Miss B, Blood and Boobs

Usually I only talk to her on Facebook simply because I don’t have her telephone number

Well, I caught her on line yesterday and asked her if everything was good but I did see something, medically not right with her.  Her blood was not right. Neither was something else. Miss B confirmed  her red blood cell count was low, very low.  I also told her about the lump I saw in her breasts. I specifically asked if it was in the upper left and I was answered with a resounding yes. . She did have a Dr. appointment yesterday but forgot to go. They found the lump while she was  away for a time but she was ready to tackle the problem.

She said that t”here was nothing that she could hide from me, was there?”

Obviously not. I pretty much see everything.  Welcome to my world.

If you are reading this Miss B. promise me to follow up with the doctors. Remember, I have a gift, I see and I know.



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