OtherSidePsychic, If They Died, Then How Come I Just Saw Them?

It is because you did.

The woman with her hair pulled back that made me do a triple take was indeed my twin sister walking on the street. That man with the handle bar mustache I have seen for the last three days, same build, same hair, is indeed my friend who died three years ago.

Make no mistakes, they do come back and make their presence known and some spirits decide to make it really obvious.

“I was at her funeral, but I just saw her” was a remark made to me not too long ago.

It is because they want you to know that they are still around you, still watching over you. It’s really comforting to know this.

When I saw the woman on the street walking in Honduras, I could have sworn, put my hand on the bible kind of swear that it was my Amy. My heart just pounded with excitement, then I realized I had buried her one month prior.  She was my identical twin.  My heart sank and the tearing apart started all over again.

You saw it on Long Island Medium, where a man came back to check on his son, dressed in baseball gear and he thought he saw his dad. He did.

So the next time you do a double take and swear that it is the person in your life you loved that was lost, but your senses tell you that it just can’t be, trust me, it can be and it is.

I have since seen Amy several times and heard her. But it’s been a long time now. I will do another post about Amy while in Roatan.  Well, my dead friend, like family really, Harvey, was really a shock. For the last three days I have seen Harvey. I wonder where his wife Ann is.  We were really close. When I left my husband in Portugal, due to divorce, as the cab was driving away, I saw her sitting on the back deck of the yacht with my ex husband. It was around 2 am. Her white hair glowed in the night. She was there for him. He couldn’t see her because she was already dead but I could. I have that gift. He just didn’t and never believed in it.

Now it is her deceased husband I am seeing around me. Hey, weirder things have happened.

I am just glad he is around. He always did make me feel at ease. His wife on the other hand was kind of prickly and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Just like my ex husband.

Still I loved them dearly.

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