Othersidepsychic, The Cloaked Attachment

Well, no one is impervious to bringing somehting home with them. I am speaking of the paranormal and not a new puppy or kitten that you bring home to your loved ones, your private space and place that you feel safe in. This psychic is not immune to it either but you should take steps to prevent it and I left without doing so this past weekend from visiting a clients home.

He had a hat, kind of like a medical doctor from the 1700’s or 1800’s and he was tall and thin. He wore a coat which was close to a cloak. It was the same man I saw at my clients house and I guess he decided to follow me.

When I stopped over at my friends house on Hilton Head Island to break up my trip down to Florida, as I closed my eyes, I did a double take because he was standing at the door. God, I most certainly did not want to leave him at my friends house so he traveled down to Florida with me.  My friend asked me what I was staring at. I told him. He knows about my abilities. Nothing happened that night but last night it did.

As I was laying in bed working on my computer, with my baby, my trusted friend and cat Sharkbait beside me, the door swung closed. No one was in the house or room other than me and my cats. Certainly no cat was near the door to make it close. Sharkbait then started to hiss. His ears went flat back. So I know this attachment is not good. I said out loud, ONly God’s White Light and Love Can Stay Here. You must leave now. Then everything returned to normal.

Now I have to get to work to drive this attachment out. I need to sage myself, and the house as well as salt all entrances and exits. I can say this entity, this male ghost, stays at a distance from me. He knows that he can’t stay with me here and does not come close. I constantly protect myself with God’s white light and love won’t let anything come close. Hence, why it stands off at a distance.

I will drive him out to return from whence it came, and I can’t imagine it was a good place. Wish me luck. This will not take long.


Last night while


I am sorry I have not written lately. My work owns me, meaning what I do to pay the bills. Unlike most psychics, my services are free because it was a gift given to me, not to make money from. A friend suggested donations. I can’t bring myself to do that. So i guess I will remain a chef for a long time. My passion is helping others heal and to help the others on the other side bring their message to their loved ones. However, there are psychics out there that do charge and do charge a lot.

My advice, please please please be careful. Don’t just contact the first proclaimed psychic you find online. Read about them, see what others have to say and then decide if you really and truly need to find the closure you seek. From what my friend Joe told me, the feds are cracking down on psychics and their heartless charging of fees. The truly desparate will pay thousands to seek closure. Don’t do it. Please keep your money in your pocket. If the person is really interested in helping you, they will talk to you first, then arrange payment if you want to go on with a reading or other form you are seeking. So please be careful. Don’t spend thousands seeking comfort and closure when you can either contact me for free or simply, look for signs in your own home for the presence of your lost loved ones. Believe me when I say they are there. Small signs, yes, sometimes they leave big hints and clues and I would love to hear from you if they have.

I would love to have some of my past clients tell their stories to you so that you truly believe in what I offer. For those who don’t believe, at least have a tiny portion of your heart open. Just a little crack and let hope in. It will happen.

Go with God in his loving white light and love. 


They truly and really never leave us. Some of my clients can attest to that. Sometimes it takes people like me to bring it to your attention.

Okay, enough said about that, let me write a new post, on possession and why it happens.

Othersidepsychic, Poltergeist or Pissed off Dead Mother.

Paranormal Witness contacted me tonight. They don’t know I had poltergeist activity in my house last night. They will. This is not something I tolerate let alone have happen but it did. I ducked when the golf ball came whizzing by my head. No one was around to throw it except Cheetah the cat and he is extremely intelligent but not strong enough to pitch it like that.

Usually a poltergeist is a manifestation of a living person. An evil entity that is created an negative energy.

My roommate and I were arguing. He had just lost his mother two months prior and I was the brunt of many of her irate phone calls protecting her baby, him. She never heard the real story. Usually I had to email her to let her know what really happened or what was said and then she would calm down.

Well, after the heated exchange over the care of the cats, which are my babies as I don’t have children, he went to his bathroom and I turned around. All I saw was Cheetah on the kitchen counter and the next thing was a golf ball that came flying by my head. I said to my roomie, ” Nice going ace, throw a golf ball at me. Really mature”

No answer. The cats ran. Cheetah looked confused.

I called again to my roomie. He answered from down the hall from behind a locked door, his bathroom

It could not have been him. It wasn’t.

I realized it was his mother. It was his mother who threw it.

So I had a heart to heart chat with the air, his dead mother.

I didn’t sleep that well last night. I kept one eye open waiting to see if a dresser was turned over on top of me or one of the kitchen knives somehow msyteriously ended up in the bedroom with me. It didn’t..

Luckily nothing happened.

Guess I could always ask Cheetah what he saw

Sleep well!





Okay, so, I stayed up late last night, trying to write a query letter to an agent about a cookbook. You say, cookbook and you are a psychic? Something has to pay the bills doesn’t it?

Well, I am not so sleepy and get up to make some coffee.

Standing outside my kitchen window which does not have a blind on it as the realtor showing my house broke it, was a dead guy staring in at me.

I saw him plain as day. Tall, blonde hair almost to shoulders, skinny, stoic, and most certainly dead.

Not really the first thing I wanted to see when I get up especially when i have not had my morning coffee in order to deal with things in my surroundings.

My spirit guide is saying, it found me because of my gift. Geez, you would have thought it would have used the front door.

I know though that it is not a happy go luck ghost rather, just stood there and stared at me as if frozen. He was wearing blue jeans, nice shirt. He kind of looked like the designer who works across the street except that guy is not dead.


Freaky deaky baby, especially in the am. Rather the am than the pm.

Other Side Psychic, Insurance Inspections

A nice enough man,  he kept to himself doing his job. Occasionally he would ask me where the electric panel was or is there another water heater or fuse box and I answered his every question.

Standing in my garage as he was inspecting the panel, I suddenly saw his deceased brother grabbing his chest., I asked him, if he had lost a brother with the intiial H.

Wild eyed and having never met me before he came to do the inspection for the insurance company, He said “Yes.”

I asked him if his brother had white hair.

The answer was another yes.

His eyes were getting wider and his hands started to shake. His expression was turning to fright by this time.

I said, the reason I asked you that was because I see your brother standing behind you and he is grabbing his chest.

Did he die from a heart attack?

He answered, “yes he did.”

I said, “Don’t worry, he wanted to let you know he is with you and that he is happy. Plus, I might add, he hds a very hairy chest.”

He confirmed his hairy chest. Seriously, this poor inspector was frightened.

The inspector said to me, “I know about some things and some things I don’t know anything about. I don’t know about the gift you say you have and I figured it is better to leave that stuff alone.”

He left as fast as he could pack his tools up. He was scared.

He did finish the insurance inspection thought, must have been from his home as I never saw him come back.

The findings: Work has to be done on my house.




Other Side Psychic, The Empty Arms Mother

I want to say a big thank you to you for following this blog. It inspires me to tell my stories as a Psychic and Medium and to continue helping not only the people on this plane but the spirits on the other side who have a message for those left behind.

For all the negativity that I have encountered because I have this gift,  I have to say a big thank you  for believing that such gifts do exist. You proved that by following my blog. Thank you!!!!

I promise to bring to you the ncounters I have had, and continue to have every day.


If you read my post about Amy from Louisiana, you will recall she died two years ago, leaving behind three girls who wore a lot of pink and purple. Amy came to me yesterday again, this time showing me a picture of her holding her arms down by her waist and cupping them and rocking them side to side. It was as if she was rocking a baby to sleep. Except her arms were empty. Her face was sad. Amy is working to move up as she had a lot of unfinished business and wanted to send a message to her loved ones back in LA. I carried the message but there was still some doubters in her family, namely a woman who thinks all psychics are evil entities..

I called Dot, (my birth mother), she was married to a man named Paul. Paul was the first cousin of Amy ‘s mother named Donna. Dot and Donna were in constant contact and I asked Dot to find out if Amy was pregnant or did she lose a baby at some point in her life? I told Dot, I see Amy holding her arms down by her waist as though she is rocking a baby to sleep except her arms are empty. A text message came back a few hours later that indeed Amy did lose a child when she was 7 and a half months pregnant as the baby died in the womb. This was during her drug use. She had a still birth, a very unfortunate and very sad experience for any mother to have to endure.

For the family members who doubted,  their daughters soul is alive and well and working on her advancement in the better place, also known as Heaven.

I have come to know that

There is just too much information given to me by Amy, that a stranger such as myself would never have known if they were not psychic and a medium.





Other Side Psychic Jim in Therapy at a Coffee Bar

He was my physical therapist after my rotator cuff surgery. Talkative is a mild way of putting it. I knew I was ADHD but Jim took the cake. But somehow, we became close friends, and even promised to meet for coffee the next time I was in Savannah. I decided to meet him but had to postpone it because of traveling, moving, and everything else.

While in Ft. Pierce, as I was standing next to the dresser, I saw an orb float right by me as though it kissed me and then proceeded on it’s way.  Then it was gone. It is not often an orb is seen. I see them with my naked eye on a regular basis. I have to assume it is part of my gift.

The next day, I received a text message to call Ray and Phylis in Savannah. Just a simple “call me when you have a chance.” message.

Jim had passed away the day before. He was in the gulf war and like the Syrians being exposed to chemical weapons, so was he. His body suffered the complications from his exposure.

I have no doubts that orb was Jim, the orb, and I am quite sure, he carried a message to say, “You should have kept your appointment for coffee but I know a great coffee bar upstairs when you decide to travel home.”

Friends and family, our loved ones are important. Don’t put them off. Don’t do what i did to miss an opportunity to have a cup of coffee with them, even for a minute.


Other Side Psychic, The Spirit in the Bathroom

I am cleaning my employers tub because the housekeeper called in sick. This made the 10th time I had to fill up, run the jets in it and drain trying to keep the black gunk from circulating through the jets once again. What happened to good old fashioned claw foot tubs?

Anyway, I get this text from my birth mother asking if I saw anything around her couins’s daughter who had passed.

Oh, you mean the really skinny drugged out chic in her death state standing in my bosses bathroom? That one??

Yes, I see her. She says she is sorry, that she is worried for a young boy, we have not determined who it is yet.

I also saw pink and purple, lots of pink and purple around her kids. Sweaters, shirts, you name it, to include bracelets, all in the color pink and purple. It was overwhelming.  Wasn’t sure at the time but that really made an impression with me. This person had dressed her children in pink and purple is what I saw, or was obsessed with the colors. Weird.

Now I am trying to help find the killers of her. I can say she overdosed on pills, and alcohol, blacked out in her friends car, then was dragged into a trailer where she died, then her body was taken out of this drug dealers place and dumped into a motel, where it was discovered the next day.

I see a person named Jay and a mulato woman involved in her death. I also see a Denise, a black car, and a man with sideburns.

When I got home from work, I decided to pull up some photos and I was told to go to  facebook. It was the same person who visited me at work today. Her children are swathed in purple and pink colors, in every photo. So I have to say my visions are also pretty spot on so far.

Her mother has been in touch and is looking for closure.

When I decided to go onto facebook and see if this was indeed the person, it was. My first vision was of her drug use which led to her death.

The second was of her children’s clothing colors.

The third of her actual death and the parties involved.

Finally, names were brought forward by the deceased to me and maybe now justice can be sought, all in a days work, I hope.

God rest her soul. Let her find peace.

Other Side Psychic, Roatan Honduras and Amy

Working on yachts was my occupation, my life for 23 years as a professional chef. At this particular time in my life, I had just lost my identical twin sister September 28 2002 o a pulmonary embolism. It was November 12th and I was despondent, a broken individual, who had contemplated some horrific ideas about taking my own life.  Nothing could bring me back from that point, or so I felt, until I had to come to back to the land of the living. Amy stayed with me after she died. She stayed with me for four months continously by my side, even laying in my same bed and I believe she had a hand in what happened to bring me back from the brink.

The yacht was docked at Fantasy Island in Roatan next to Johnny Carson’s yacht, the Serengeti. It was late and we had just pulled in into harbor. Most of the crew had jumped ship out for a night on the town and Richard and I stayed on board. Around 11 pm, my ex husband starts screaming, holding his head, yelling, “call a doctor, call a doctor.” He is suffering relentless pain. This man had a pain threshold that makes a professional football player with a broken knee cap look like a pansy.

Panicking I frantically search for a cell phone but no signal on mine.  I ran outside looking for the cell phone from the ships agent, thinking it was there and at the same time, crying, I screamed for Amy,  my twin sister pleading with her,  “Amy, “what is wrong with Richard?” She was still there with me, even though she was dead, she was still there. She replied as someone standing next to me would talk to me in a normal calm voice.  “Beth, Richard has just had a brain hemorrage. You need to find the phone and call a doctor. He will be okay, just call for a doctor.” The cigarette I lit was shaking violently. There was the cell phone from the ships agent on the boat deck.

I dialed the agents number. He answered. I said, ” I need a doctor at the yacht immediately as fast he can get here, ambulance anything.”

He asked, ” what is wrong with the Captain.”

I said, “He just had a brain hemorrage.”

Within a few minutes Dr. Noel Brito, a dive doctor  shows up,  running onboard with his bag and injected Richard with codeine to bring his blood pressure down. It was 244 over 188.

It took four days to get a jet in to medivac him out to Miami to Mount Sinai  because of the rainy season but before he left, the neurosurgeon and Dr. Brito confirmed that he did indeed have a sub arrachnoid brain hemorrage with a graphic image from the MRI,. We had to travel by car and as scary as it sounds, and was, by an unpressurized plane to the capital of Honduras.

Then I was asked the question by both doctors with Richard laying there, ” How did you know what happened to Richard? How did you know what to tell Dr. Brito on the phone what was wrong with the Captain.?

I said quite matter of frankly, “Amy told me.”

I believe that my twin sister saw a need to step in, to help me come back from a very dark place by placing me back into the land of the living and to stop grieving as she was there with me, as she has been since.


Other Side Psychic, Michael

Why Me? There was a powerful white golden light. I was staring straight at it and as I was walking towards it  I was stopped by a beautiful man.Simply incredible in his appearance. The darkest blackest eyes.  He just appeared in front of me and I could not go around him, or scoot by him.  He was floating but remained on the left hand side of the white golden light. EVen the tendons in his wings, yes wings, were so clear. His hair was jet black but had been bronzed or guilded so that you could tell it was black but in appearance, it was a golden bronze.  His dress was that of the Roman soldiers but not so, meaning he was in a short sheath, with a rope belt around his waist. Never a smile crossed his lips. He was serious. He was there to protect where I was going and me. I heard the name Michael. This was his name, this angel floating in front of me.

I was sober, sick but definitely sober and when I woke up, I asked a priest what it meant. Was there an angel named Michael. (pretty sad that I didn’t know about Michael the arch angel.) he said yes, there was a angel named Michael who was the arch angel whose primary job was to protect Heaven and has been known to appear to humans in dire circumstances. Why me? He has since appeared again to me: this time holding out his hand for me as I slipped out of my shell, my old skin, and as I step out, he holds his hand out for me, to take me.

How do I know it is the Arch Angel Michael I saw?

When I went to Connecticut shortly after that visitation, I went with friends and my ex husband to an auction. This was the preview day for the auction. From across the room, sitting on a table by itself was a bronzed sculpture. I immediately recognized this statue as Michael. I pointed it out to Richard, my ex and said that is him. That is the Arch Angel Michael who I saw. We rushed over to the table and sure enough, it was a bronzed statue of the Arch Angel done by a French sculptor who had seen him and sculpted his vision of Michael and it was exactly what I saw. The gilded bronze, the wings, the curly hair matted to his head as I had seen. We tried to bid on it but it was too pricey. I don’t need a sculpture to remind me of what I saw. I see his eyes every time I think about it.

Since having seen him, I came across the book on angels that I have not seen again. I should have bought it because there was a picture done by an artist of Michael and she saw him. This was the spitting image of what I saw. Now that book was affordable. But still I have to ask, Why Me?