OtherSidePsychic, Funeral Director

Taken from an email I just had with my friend Joe about our mutual friend Mark who had died.

He was standing by the doorway waving his arms to come in. That was so Mark!! Directing people, even at his own funeral.
The body is but a shell, a vessel. Nothing more. We have to deal with what we are given. It was not Mark i was looking at but a shell of what contained a beautiful soul when it was alive and breathed.
At his funeral, Mark in spirit is incredibly happy. He looked very happy!!
He made himself known to several people after his death just to let them know he was still there  and cared but he had to go. His time was short.  His relatives that were there , were there to take him with them, take him home.
I told Joe, see those empty chairs in the back of the room?
Joe said, yes.
I said they are not empty.
Joe said, They look empty.
Trust me Joe, they are not empty.
His grandmother was there, so was his grandfather and not sure but I think his uncle. These were the people I saw sitting in the chairs in the back of the room
To normal eyes, the chairs were empty. To a psychic, me, they had people sitting in them, and they were eating, of all things, at a funeral.  His grandmother, was eating cake.
Wheres the cake??? I was hungry!!   If I weren’t psychic, I would have been called crazy or locked up by now


OtherSidePsychic, More about Evie

I thought at the time all was well but then I had another vision about Evie. My spirit guides were showing me that she had another hurdle to cross. When the word came down that she was cut open for her surgery, I saw one more obstacle in her path. It was major and I knew it but how to say it? I couldn’t tell her because she was already in the hospital. Who wants to here that something major is about to happen to them. No one,  so I told a co worker who was going to see her.

“There is one more major hurdle that she has to go through, then she will be on her road to recovery.”

Well, two days later, a third surgery was performed. Now Evie is on the road to recovery. Finally.

Just keep walking the yellow brick road Evie, Oz is in sight.