Other Side Psychic, Michael

Why Me? There was a powerful white golden light. I was staring straight at it and as I was walking towards it  I was stopped by a beautiful man.Simply incredible in his appearance. The darkest blackest eyes.  He just appeared in front of me and I could not go around him, or scoot by him.  He was floating but remained on the left hand side of the white golden light. EVen the tendons in his wings, yes wings, were so clear. His hair was jet black but had been bronzed or guilded so that you could tell it was black but in appearance, it was a golden bronze.  His dress was that of the Roman soldiers but not so, meaning he was in a short sheath, with a rope belt around his waist. Never a smile crossed his lips. He was serious. He was there to protect where I was going and me. I heard the name Michael. This was his name, this angel floating in front of me.

I was sober, sick but definitely sober and when I woke up, I asked a priest what it meant. Was there an angel named Michael. (pretty sad that I didn’t know about Michael the arch angel.) he said yes, there was a angel named Michael who was the arch angel whose primary job was to protect Heaven and has been known to appear to humans in dire circumstances. Why me? He has since appeared again to me: this time holding out his hand for me as I slipped out of my shell, my old skin, and as I step out, he holds his hand out for me, to take me.

How do I know it is the Arch Angel Michael I saw?

When I went to Connecticut shortly after that visitation, I went with friends and my ex husband to an auction. This was the preview day for the auction. From across the room, sitting on a table by itself was a bronzed sculpture. I immediately recognized this statue as Michael. I pointed it out to Richard, my ex and said that is him. That is the Arch Angel Michael who I saw. We rushed over to the table and sure enough, it was a bronzed statue of the Arch Angel done by a French sculptor who had seen him and sculpted his vision of Michael and it was exactly what I saw. The gilded bronze, the wings, the curly hair matted to his head as I had seen. We tried to bid on it but it was too pricey. I don’t need a sculpture to remind me of what I saw. I see his eyes every time I think about it.

Since having seen him, I came across the book on angels that I have not seen again. I should have bought it because there was a picture done by an artist of Michael and she saw him. This was the spitting image of what I saw. Now that book was affordable. But still I have to ask, Why Me?

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