Three Escorts

He saw angels standing at his window sill in the hospital room. Large angels that were waiting on him. The fragile hairless man who stood up was ravaged by the disease that had him. Yet, he jumped out of bed to see his companions who would, along with his father escort him to the otherside. He had never seen an angel before, there were three waiting on him, their wings outstretched, all in white gowns, with crowns of gold on their heads were waiting for one of their beloved souls to cross. He asked if I saw them. I had to see them! They were so beautiful!

A few hours later, this fragile man was comatose muttering in his sleep, “How are you going to take me home? Yes, I want to go home. How are we going to get there? Piggy back?” then he laughed.
I knew he was talking to his father, my Granddaddy, who was present in the room, ready to retrieve his son. He had died about 12 years earlier of a different form of the disease that had my father.
I stepped out after that to refresh myself and left the hospital grounds for a while. Suddenly upon walking through the parking garage tunnel that led to the hospital, I knew he was going. I innately knew my father was not to live much longer. A voice whispered to me, hurry, just hurry. Running to meet death, I had to tell him goodbye.
Holding his hand while his breaths were shallow, strained and heavy, gargled by the mucous in his chest. I asked him to check on me from time to time, and to tell God and Jesus I said hello, that I loved him dearly. I always would.

Not yet fully able to come to grips with his death which was so imminent, I held back what I really wanted to say and that was to say how lucky I was to have him as a loving father, one who stood by me all those years and who only wanted the best for me. No girl could have been as lucky as me.

He squeezed my hand. In that moment, I knew he could hear me. He knew. There is life in a comatose state before we pass. Thank God he knew how much I loved him.

With all the family around, he arose from his coma to ask what was happening with his body. My sister, a physician, had to tell him, “Daddy, you are in the hospital.  He asked, “why?”
“Because Daddy, you are dying of lung cancer.”
He nodded as though he understood, being a doctor himself. He then said he loved everyone very much and laid back down, his head upon the soft pillow and stopped breathing.

Othersidepsychic, photographs never lie

Photographs never lie. Look closely at family pictures. Do you see a golden or white small light in them near a loved one? Chances are it could be an orb. If you do have an orb in your picture, blow it up large, then look for a face in the orb. Chances are, it is a loved one that you lost. Orbs carry faces in them.  If you move into a new house, be sure to snap pictures and look closely. It might look like giant blurs or blobs. It could be realtives or it could be total strangers.

A friend of mine recently sent me a picture of her family photo and in that picture I saw three things happening. Two were not good but swooshing by her brother’s face was the essence of a spirit that was protecting him. Standing behind the family, especially behind her brother stood two demons, a small one but a much much larger force behind that.  Both negative and I saw some serious health issues accompanying those demons.

Just as my recent photograph catpured a spirit coming from the wall in the place I stayed, capturing spirit is not difficult. Just start snapping but be prepared for what might come through and things you might not want to see.

Othersidepsychic, Youre a Encyclopedia?

Sitting around eating funeral food cooked by this great Italian lady, the conversation came up of what I do. Well, I am a cook, I answered. And I am a psychic, medium.

Your an Encyclopedia?

No, Psychic Medium. How in the heck do you get encyclopedia out of psychic medium. I suppose if you were hard of hearing you might.

Of course skepticism came across his face upon learning this. Most people either say, “yeah right or prove it.”. I didn’t want to have to tell him his dead friend Larry was standing behind him, immediately behind him..

We chatted a bit more. Frank was an older man, around late 60’s and he really didn’t have a clue as to how it worked, my gift that is. I told him I don’t charge and that it is a gift. I also tell him basically what I see, and how my gift worked. The conversation stopped and we ate a bit more. I really didn’t want to have to read him but his friend was pushing the issue. His dead friend actually.

So I asked him who Larry was. It turned out it was his best friend who died a couple of months ago of numerous health issues. I said well, this is validation that he is with you and is okay.

“Did he fish or have something to do with the water?  because I am seeing a him standing near water and he has a bucket also a bucket and  fishing line.”

Frank said that he loved crabbing. That was his favorite past time.

I then asked Frank who the lady was in his family with the first name that started with a C such as Car something? I can’t see the entire name.

Frank answered, his grandmother’s name was Carmella.  By now, Frank is totally mystified and very much wanting to know more. I read him while eating funeral food and showed him a new way to view death. There was a lot more said and he left a totally different person. The change was so overwhelming for him that he was not the same person I originally met while eating green beans and turkey. Just knowing that the people he loved and that loved him are still with him, guiding him, watching over him is a true validation from an encyclopedia.

Wonder what covered dish church suppers would bring?


Othersidepsychic, Pony Tail Begger

It started with one young man. I came out of the grocery store tonight and was walking to my car when I spotted one young man not too far from it. I glanced back at him and he stared at me. I was afraid I was going to get jacked. So I unlocked my car when another male approached me asking me for a dollar. He was smaller than me, had a ponytail, and was shy with a sweet smile.. I stood there for about five seconds not saying a word, reading him silently and told him he needed to ask the people going into the store, not the ones coming out of the store. The people going in had money. The people coming out have spent their money. He smiled and said, “okay and looked own sheepishly. He was not good at begging and I knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. I assumed he needed it for food. I knew he needed it for food. So before I even put my groceries in the car, I reached into my pocket and gave him a dollar. I said, “just so you know, I am a psychic and I know this is not for bus fare.”

“No way, what?” was his response.

“Yes, way, I am psychic.”

“You mean, you are one of the those people who sees the future?”

I think they were misguided on what I truly did. I smiled and said, “well, yes, I can do that to.

His friend challenged me.

Geez, really people?? Challenge? No you didn’t just do that. Have some respect when a psychic tells you they are a psychic. I don’t tell strangers, or at least not yet, but I just did. Hey, I am getting the courage up to say it to strangers. Usually I just acknowledge the dead standing behind the living and walk on. Not this time. I hate that shit when I am challenged. It’s like I have to prove myself over and over but it was okay.  They needed to hear what I was seeing.  So, I told him about his deceased great grandmother in Haiti. What she looked like, what she wore to include the scarf around her head to his GED, to him thinking about enlisting in the military. I He turned white and he wasn’t white. I proceeded to make friends with these two young males and tell them everything I saw. I am especially concerned about the kid with the ponytail, the one who is not a good beggar. There was something about him that warmed my heart. Maybe because I knew he was a good kid.

 I read both of them, outside Publix, with my ice cream melting I gave them my website address and I also kind of shocked them to the core.

About an hour later, I am walking outside around my house, feeding the neighborhood cats when I hear a lot of young guys which sound like a gang. They are coming my way. I hid behind the ficus bushes and watched them. There were the two boys I read outside Publix. I yelled at them. They turned around and stared at me.

I said, it’s the psychic, Mary.

THey came running over to me so happy to see. My visions were correct. The dollar was not for bus fare but for food. They yelled at their friends to come over and soon 7  young men were standing there. All wanted to know what I saw for them. The two young boys told them what I did and what I saw. Quickly these seven men turned into 11 when the others heard about my ability.

They all received readings, some more than others but to think It all started with pan handling.

I hope I made an impact on some really young lives and maybe they will heed the guidance their deceased loved ones left for them.


OtherSidePsychic, Funeral Director

Taken from an email I just had with my friend Joe about our mutual friend Mark who had died.

He was standing by the doorway waving his arms to come in. That was so Mark!! Directing people, even at his own funeral.
The body is but a shell, a vessel. Nothing more. We have to deal with what we are given. It was not Mark i was looking at but a shell of what contained a beautiful soul when it was alive and breathed.
At his funeral, Mark in spirit is incredibly happy. He looked very happy!!
He made himself known to several people after his death just to let them know he was still there  and cared but he had to go. His time was short.  His relatives that were there , were there to take him with them, take him home.
I told Joe, see those empty chairs in the back of the room?
Joe said, yes.
I said they are not empty.
Joe said, They look empty.
Trust me Joe, they are not empty.
His grandmother was there, so was his grandfather and not sure but I think his uncle. These were the people I saw sitting in the chairs in the back of the room
To normal eyes, the chairs were empty. To a psychic, me, they had people sitting in them, and they were eating, of all things, at a funeral.  His grandmother, was eating cake.
Wheres the cake??? I was hungry!!   If I weren’t psychic, I would have been called crazy or locked up by now