How does one go about explaining to 12 other people they have worked with for many years that I have a special gift?

You let someone else do that for you as this was the case.

I left the restaurant to go into the bar to have a smoke. I have since quit many years ago. Settling in for possibly two cigarettes, I noticed two people sitting at the bar, both females.  As I took a puff off my cigarette, I looked over towards the two women who were deep in conversation. Truly engrossed in their discussion, they did not notice me until I had to interrupt them.  It was because above each of their heads I saw two deceased people and their names, like neon signs flashing at me.

I looked away, and then looked back. Nope not gone. They are still there. i was not imagining it.  One of the deceased persons Phylis had a message to give to one of the ladies. She was very persistent.

“Excuse me” I said

“I don’t want to interrupt you but I had to ask you, who Phylis and Frank are?”

They both turned to look at me with horror on their faces. “Excuse me, Do we know you?”

I said, “no, sorry, no, I just wanted to see how Phylis and Frank are doing?”

“How do you know about Phylis and Frank?”

“Well, I um, I just know. Hard to explain, sorry to have  bothered you.  Well, I  will be going now.” I was now uneasy having just seen two dead people above two other people’s head while sitting in a bar smoking cigarettes.

“No seriously, how do you know about Phylis and Frank?” they asked.

“Well, if you must know, I see them and it just is a gift I have. Phylis is happy and says that Frank is in the hospital?”

Their faces were turning white.

I said, “Sorry to have bothered you.” Gosh, MB, thinking to myself, why don’t you keep your big mouth shut.

“Phylis was my mother who died about six months ago and Frank is the father of ——-.,” (the other lady sitting there). Her dad Frank is in the hospital said the brunette.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her Frank had just died, crossed over.and that was why I was seeing him.

Well, okay, so I have to go now. Nice talking to you.  I bolted  out of the door for the restaurant, and slid into my chair and hoped no one in our party would notice my face, the shock and horror expression I wore and the rapid heart beat coming through my chest..

I was coming out of my skin with excitement over what I had just seen and was hoping that no one would notice it either.

Then some of the yacht crew looked at me and commented, “You look like you have just seen a ghost MB. You are white as a sheet.”  If they only knew.

Then as I look up, the two women come out of the bar, and walked over to my table. They look at me and then they look over at Richard. They introduce themselves to him and say a huge thank you to me. Richard asked what happened. They shared with the entire table and Richard what I had seen while sitting in the bar. Then they let it be known that I indeed had a very special and very powerful gift and how much they appreciated me seeing their loved ones.

I was right.

Richard acknowledged my very powerful gift as I just sat there, not sure what to say.

I just didn’t have the heart to tell them Frank had already crossed over. They would find out soon enough. He was a butcher in his life.

Now I had some explaining to do with the crew and guests. Now I had to tell them about my gift.  They kind of figured it out from that point on.

That’s validation.

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