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As I sat there watching a tv ghost show with my friend the other night, I realized I was telling him what was in the house, where it was and why. I seem to ruin any good ghost shows because I can see it before they even say it on the tv.  That can really spoil the reason for watching the GHOSTIE shows as I like to refer to them. Whenever I come home from traveling, that is what we like to do. Sit around and try to be scared. Of course it doesn’t. work. It takes something really off the wall to scare me. Something I have not seen in the paranormal field. Of which, I am sure I will someday.

As I travel today back to my home, I am faced with the fact I did not buy any white sage to sage my little apartment. I have some spirits who hang out in the back bedroom and hallway. Actually, I have about five in my house. I don’t know the history per say but then I don’t need to research the history. I can see it. There are imprints left from the arguing the gay couple had before I moved in and some of the violence I know existed. My house is old. I do know an older person died in my house and it is a woman. Then I picked up a couple of strangers who hang with me with my identical twin sister.

So, once I get to where I am going, I will go get some sage. That will only hold them at bay for a short period of time.


I am sorry I have not written lately. My work owns me, meaning what I do to pay the bills. Unlike most psychics, my services are free because it was a gift given to me, not to make money from. A friend suggested donations. I can’t bring myself to do that. So i guess I will remain a chef for a long time. My passion is helping others heal and to help the others on the other side bring their message to their loved ones. However, there are psychics out there that do charge and do charge a lot.

My advice, please please please be careful. Don’t just contact the first proclaimed psychic you find online. Read about them, see what others have to say and then decide if you really and truly need to find the closure you seek. From what my friend Joe told me, the feds are cracking down on psychics and their heartless charging of fees. The truly desparate will pay thousands to seek closure. Don’t do it. Please keep your money in your pocket. If the person is really interested in helping you, they will talk to you first, then arrange payment if you want to go on with a reading or other form you are seeking. So please be careful. Don’t spend thousands seeking comfort and closure when you can either contact me for free or simply, look for signs in your own home for the presence of your lost loved ones. Believe me when I say they are there. Small signs, yes, sometimes they leave big hints and clues and I would love to hear from you if they have.

I would love to have some of my past clients tell their stories to you so that you truly believe in what I offer. For those who don’t believe, at least have a tiny portion of your heart open. Just a little crack and let hope in. It will happen.

Go with God in his loving white light and love. 


They truly and really never leave us. Some of my clients can attest to that. Sometimes it takes people like me to bring it to your attention.

Okay, enough said about that, let me write a new post, on possession and why it happens.