OtherSidePsychic, When We are Near Death

Its called Life on Life’s terms. We all have to go through it and face the final hour. Its not so romantic really as the movies portray it. Some people are riddled with cancer, others, a debilitating disease, still others take their own life, despondent over the ones they were living.

He was talking to his father during his final hours, even seeing angels at his window. His father had passed about twenty years prior of throat cancer and alzheimers.  I witnessed it first hand.

When we are near death, either we are surrounded by angels, people who loved us and passed on before us or we are not. I know I have seen the arch angel Michael twice in my short life. I know that is one angel who will be with me during my finalexperience and into the next life.

I knew when my twin sister was dying as I felt it half way across the world. I became violently ill, and it was a sinking feeling of actually dying, needing to reach her immediately but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Amy. I had to tell her goodbye. I was too sick to get off the floor. It was actually what she was feeling.  I was perfectly healthy a minute before.

If we didn’t care about a person we wouldn’t cry our hearts out when they pass on. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t cry but be happy that they have gone onto a world far more better than what they left.

We all know what happens to the people who are not so nice and pure of heart.

I do know the man I saw die, saw angels, was surrounded by them, and was talking to people he loved who had passed on. They came back for him to take him home. In a coma, he said he wanted to go home but how was he going to get there? Piggy Back? Those were his exact words. He laughed, and a few hours later, he passed.

I hope I don’t have to hitchhike a ride, I hope Amy shows up in a nice BMW