Othersidepsychic, Youre a Encyclopedia?

Sitting around eating funeral food cooked by this great Italian lady, the conversation came up of what I do. Well, I am a cook, I answered. And I am a psychic, medium.

Your an Encyclopedia?

No, Psychic Medium. How in the heck do you get encyclopedia out of psychic medium. I suppose if you were hard of hearing you might.

Of course skepticism came across his face upon learning this. Most people either say, “yeah right or prove it.”. I didn’t want to have to tell him his dead friend Larry was standing behind him, immediately behind him..

We chatted a bit more. Frank was an older man, around late 60’s and he really didn’t have a clue as to how it worked, my gift that is. I told him I don’t charge and that it is a gift. I also tell him basically what I see, and how my gift worked. The conversation stopped and we ate a bit more. I really didn’t want to have to read him but his friend was pushing the issue. His dead friend actually.

So I asked him who Larry was. It turned out it was his best friend who died a couple of months ago of numerous health issues. I said well, this is validation that he is with you and is okay.

“Did he fish or have something to do with the water?  because I am seeing a him standing near water and he has a bucket also a bucket and  fishing line.”

Frank said that he loved crabbing. That was his favorite past time.

I then asked Frank who the lady was in his family with the first name that started with a C such as Car something? I can’t see the entire name.

Frank answered, his grandmother’s name was Carmella.  By now, Frank is totally mystified and very much wanting to know more. I read him while eating funeral food and showed him a new way to view death. There was a lot more said and he left a totally different person. The change was so overwhelming for him that he was not the same person I originally met while eating green beans and turkey. Just knowing that the people he loved and that loved him are still with him, guiding him, watching over him is a true validation from an encyclopedia.

Wonder what covered dish church suppers would bring?


Othersidepsychic, The Running Bobcat

Pulling into the long winding drive to the South Florida National Cemetary, I announced in my car, okay people, I am here. Here I come. Of course  I always announce my arrival upon entering a space that is inhabited by the dead. Well, the dead know as soon as I enter a cemetery but this particular moment was very strange and my gut had a twist in it. Like I got the wind knocked out of me. I knew something was about to happen. Out of the blue a 30 lb bob cat came running along side my car. What made this incident strange was that it continued to run along side my car, not away from it. I slowed down, and rolled down my window and starting calling it. Here kitty kitty and it came pace with my car, literally for about 1/4 mile. Then it jumped ahead of me and went into the bushes. Why would a bob cat run with me? I had showed up early for Joe’s mom’s funeral. Too early as a matter of a fact. In South Florida they wheel the dead in and wheel them out as fast as a sign up sheet for football betting.Chasing the casket down to touch it to tell Rose Joe will be taken care of and will be okay took effort. Those people are fast at wheeling them! There is no time for lingering, hugging, crying or long winded read eulogies You have exactly one hour or whatever you booked and then you have to go because another one is on it’s way.

So, When they started putting on the Jewish hats, I knew I was at the wrong funeral. So, off I go to drive out, and come back one hour later. I got in the right drive through lane and the funeral was good. Rose was there, standing beside her children. She appeared younger, happy, and then all of sudden, birds started squawking, and Joe could have sworn he saw the Bobcat on the outside perimeter of the funeral. I think he did. I do believe this was a sign. What, I am not sure the meaning but it came to me, and showed up again. When I left the funeral, I didn’t see it anymore.

Rose had a message for me to relay to each of her children, at a separate time when they would and could hear it but right now was not the time during their grief and of course to understand it’s meaning. I was given a message to pass that expressed her deepest sorrow for any pain she caused her loved ones in this life, but one in particular, needed to hear it. Maybe in time, in her reflections on her relationship with her grandmother, she will come to have empathy for her and understanding and see what her part was in the whole damaged relationship scenario

Rose was a tough woman, and made enemies amongst her family but loved them and gave them her all. One in particular was her granddaughter that could have cared less that she died. I approached L and told her, your Grandmother wants to pass a message to you. She looked up as if she was in shock but also, told me she didn’t care she died. I said to L, “Rose, says she is sorry for the incident she and you had in the past and she needed me to tell you this as she couldn’t. I simply am passing a message.”

I don’t know if L took it seriously because she doesn’t really know my gift, but she soon will know it.

I passed the message and delivered closure for the dead wanting to make amends. It is up to the living to accept it.