Better Late Than Never

He had heard about me from my hairdresser. So he became my friend on a social media site. That was it. He never sent me a message or contacted me. I think he wanted to. He never did.  Actually I sent him one. As soon as I saw his picture, his old partner came through and he wanted me to contact him because he had something to say.

So I did

If I contact someone it is to deliver a message from spirit. This spirit was his former partner who took his life. He had to get his message known. So I persisted and we agreed to meet. I am sure when a medium contacts you, there might be hesitation to find out what they want to tell you. He was very open to it which made the process better. I somehow ended up in the wrong location and spirit was there hanging onto my shoulder the entire way, nervous that his ex partner was about to show up. Eventually I made it to the right location. It was a very eclectic, diverse and very popular place on a weekends. It was the first time I saw a cat in a stroller and loving it. Usually you see a smaller dog being pushed in a baby stroller, certainly not a cat.

You might ask, well, if the living have grief, and gotten over it, maybe the dead can too. Even if the living human has gone through the grieving process and forgiven the suicide victim, it is not over for the suicide victim themselves. They are still trying to come to terms with what they did, why they did it and to find closure, most want to say they are sorry, the biggest word is sorry. Some dont want to let go, others will remain in a grey area because they can’t forgive themselves but most are in the light upon death. They don’t go to hell unless they are extremely bad people in life. He was still around, still hanging around.

So we three sat down, me and two men. One was the new partner. Of course spirit was not happy that he was there but he knew he was dead and couldn’t do anything about it and just wanted his old partner happy. He just wanted happiness for him. I told him I was shown pills and a rope. This was how the suicide victim took his own life.

Burial plans were discussed and I suggested that they follow his wishes. Keeping his remains was not an option but perhaps granting what he wanted with maybe a second option to appease the living was the answer.

All in all, the suicide victim was happy in that he could now move on, and go into the light knowing that he said what he wanted to say, and that was a simple but heart felt sorry and to grant forgiveness and receive it. Better late than never I say.



Othersidepsychic, Ghosts In a Tobacco Field

A client of mine had been asking if I could come see  her in SC because she had been having an awful time with hauntings. For over a year, I was trapped in a job that didn’t even let me breathe much less have time to tend to my own affairs, Finally after the job ended, I  traveled to her. How I actually met Carolyn, was by the telephone. I had only read her over the phone, never in person. So, my remote viewing of her home, her surroundings and what I saw was by the telephone. Then I got to see it fi2qAZrst hand 

I told her about what I saw while in my bedroom in Florida on the phone to her in SC. I saw the cemetery sitting behind her house surrounded by planting fields which grew tobacco. At the time I saw them, they were growing another planting. I saw the ghosts sitting in her cemetery, and there were about 10 to 12 of them. All of the burial plots were family dating back over 100 years. and I saw the big slave who kept the other ghosts in check. I saw her kitchen as if I was standing there in real life and I saw it in the back of her house, of which it was all true. I saw the entities that haunt her house from a very long distance away. Then I felt them when I went there. Two were in her house. One lived in her attic, hid up there and actually ran from us as we cleaned the house.  The other entity liked to hang out in her bedroom but also liked hanging out on the staircase.  Together we cleansed the outside structures especially the ones harboring entities that were ominous.  I couldn’t leave her knowing that they were still lurking around and were up to no good. As far as the other ghosts, some had to stay such as her brother on the front porch and her mother who was there to protect her.                 

The other entities, the ghosts in the field are still there. So is Big Joe the slave. He keeps them in check. She will never really be rid of them as they are ingrained in the land, in her life. For you see, she attracts them. She has the gift. They come to her because she has the white light and attracts them as I do. I never knew this until I met her face to face. It takes a psychic to know a psychic. She is just now discovering her gift this late in life.

Sometimes the gift presents itself early in life, sometimes late in life as in Carolyn’s case. All this time she was labeled as crazy when in fact, she is an empath. She has the gift.

I plan on going back up there to see her and find out how she is doing in the near future. To help her, but also to offer support. My final parting words to her were, you will never really be rid of these spirits because they are a part of you. Better get used to it.


There was other structures on her property that harbored entities. From a deiapidated barn to her husbands cousins that died in a car wreck right past her driveway to something evil lurking around a machinery shed. Many people died on that property and the one question of how she could get rid of them came up.

Honestly, the land was marked and getting rid of all of them is impossible from this psychics standpoint but


Othersidepsychic, The Smell of Cigarettes

Okay, so this smell of cigarettes  has been following me for two days, even around midnight last night in my bedroom. I got up and looked outside to make sure no one was smoking outside my house. They couldn’t because I have fences and gates surrounding me but the cigarette trail just enveloped me. I gave up smoking about 11 years ago and today, the smell trail finally moved on. I know who it was now. Joe, my friend, well, his father smoked. Actually, he died of lung cancer and last night his mother died, Rose, leaving Joe all alone. He is really not all alone as he has me and his sister Judy and brother Dan but when a person loses both parents, you have the feeling of being abandoned. Joe even told me today he made the comment two nights ago that he was all alone and that when his mother died he would be.  His father came to check in on me and make sure I was there to take care of his Joey.

So, the cigarette smoke belonged to his dad. He came not only to get Rose, his beloved wife of 59 years but to also make sure I was going to look after Joe, make sure he would be okay. When I figured out who it was, I said, you have no worries. I will take care of him and he so will his sister and brother. He will be okay.  I will make sure of it. I knew he wanted to hear that.

It’s not like they come right out and say, Hey, Mary, I am Joe’s father. I am here to insure that my son will be taken care of by you that he won’t be left abandoned.. Can you promise me that?  It’s not like that at all. They hang around until us living humans, the ones with the supposed brains in our heads figure it out. Okay, so it took me two days, but I got it. I am accurate, dead accurate, sorry,  but never said I was quick. lol. 

Then the cigarette smell dissipated and left. I have not smelled it since this morning. Joe’s dad was trying to get my attention and to make sure his son would be okay. He will be. Now Joe’s father can collect his beautiful wife Rose and go. Go with God.

Othersidepsychic, Animals Know

Ever wonder if you have a ghost in your house? Well, it is as simple as watching what your pet does, If you have pets. I do and they say a lot without meowing. All they have to do is sit up and stare and they do. Boy do they. Sharkbait will suddenly rise up and look, all at attention, and just stare at the entity at my doorway. He is not looking up but rather looking down at the floor, which tells me that it is either another animal that he recognizes such as one of his brothers that died, Harry Teedies or Medusa, or else it’s a  small child of which he has no fear of. Sharkbait loves children. I have watched him stare for minutes and not move. I have watched Nell Nells stare and I have intently watched Nuggies stare at something that is not there to the visible eye, but I know is there because of the feeling I get when an entity is around.

Their ears may perk up and hold a straight look. If their ears go flat back, then I suggest you whip out your bible and cross and start reciting God’s word, out loud.

So keep an eye on your pet, especially at night. Animals and children can see spirits. Usually grown ups can’t because we have been so conditioned we are not open to seeing them, that is if you weren’t born with a gift.

Othersidepsychic, Reflections in the Washing Machine Window

i have never had a ghost come whirling up to me, sort of like a whoooosh, and then decide to swirl around me. It happened today.

You know how you just know someone is standing behind you or standing beside you or even to feeling like you are being stared at? But when you turn around there is no one there?  I was in the employers kitchen, making him dinner when all of sudden it was as if this ghost came running up to me, and started swirling around me.

I have never had that happen. Then it turned ice cold. I grabbed my cross around my neck and said that I am a child of God and Jesus is my savior and if they are not of God, to leave. Immediately, the air became warm, then it came back. I ignored it. Went about making cod cakes.  I mean seriously, who would be talking to ghosts and making cod cakes at the same time?

Then I went down to the laundry room where there are several washing machines. I happened to look up and there was a face staring at me from inside the washer. I just stopped, I stared. Weirder, it morphed. The face went into the image of my twin and then into the image of my twins beloved dog, Beth, a German shepard whom she named after me. I know I know. When they called the dog, we both answered. Neither the dog nor myself were sure which one of us they wanted so we both showed up.

Then the image was gone.

When I got home from work, spirit is knocking on the door, scratching on the door, a cabinet sounding like the door was rattling as though someone was trying to open it.  I am also wondering if I was followed from work to home. I think though my painting the house and doing some minor work has disturbed who ever is residing here. At least the paint color I picked out warms the place up. I did inform the ghost in my house that if they didn’t like the colors, they could take it outside and stay there. Their choice in colors sucked.


OtherSidePsychic, If They Died, Then How Come I Just Saw Them?

It is because you did.

The woman with her hair pulled back that made me do a triple take was indeed my twin sister walking on the street. That man with the handle bar mustache I have seen for the last three days, same build, same hair, is indeed my friend who died three years ago.

Make no mistakes, they do come back and make their presence known and some spirits decide to make it really obvious.

“I was at her funeral, but I just saw her” was a remark made to me not too long ago.

It is because they want you to know that they are still around you, still watching over you. It’s really comforting to know this.

When I saw the woman on the street walking in Honduras, I could have sworn, put my hand on the bible kind of swear that it was my Amy. My heart just pounded with excitement, then I realized I had buried her one month prior.  She was my identical twin.  My heart sank and the tearing apart started all over again.

You saw it on Long Island Medium, where a man came back to check on his son, dressed in baseball gear and he thought he saw his dad. He did.

So the next time you do a double take and swear that it is the person in your life you loved that was lost, but your senses tell you that it just can’t be, trust me, it can be and it is.

I have since seen Amy several times and heard her. But it’s been a long time now. I will do another post about Amy while in Roatan.  Well, my dead friend, like family really, Harvey, was really a shock. For the last three days I have seen Harvey. I wonder where his wife Ann is.  We were really close. When I left my husband in Portugal, due to divorce, as the cab was driving away, I saw her sitting on the back deck of the yacht with my ex husband. It was around 2 am. Her white hair glowed in the night. She was there for him. He couldn’t see her because she was already dead but I could. I have that gift. He just didn’t and never believed in it.

Now it is her deceased husband I am seeing around me. Hey, weirder things have happened.

I am just glad he is around. He always did make me feel at ease. His wife on the other hand was kind of prickly and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Just like my ex husband.

Still I loved them dearly.

OtherSidePsychic, The Ghost Printer

The funeral is tomorrow.My friend Joe wrote a beautiful testimony to our recently departed good friend, Mark. Well, Mark came to visit last night and I explained to Joe what Mark had given him when asked by Joe. Joe found the object and soon was totally freaked out by me. I am only the messenger, not the dead guy okay?? If you are given a message by a dead person, please listen. It has meaning.

Anyway, Joe asked me to print out the testimony to give to Mark’s daughter that he had written of what Mark meant to him as a friend.  I did and left it on my computer and made the comment out loud to myself, “Wow, Joe should read this at Mark’s funeral. tomorrow” Mind you, I had shut down the computer and the printer was just turned off. As I was about to head out the door to work, my printer started printing again. I stopped, kind of in shock. Um, what do you say to something like that? I was frozen.  Literally, frozen.

You, the person without the strange gift I have,  would think I would not be scared or be in shock when strange things happen, but I do get somewhat unnerved sometimes. I turned around, walked back into the dining room and looked at the sheet laying in the printer que. It was the testimony Joe had written. How could this have happened? I don’t know but it did.  I do know, and it was Mark.

I guess Mark wanted to read it too before it was read at his funeral or perhaps, he wanted a copy as well.



Okay, so, I stayed up late last night, trying to write a query letter to an agent about a cookbook. You say, cookbook and you are a psychic? Something has to pay the bills doesn’t it?

Well, I am not so sleepy and get up to make some coffee.

Standing outside my kitchen window which does not have a blind on it as the realtor showing my house broke it, was a dead guy staring in at me.

I saw him plain as day. Tall, blonde hair almost to shoulders, skinny, stoic, and most certainly dead.

Not really the first thing I wanted to see when I get up especially when i have not had my morning coffee in order to deal with things in my surroundings.

My spirit guide is saying, it found me because of my gift. Geez, you would have thought it would have used the front door.

I know though that it is not a happy go luck ghost rather, just stood there and stared at me as if frozen. He was wearing blue jeans, nice shirt. He kind of looked like the designer who works across the street except that guy is not dead.


Freaky deaky baby, especially in the am. Rather the am than the pm.

Other Side Psychic: When Evil Seeks Redemption

He was wearing a brownish red friars robe, with a rope belt,  similar to the ones you see on monks in the movies. It did have a hood with a wide collar and long bell sleeves.  The man was completely bald, lacking any hair. In his hands were a tablet, full of names. Apparently, my name was written on that tablet.  So there was a reason he was here, seeking me. The problem is, when he showed up. he arrived with an aura of evil around him. I was very protected from him. Without hesitation, and unlike my natural nature, i turned very cautious, pensive, and guarded. knowing full well who he was, even though I had never met him, I had heard about him. Ultimately, I refused to give him what he wanted, only because I couldn’t. It wasn’t up to me. He was asking the wrong person.

This monster murdered my step sister. He took her life and her car over $20.00. From the time it happened to the time he was electrocuted, I knew if I opened that door, there was no telling what would come through. I have to say I never read the case nor did I want to read the case but felt the incredible hurt for my step father, Bart, because he had relive  the entire gamut of emotions, asit as it went to trial. The murder happened before he married my mother. His only natural daughter, Shannon, was stolen from him by a careless monster and now he stood before me, asking for my forgiveness.  He had died in the South Carolina electric chair. Having been electrocuted, this would account for his baldness and lack of hair. I knew who he was immediately when his spirit appeared before me. . I felt who he was but I had never seen him. I didn’t dare engage this spirit. He said “he had found God before he was committed to death.”

I believe the reason he came to me is because he had to right his wrongs.  He had to ask to be forgiven,  by each family member and people he had hurt because of his actions. So he came to me.

My answer standing from afar was: “I can’t give you your forgiveness because you did not hurt me but others in my family. If you need to ask for forgiveness, ask Shannon, the life you took, ask her. Look to Bart whose life you destroyed, ask him, and look to my mother for the pain she felt for Bart and ask her but I can’t forgive you as it is not up to me to forgive you.

The look on his face was of horror. As if I had just condemned him to die again.

and with that he was gone.

There are times we need to forgive the people we loved for things they did. We must forgive for them to move on.

There are times we need to have them forgive us.

There are times when I simply can’t forgive because it is not up to me to do so. It is not my right nor is it my job.

There is only one authority that can ultimately forgive, that is GOD. I am not God. 

The monster’s name was James Tucker and  not only did he murder Shannon Melon but also a real estate lady that day from Sumter SC.  The killer said, “to put them out of their misery.” was his motive. They looked like they were in pain.

I personally revoked one of his redemption attempts by not offering my forgiveness for his actions. It was not mine to give, but the people he had harmed.

Other Side Psychic, Right House, Right Address, Old Owner

I kept telling Joe that the former owner has stayed behind in his house. He never really believed me. He is one of those people who needs proof of what I knew, saw. Former Lawyer, he needed proof. They run on proof.

Never mind the cats are spooked. The room the former owner resides in is the back left bedroom which is facing the front yard. It is the bedroom that has handicapped shower. Joe keeps that room shut off from the rest of the house simply because it is stacked full of stuff. I even don’t get a good vibe going in there. I always announce, “Hi, it’s me. Just coming in to get something” and I leave as quickly as I go in.

The former owner was married to a not so nice woman who cheated on him all the time, and when he was diagnosed with a crippling and fatal disease, Lou Gehrigs, MLS, it wasn’t long before he was confined to a wheel chair. All he could do was stare outside of the front bedroom window as his wife rode away with another man. Sad really, that he had to endure this in his ailing health. God bless him. He needed blessings.

Well, finally he passed, then a bunch of illegal residents moved in, trashed it, left a bad imprint of violence and destruction throughout the entire home. Finally the house went into foreclosure.  Joe was the lucky winner. It was in his price range. It has taken a couple of years but he has turned it into a liveable nice home. Still, the bad imprints and spirit remain. Not good.

I kept telling him the former owners name was Micheal. He is healthy but not happy and camped out in his front bedroom.

“Yeah, sure” was/is  the response I get.

Not believing me, finally, the air conditioning post card came in the mail, not once, but twice in the same month, last month to be exact,  addressed to the former owner, whose name was Micheal.

Joe, Let’s cleanse your house and I will pray that Micheal will cross over into the white light.