die in my ears.

This was an old home, a rental cottage that my employer had me staying in. The landlord was not nice to boot and so it had all the makings of perhaps a dark spirit attraction to the space and here I come with my gift and white light. They obviously hated the fact that I walk in the white light.

It is not often that I run into dark spirits but it does happen. and when that happens, I am strong enough to make them leave or hide. I have had to learn how to use my gift and surround myself in white light so I don’t get hurt or attacked.

Eventually, l left the cottage and the dark spirit.

Did I ever tell you I sleep with the lights on? Too many nights with spirits and I want to see who I am communicating with, especially if they tell me to die.


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