OtherSidePsychic, Animal Ghosts

A lot of people have asked if animals have a soul and are still with us even when they die. Yes, they do. They are from God and are made of love. The answer is that they still are with us.

A great way to see if the animal you loved is still with you especially if you have other animals around is to watch them. Watch them when they suddenly perk up for no reason. If they stare at or near the floor or a couple of feet above the floor, then it is probably a loved animal that has passed on.

IF they don’t flip their ears back, it is usually an animal that they do not feel threatened by and probably knew before they passed.

Happiness for the new year is to know that our loved ones really never leave us, That includes our beloved pets.

Merry Christmas World. Know you are loved from the other side.


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