OtherSidePsychic, The Christmas Father

I was at a party tonight and immediately felt the presence of a man who wore a uniform. I really saw it when I met his widow, the women with the green eyes. They had the look of mine so I know she had a gift. But I saw a hard life she had. It was not easy for her and what I knew to be her past.

The son of this man seemed distant, putting on a smiling face when it was so obvious that he was hurting so bad. His new girlfriend, my friend, is his saving grace. He not only lost his father who was  a NY police officer but his horrible ex took off with their child to Canada along with their dogs, leaving behind one older dog.  So triple whammy hit him hard in a period of only a few months.

Since it was a party, I didn’t want to freak him out by telling him I was a psychic and that his father was there. His father is there because he is worried for his son. He knows what has been happening with him and wants to comfort him. There is also some unresolved issues upon his passing he wants to let his son know about. He is worried for his son but at the same time, wants ask for his forgiveness.

This will have to come in time. I don’t always act and blurt it out especially when I know I am sensing arms length. When the time is right, the teacher will appear and the student will listen.



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