Othersidepsychic, The Smell of Cigarettes

Okay, so this smell of cigarettes  has been following me for two days, even around midnight last night in my bedroom. I got up and looked outside to make sure no one was smoking outside my house. They couldn’t because I have fences and gates surrounding me but the cigarette trail just enveloped me. I gave up smoking about 11 years ago and today, the smell trail finally moved on. I know who it was now. Joe, my friend, well, his father smoked. Actually, he died of lung cancer and last night his mother died, Rose, leaving Joe all alone. He is really not all alone as he has me and his sister Judy and brother Dan but when a person loses both parents, you have the feeling of being abandoned. Joe even told me today he made the comment two nights ago that he was all alone and that when his mother died he would be.  His father came to check in on me and make sure I was there to take care of his Joey.

So, the cigarette smoke belonged to his dad. He came not only to get Rose, his beloved wife of 59 years but to also make sure I was going to look after Joe, make sure he would be okay. When I figured out who it was, I said, you have no worries. I will take care of him and he so will his sister and brother. He will be okay.  I will make sure of it. I knew he wanted to hear that.

It’s not like they come right out and say, Hey, Mary, I am Joe’s father. I am here to insure that my son will be taken care of by you that he won’t be left abandoned.. Can you promise me that?  It’s not like that at all. They hang around until us living humans, the ones with the supposed brains in our heads figure it out. Okay, so it took me two days, but I got it. I am accurate, dead accurate, sorry,  but never said I was quick. lol. 

Then the cigarette smell dissipated and left. I have not smelled it since this morning. Joe’s dad was trying to get my attention and to make sure his son would be okay. He will be. Now Joe’s father can collect his beautiful wife Rose and go. Go with God.

OtherSidePsychic, When We are Near Death

Its called Life on Life’s terms. We all have to go through it and face the final hour. Its not so romantic really as the movies portray it. Some people are riddled with cancer, others, a debilitating disease, still others take their own life, despondent over the ones they were living.

He was talking to his father during his final hours, even seeing angels at his window. His father had passed about twenty years prior of throat cancer and alzheimers.  I witnessed it first hand.

When we are near death, either we are surrounded by angels, people who loved us and passed on before us or we are not. I know I have seen the arch angel Michael twice in my short life. I know that is one angel who will be with me during my finalexperience and into the next life.

I knew when my twin sister was dying as I felt it half way across the world. I became violently ill, and it was a sinking feeling of actually dying, needing to reach her immediately but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Amy. I had to tell her goodbye. I was too sick to get off the floor. It was actually what she was feeling.  I was perfectly healthy a minute before.

If we didn’t care about a person we wouldn’t cry our hearts out when they pass on. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t cry but be happy that they have gone onto a world far more better than what they left.

We all know what happens to the people who are not so nice and pure of heart.

I do know the man I saw die, saw angels, was surrounded by them, and was talking to people he loved who had passed on. They came back for him to take him home. In a coma, he said he wanted to go home but how was he going to get there? Piggy Back? Those were his exact words. He laughed, and a few hours later, he passed.

I hope I don’t have to hitchhike a ride, I hope Amy shows up in a nice BMW



OtherSidePsychic, Funeral Director

Taken from an email I just had with my friend Joe about our mutual friend Mark who had died.

He was standing by the doorway waving his arms to come in. That was so Mark!! Directing people, even at his own funeral.
The body is but a shell, a vessel. Nothing more. We have to deal with what we are given. It was not Mark i was looking at but a shell of what contained a beautiful soul when it was alive and breathed.
At his funeral, Mark in spirit is incredibly happy. He looked very happy!!
He made himself known to several people after his death just to let them know he was still there  and cared but he had to go. His time was short.  His relatives that were there , were there to take him with them, take him home.
I told Joe, see those empty chairs in the back of the room?
Joe said, yes.
I said they are not empty.
Joe said, They look empty.
Trust me Joe, they are not empty.
His grandmother was there, so was his grandfather and not sure but I think his uncle. These were the people I saw sitting in the chairs in the back of the room
To normal eyes, the chairs were empty. To a psychic, me, they had people sitting in them, and they were eating, of all things, at a funeral.  His grandmother, was eating cake.
Wheres the cake??? I was hungry!!   If I weren’t psychic, I would have been called crazy or locked up by now


Other Side Psychic, Bartkins

He was my step father, and such a wonderful man. The light came back on in Mama’s eyes after Daddy died. Bart was a retired Cinncinati Police Officer who walked the beat many years ago. He suffered alot in his life losing one daughter to a murder and another son to ALS. But he never lost his sense of humor.

After he passed, I saw him sitting on the couch in the den. He was smiling. I told Mama I saw him. I think she had a hard time with that one but he was there. I could feel him in the house. See, Bart was tired of the dialysis and what it was doing to him. So he basically one day refused to go. Two days later, he was gone. He knew it was his time.

What really got me was when I was with him at the funeral home, it was an open casket, he was dressed in his police officer uniform and my “alone” time with him before his money hungry kids got the scene was wracked with tears and me announcing, “Hey Bart, its Beth.  I told him how much I loved having him as my step father and not to worry, that Mama would be taken care of.

He said to me, ” I love you to Beth.” I heard the voice coming from his body but it was a whisper as it lay there. I jumped back. It is not often I hear a voice coming from an embalmed body, but I could swear he uttered those words. I wondered if he was really dead at that point. Knowing that his spirit was there and that was what I was hearing made sense from a totally senseless moment.

Some people think that psychics are crazy, well, I thought I was at that time. I wasn’t.  He was there.

See I know that when someone dies, they are with us in spirit and I can see them, feel them. I wasn’t distraught as I know our spirits/souls live but this moment really freaked me out as a psychic. Yes, I can get spooked, rare, but once in a blue moon it will happen.

Whenever I called, our conversation would go like this:

Hi Bart, this is Beth.

Hi Beth, this is Bart.

Like he didn’t know my voice…lol

we would laugh, oh how we would laugh.

Love you Bartkins.