Othersidepsychic, More Readings from Facebook

These are individuals who have posted on my facebook page, Mary,Othersidepsychic. I have no control over what they post. I can only share it.
I do give readings for free as I have been given a gift. For now, I don’t charge. Please contact me if you need closure from a loved one, a missing loved one or just want to know if your family member is okay.
I am here to help.


“I just now had an amazing reading with Mary again! A dear friend came through and showed her things until there was no doubt it was my Debbie! I have missed her so much but have dreamed lots of times about her so real like and Mary assured me it wasn’t a dream, they visit this way! Made me feel so good! Mary is amazing to be able to interpret their messages so well! Thanks again Mary!!!! Once again you uplifted me!!!”

“ive just had a reading of mary and omg this woman is amazing i cant thank her enough thankyou for the closure mary i will sleep better now keep doing what u do your a angel xx”

“Omg this lady is amazing helped me big time about my uncle Peter my nana my brother and my aunty…thank you so much I feel so much beta knowing my loved ones are ok.”

“Also to think I’m in new Zealand and she’s in the us”

My Readings, From My Facebook Page

Mary Othersidepsychic I’ve been so busy that I haven’t forgotten what ya done for me just haven’t had time. But I want to thank you for your reading. It made me smile when ya mentioned my husband being with me and even brought his sense of humor through. Made me laugh out loud not the hills and then being rocky equaling to Rock Hill which is where he worked. A-mazing! From the rocker to his steel toe boots being on the porch to the rocking chair i was just in awe. The necklace that you saw that was important to me wasn’t from him I thought bout it and it is the necklace I wear now which holds a ring on it with Robert’s name in it. So thought that was great once i realized it. The comment you made bout him saying ‘I’m one tough lady’ made me tear cuz he’s said that on more then one occasion. And hugging me from behind was his favorite way he hugged me. I felt so great after your reading thank you so much. Your amazing… and your want and desire to just keep others in contact with loved ones and help with some closure is a blessing. Thank you again and if ya ever feel my loved ones coming thru again i look forward to hearing thank you and God bless you
— feeling thankful.

Recent Readings

It seems every night I have been reading two to three people, for no charge. Can you say I am spot on accurate in these readings? Well, yes, I have been and the proof is in the pudding, as it is listed on my facebook page on Mary, Othersidepsychic.

There is one special person who has a multitude of orbs coming and going in her house, which are deceased loves ones that want to be there to other spirits looking for a home and some even coming from the funeral home 30 yards away. Why her house? She has a gift. It is that of a empath and sensitive. The spirits are attracted to someone who has gift. So naturally, like a moth to a light, they flock to her.

This gifted gal brought me to a very gifted clairvoyant friend of hers who cant use her gift due to a block, a negative cloud produced by a woman who tried to run her off from her son. The mother in law put a cloud on her aura but her infant son is so gifted, her gift is diminished around him. That day, her grand mother came around as well as her cousin who passed. To look at a picture of her, her gift surrounds her, like a golden white light that envelops her.

A different lady was surely a skeptic, announcing it before we began. Just getting her to say the word yes was pulling teeth. The Spirits came through though. When her daughters godfather came forward, I told her I saw a male between the ages of 18 and 24. She said no, she didn’t lose anybody in that age. Then I mentioned the number 15. I told her, he says he lived in soemthing named with the number 15 and I also see jail. Well, she said the man she knew died when he was 29. I asked her, “did he look younger for his age?” She said yes, he most certainly did. She told me he lived in area 15. I asked her if he was shot or hurt in his chest because he is holding his chest. She said he was shot in his chest. This was the man I described. Her daughters godfather. Then an even more powerful woman came forward wearing a ruby dress, a red hat and carrying a bible. I asked her if she knew who this person was. Yes, it was her great grandmother. I told her I saw a worn Bible and I also saw a cast iron skillet and bread, johnny cake or corn. She made bread all the time, corn bread. It was validation for her that she has her family around her. That skeptic left believing.

Another one is a cousin of mine I have never spoken to except for a brief two days in the last two days. I never knew he existed. He never knew I existed and asked for a reading. Well, he got it. It was so accurate he left several times during the reading either due to being scared or not sure how he was supposed to react to several things I saw.

For him, i saw the gift of writing, but I also saw his past troubles, and is present troubles, to include a girlfriend with some heavy duty baggage. I encouraged him to start his writing career and I do hope he decides to venture in that direction. As for her, she has a long road ahead of her to include a very bad illness, and she is loaded in personal tragedies that have plagued her life. I hope that with his dedicated love to her, she can recover.

Just a few of the readings I have had. Today was slow, as most people are celebrating with their families and loved ones. Don’t forget to set a place at the table for the ones you lost. They are there too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all past present spirits and loved ones living.


Othersidepsychic, Pony Tail Begger

It started with one young man. I came out of the grocery store tonight and was walking to my car when I spotted one young man not too far from it. I glanced back at him and he stared at me. I was afraid I was going to get jacked. So I unlocked my car when another male approached me asking me for a dollar. He was smaller than me, had a ponytail, and was shy with a sweet smile.. I stood there for about five seconds not saying a word, reading him silently and told him he needed to ask the people going into the store, not the ones coming out of the store. The people going in had money. The people coming out have spent their money. He smiled and said, “okay and looked own sheepishly. He was not good at begging and I knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. I assumed he needed it for food. I knew he needed it for food. So before I even put my groceries in the car, I reached into my pocket and gave him a dollar. I said, “just so you know, I am a psychic and I know this is not for bus fare.”

“No way, what?” was his response.

“Yes, way, I am psychic.”

“You mean, you are one of the those people who sees the future?”

I think they were misguided on what I truly did. I smiled and said, “well, yes, I can do that to.

His friend challenged me.

Geez, really people?? Challenge? No you didn’t just do that. Have some respect when a psychic tells you they are a psychic. I don’t tell strangers, or at least not yet, but I just did. Hey, I am getting the courage up to say it to strangers. Usually I just acknowledge the dead standing behind the living and walk on. Not this time. I hate that shit when I am challenged. It’s like I have to prove myself over and over but it was okay.  They needed to hear what I was seeing.  So, I told him about his deceased great grandmother in Haiti. What she looked like, what she wore to include the scarf around her head to his GED, to him thinking about enlisting in the military. I He turned white and he wasn’t white. I proceeded to make friends with these two young males and tell them everything I saw. I am especially concerned about the kid with the ponytail, the one who is not a good beggar. There was something about him that warmed my heart. Maybe because I knew he was a good kid.

 I read both of them, outside Publix, with my ice cream melting I gave them my website address and I also kind of shocked them to the core.

About an hour later, I am walking outside around my house, feeding the neighborhood cats when I hear a lot of young guys which sound like a gang. They are coming my way. I hid behind the ficus bushes and watched them. There were the two boys I read outside Publix. I yelled at them. They turned around and stared at me.

I said, it’s the psychic, Mary.

THey came running over to me so happy to see. My visions were correct. The dollar was not for bus fare but for food. They yelled at their friends to come over and soon 7  young men were standing there. All wanted to know what I saw for them. The two young boys told them what I did and what I saw. Quickly these seven men turned into 11 when the others heard about my ability.

They all received readings, some more than others but to think It all started with pan handling.

I hope I made an impact on some really young lives and maybe they will heed the guidance their deceased loved ones left for them.