OtherSidePsychic, When They Go Missing

Yes, I can see where they are. Yes, I know who took them and yes, the police think all psychics are a bunch of wackos who make stuff up. Not true.

In this case, it was a missing dog. I happened to be talking to a Hispanic lady about pets in the pet aisle of Whole Foods the other day when she said her precious yorkie went missing over a year ago.

I saw it.

I asked her if she had a Korean or Chinese family close by as a neighbor. She said yes. I asked her if the lady had short brown/black hair and lived with a daughter or the daughter came by to check on her all the time. She said yes.

I then proceeded to tell her where the Korean lady lived. She lived at the end of the street, across from her.

The lady did indeed confirm that the Korean woman lived across the street and it was at the end of the street.

I also saw a metal fence around her yard. She confirmed this as well.

A lot of confirmations wouldn’t you say? She was in shock I saw this. I told her that the young lady who appears to be the daughter is the one who wanted the dog but I did see the dog got out, and ran to the house not knowing where it was. The Korean lady took it and gave it to her daughter.

I am waiting to find out if indeed the dog is still at the house or with the lady’s daughter. I see more with the daughter. My point is, if the poilce had more open minds, more crimes would be solved by very capable people such as me, because I can tell you alot of things about the crimes you see on tv. But for now, no one has asked my opinion.

Other Side Psychic: When Evil Seeks Redemption

He was wearing a brownish red friars robe, with a rope belt,  similar to the ones you see on monks in the movies. It did have a hood with a wide collar and long bell sleeves.  The man was completely bald, lacking any hair. In his hands were a tablet, full of names. Apparently, my name was written on that tablet.  So there was a reason he was here, seeking me. The problem is, when he showed up. he arrived with an aura of evil around him. I was very protected from him. Without hesitation, and unlike my natural nature, i turned very cautious, pensive, and guarded. knowing full well who he was, even though I had never met him, I had heard about him. Ultimately, I refused to give him what he wanted, only because I couldn’t. It wasn’t up to me. He was asking the wrong person.

This monster murdered my step sister. He took her life and her car over $20.00. From the time it happened to the time he was electrocuted, I knew if I opened that door, there was no telling what would come through. I have to say I never read the case nor did I want to read the case but felt the incredible hurt for my step father, Bart, because he had relive  the entire gamut of emotions, asit as it went to trial. The murder happened before he married my mother. His only natural daughter, Shannon, was stolen from him by a careless monster and now he stood before me, asking for my forgiveness.  He had died in the South Carolina electric chair. Having been electrocuted, this would account for his baldness and lack of hair. I knew who he was immediately when his spirit appeared before me. . I felt who he was but I had never seen him. I didn’t dare engage this spirit. He said “he had found God before he was committed to death.”

I believe the reason he came to me is because he had to right his wrongs.  He had to ask to be forgiven,  by each family member and people he had hurt because of his actions. So he came to me.

My answer standing from afar was: “I can’t give you your forgiveness because you did not hurt me but others in my family. If you need to ask for forgiveness, ask Shannon, the life you took, ask her. Look to Bart whose life you destroyed, ask him, and look to my mother for the pain she felt for Bart and ask her but I can’t forgive you as it is not up to me to forgive you.

The look on his face was of horror. As if I had just condemned him to die again.

and with that he was gone.

There are times we need to forgive the people we loved for things they did. We must forgive for them to move on.

There are times we need to have them forgive us.

There are times when I simply can’t forgive because it is not up to me to do so. It is not my right nor is it my job.

There is only one authority that can ultimately forgive, that is GOD. I am not God. 

The monster’s name was James Tucker and  not only did he murder Shannon Melon but also a real estate lady that day from Sumter SC.  The killer said, “to put them out of their misery.” was his motive. They looked like they were in pain.

I personally revoked one of his redemption attempts by not offering my forgiveness for his actions. It was not mine to give, but the people he had harmed.

Other Side Psychic: Amy from Louisiana

When her name was mentioned to me, it was as if she was waiting for that word, her name so she could appear. She did. When my birth mother Dot texted me, and then called, I understood that the sickly woman, in her death state, drugged out was in need of help and had a message to give her Mom, Donna, and her three little girls. The other side to the story was her mother wanted to know what happened that night to her daughter two years ago. I proceeded to tell her through Dot.

Her brother Kyle came through and so did her cousin Cody, only in name because they are still alive. Needless to say, I saw the little girls clothes, I saw what killed her, what happened to her body, who was there.

What I have come to realize is when we are so self absorbed in feeding ourselves through mind altering venues and substances, we leave God’s white light behind and enter darkness. If something happens and we don’t make it, we have work to do to rectify our wrongs if that is the prescription that a soul has to take. For her soul, it was.

It doesn’t have to be drugs, it could be an obsession. It could be a job, it could be something that takes you away from walking in the white light, surrounding yourself. It’s when you shove the white light aside for something more important. 

For Amy, even though she is dead, she has work to do to rectify what she did in her 27 years of living.  Her job currently is to oversee youth, as a guiding angel, for youth  who are experimenting with drugs. There is hope, there is always hope.

For the people involved in her death, I am so glad  and Thank my God, I don’t have your soul.