Okay, so, I stayed up late last night, trying to write a query letter to an agent about a cookbook. You say, cookbook and you are a psychic? Something has to pay the bills doesn’t it?

Well, I am not so sleepy and get up to make some coffee.

Standing outside my kitchen window which does not have a blind on it as the realtor showing my house broke it, was a dead guy staring in at me.

I saw him plain as day. Tall, blonde hair almost to shoulders, skinny, stoic, and most certainly dead.

Not really the first thing I wanted to see when I get up especially when i have not had my morning coffee in order to deal with things in my surroundings.

My spirit guide is saying, it found me because of my gift. Geez, you would have thought it would have used the front door.

I know though that it is not a happy go luck ghost rather, just stood there and stared at me as if frozen. He was wearing blue jeans, nice shirt. He kind of looked like the designer who works across the street except that guy is not dead.


Freaky deaky baby, especially in the am. Rather the am than the pm.