A Portal

This morning as I was in my hotel bathroom, preparing myself for work, off to my left, I caught a vision of the doorway, the path, leading to the other side. It was right there, beside me. It has never appeared to me that way before. i have witnessed the giant marble steps that my twin walked up when she cried for help to seeing the Arch Angel Michael appearing before me in a whiteness with the golden light behind him. The idea that it was my time had suddenly crossed my mind but this vision vanished a few seconds as fast it appeared. Was a spirit coming through that it opened for? They don’t normally enter my world this way or if they did, they didn’t make it so announced.
This was not a door per say as we know it with a door handle, knob or sliding glass but an opening of white, almost as if a cloud had formed into a doorway. This opening I knew. I immediately knew what it was intended for, a white entry way leading into what I could not see, a walkway, a path to follow and it was filled with love. When it closed, it closed from the bottom up. There was nothing to be afraid off. Nothing at all. Was this the proverbial tunnel that so many people speak of. Was this the way a soul travels in a near death experience only to return and tell of? Their diminishing senses upon the death of their body is awakened with a renewed sense of life. This journeying soul ifeels an all encompassing love from a golden light on the other side and is  greeted by lost loved ones, This we know from store.
If it was indeed my time, then I would have gone right there as it was the most welcoming feeling, the most loving feeling I have had for a long time.
Magicians use smoke machines to create an illusion of mystic means and this was no different. It appeared and as soon as it appeared it was gone.
Was I to die this day? Was the door intended for my soul not yet finished with it’s mission? Why did I see the entrance to what some refer to as the pearly gates, the golden gates, the heavens, leading to a power much greater than ourselves? Perhaps this was not meant for me but to relay this to someone else, so that they know not to be afraid. Perhaps that I was born with the gift of being a medium, I am to relay this message. Justly so, Perhaps.
Scrooge was not there with the angel of death pointing his ghostly, craggly thin skeletal finger at his demise. Darkness didn’t appear and fade into another drama of the wrongs I committed in this lifetime, rather a lighted path, a warm loving path laid out before me only I could not see the path but yet, an all knowing of it being there. This is what a medium has been gifted with, an all knowing in a way to see, to hear, to feel the other side and the souls in it.
The vision went on to a gradual fading of everything we know, as depicted in the movies, but can only be described similar in circumstance to a passenger looking out of a airplane window. The view is starting to become obscured, with a thick blanket of whiteness overtaking the view, the clouds slowly dissipating what the eye has before it. The natural light fades with the onset of the clouds and then a brilliant golden light emits from above as though the sun peeked its way out. The noise, all noise cancels and the harmonious voices of thousands of souls singing can be heard in the background.
When i state that the doorway is open upon ushering in a reading, the doorway is different. The souls that have crossed are now in a different room behind a different door, like a large conference room standing in line, waiting their turn, a holding room. They come freely, some not all or all but not some will inevitably show. The doorway is different than the doorway I saw today. However, it all leads to the same magnificent place, a place that offers total unconditional love, like the puppy you have who just wants to show you how much he bestow his gratitude and love upon you. Unconditional love is what awaits us with no strings attached.
As I walked out of the hotel and boarded the plane, I experienced Dejavu as we ascended into the clouds. I relived what I felt in the bathroom this morning. It can’t be lived twice, so I know this vision was not intended for me but to relay it to others as a remote viewer, psychic and medium.
This is what Heaven wants you to know.

OtherSidePsychic, More about Evie

I thought at the time all was well but then I had another vision about Evie. My spirit guides were showing me that she had another hurdle to cross. When the word came down that she was cut open for her surgery, I saw one more obstacle in her path. It was major and I knew it but how to say it? I couldn’t tell her because she was already in the hospital. Who wants to here that something major is about to happen to them. No one,  so I told a co worker who was going to see her.

“There is one more major hurdle that she has to go through, then she will be on her road to recovery.”

Well, two days later, a third surgery was performed. Now Evie is on the road to recovery. Finally.

Just keep walking the yellow brick road Evie, Oz is in sight.


Other Side Psychic, Roatan Honduras and Amy

Working on yachts was my occupation, my life for 23 years as a professional chef. At this particular time in my life, I had just lost my identical twin sister September 28 2002 o a pulmonary embolism. It was November 12th and I was despondent, a broken individual, who had contemplated some horrific ideas about taking my own life.  Nothing could bring me back from that point, or so I felt, until I had to come to back to the land of the living. Amy stayed with me after she died. She stayed with me for four months continously by my side, even laying in my same bed and I believe she had a hand in what happened to bring me back from the brink.

The yacht was docked at Fantasy Island in Roatan next to Johnny Carson’s yacht, the Serengeti. It was late and we had just pulled in into harbor. Most of the crew had jumped ship out for a night on the town and Richard and I stayed on board. Around 11 pm, my ex husband starts screaming, holding his head, yelling, “call a doctor, call a doctor.” He is suffering relentless pain. This man had a pain threshold that makes a professional football player with a broken knee cap look like a pansy.

Panicking I frantically search for a cell phone but no signal on mine.  I ran outside looking for the cell phone from the ships agent, thinking it was there and at the same time, crying, I screamed for Amy,  my twin sister pleading with her,  “Amy, “what is wrong with Richard?” She was still there with me, even though she was dead, she was still there. She replied as someone standing next to me would talk to me in a normal calm voice.  “Beth, Richard has just had a brain hemorrage. You need to find the phone and call a doctor. He will be okay, just call for a doctor.” The cigarette I lit was shaking violently. There was the cell phone from the ships agent on the boat deck.

I dialed the agents number. He answered. I said, ” I need a doctor at the yacht immediately as fast he can get here, ambulance anything.”

He asked, ” what is wrong with the Captain.”

I said, “He just had a brain hemorrage.”

Within a few minutes Dr. Noel Brito, a dive doctor  shows up,  running onboard with his bag and injected Richard with codeine to bring his blood pressure down. It was 244 over 188.

It took four days to get a jet in to medivac him out to Miami to Mount Sinai  because of the rainy season but before he left, the neurosurgeon and Dr. Brito confirmed that he did indeed have a sub arrachnoid brain hemorrage with a graphic image from the MRI,. We had to travel by car and as scary as it sounds, and was, by an unpressurized plane to the capital of Honduras.

Then I was asked the question by both doctors with Richard laying there, ” How did you know what happened to Richard? How did you know what to tell Dr. Brito on the phone what was wrong with the Captain.?

I said quite matter of frankly, “Amy told me.”

I believe that my twin sister saw a need to step in, to help me come back from a very dark place by placing me back into the land of the living and to stop grieving as she was there with me, as she has been since.