Other Side Psychic Jim in Therapy at a Coffee Bar

He was my physical therapist after my rotator cuff surgery. Talkative is a mild way of putting it. I knew I was ADHD but Jim took the cake. But somehow, we became close friends, and even promised to meet for coffee the next time I was in Savannah. I decided to meet him but had to postpone it because of traveling, moving, and everything else.

While in Ft. Pierce, as I was standing next to the dresser, I saw an orb float right by me as though it kissed me and then proceeded on it’s way.  Then it was gone. It is not often an orb is seen. I see them with my naked eye on a regular basis. I have to assume it is part of my gift.

The next day, I received a text message to call Ray and Phylis in Savannah. Just a simple “call me when you have a chance.” message.

Jim had passed away the day before. He was in the gulf war and like the Syrians being exposed to chemical weapons, so was he. His body suffered the complications from his exposure.

I have no doubts that orb was Jim, the orb, and I am quite sure, he carried a message to say, “You should have kept your appointment for coffee but I know a great coffee bar upstairs when you decide to travel home.”

Friends and family, our loved ones are important. Don’t put them off. Don’t do what i did to miss an opportunity to have a cup of coffee with them, even for a minute.


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