Othersidepsychic, More Readings from Facebook

These are individuals who have posted on my facebook page, Mary,Othersidepsychic. I have no control over what they post. I can only share it.
I do give readings for free as I have been given a gift. For now, I don’t charge. Please contact me if you need closure from a loved one, a missing loved one or just want to know if your family member is okay.
I am here to help.


“I just now had an amazing reading with Mary again! A dear friend came through and showed her things until there was no doubt it was my Debbie! I have missed her so much but have dreamed lots of times about her so real like and Mary assured me it wasn’t a dream, they visit this way! Made me feel so good! Mary is amazing to be able to interpret their messages so well! Thanks again Mary!!!! Once again you uplifted me!!!”

“ive just had a reading of mary and omg this woman is amazing i cant thank her enough thankyou for the closure mary i will sleep better now keep doing what u do your a angel xx”

“Omg this lady is amazing helped me big time about my uncle Peter my nana my brother and my aunty…thank you so much I feel so much beta knowing my loved ones are ok.”

“Also to think I’m in new Zealand and she’s in the us”

My Readings, From My Facebook Page

Mary Othersidepsychic I’ve been so busy that I haven’t forgotten what ya done for me just haven’t had time. But I want to thank you for your reading. It made me smile when ya mentioned my husband being with me and even brought his sense of humor through. Made me laugh out loud not the hills and then being rocky equaling to Rock Hill which is where he worked. A-mazing! From the rocker to his steel toe boots being on the porch to the rocking chair i was just in awe. The necklace that you saw that was important to me wasn’t from him I thought bout it and it is the necklace I wear now which holds a ring on it with Robert’s name in it. So thought that was great once i realized it. The comment you made bout him saying ‘I’m one tough lady’ made me tear cuz he’s said that on more then one occasion. And hugging me from behind was his favorite way he hugged me. I felt so great after your reading thank you so much. Your amazing… and your want and desire to just keep others in contact with loved ones and help with some closure is a blessing. Thank you again and if ya ever feel my loved ones coming thru again i look forward to hearing thank you and God bless you
— feeling thankful.