Othersidepsychic, Reflections in the Washing Machine Window

i have never had a ghost come whirling up to me, sort of like a whoooosh, and then decide to swirl around me. It happened today.

You know how you just know someone is standing behind you or standing beside you or even to feeling like you are being stared at? But when you turn around there is no one there?  I was in the employers kitchen, making him dinner when all of sudden it was as if this ghost came running up to me, and started swirling around me.

I have never had that happen. Then it turned ice cold. I grabbed my cross around my neck and said that I am a child of God and Jesus is my savior and if they are not of God, to leave. Immediately, the air became warm, then it came back. I ignored it. Went about making cod cakes.  I mean seriously, who would be talking to ghosts and making cod cakes at the same time?

Then I went down to the laundry room where there are several washing machines. I happened to look up and there was a face staring at me from inside the washer. I just stopped, I stared. Weirder, it morphed. The face went into the image of my twin and then into the image of my twins beloved dog, Beth, a German shepard whom she named after me. I know I know. When they called the dog, we both answered. Neither the dog nor myself were sure which one of us they wanted so we both showed up.

Then the image was gone.

When I got home from work, spirit is knocking on the door, scratching on the door, a cabinet sounding like the door was rattling as though someone was trying to open it.  I am also wondering if I was followed from work to home. I think though my painting the house and doing some minor work has disturbed who ever is residing here. At least the paint color I picked out warms the place up. I did inform the ghost in my house that if they didn’t like the colors, they could take it outside and stay there. Their choice in colors sucked.