Other Side Psychic, Right House, Right Address, Old Owner

I kept telling Joe that the former owner has stayed behind in his house. He never really believed me. He is one of those people who needs proof of what I knew, saw. Former Lawyer, he needed proof. They run on proof.

Never mind the cats are spooked. The room the former owner resides in is the back left bedroom which is facing the front yard. It is the bedroom that has handicapped shower. Joe keeps that room shut off from the rest of the house simply because it is stacked full of stuff. I even don’t get a good vibe going in there. I always announce, “Hi, it’s me. Just coming in to get something” and I leave as quickly as I go in.

The former owner was married to a not so nice woman who cheated on him all the time, and when he was diagnosed with a crippling and fatal disease, Lou Gehrigs, MLS, it wasn’t long before he was confined to a wheel chair. All he could do was stare outside of the front bedroom window as his wife rode away with another man. Sad really, that he had to endure this in his ailing health. God bless him. He needed blessings.

Well, finally he passed, then a bunch of illegal residents moved in, trashed it, left a bad imprint of violence and destruction throughout the entire home. Finally the house went into foreclosure.  Joe was the lucky winner. It was in his price range. It has taken a couple of years but he has turned it into a liveable nice home. Still, the bad imprints and spirit remain. Not good.

I kept telling him the former owners name was Micheal. He is healthy but not happy and camped out in his front bedroom.

“Yeah, sure” was/is  the response I get.

Not believing me, finally, the air conditioning post card came in the mail, not once, but twice in the same month, last month to be exact,  addressed to the former owner, whose name was Micheal.

Joe, Let’s cleanse your house and I will pray that Micheal will cross over into the white light.


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