Other Side Psychic, Insurance Inspections

A nice enough man,  he kept to himself doing his job. Occasionally he would ask me where the electric panel was or is there another water heater or fuse box and I answered his every question.

Standing in my garage as he was inspecting the panel, I suddenly saw his deceased brother grabbing his chest., I asked him, if he had lost a brother with the intiial H.

Wild eyed and having never met me before he came to do the inspection for the insurance company, He said “Yes.”

I asked him if his brother had white hair.

The answer was another yes.

His eyes were getting wider and his hands started to shake. His expression was turning to fright by this time.

I said, the reason I asked you that was because I see your brother standing behind you and he is grabbing his chest.

Did he die from a heart attack?

He answered, “yes he did.”

I said, “Don’t worry, he wanted to let you know he is with you and that he is happy. Plus, I might add, he hds a very hairy chest.”

He confirmed his hairy chest. Seriously, this poor inspector was frightened.

The inspector said to me, “I know about some things and some things I don’t know anything about. I don’t know about the gift you say you have and I figured it is better to leave that stuff alone.”

He left as fast as he could pack his tools up. He was scared.

He did finish the insurance inspection thought, must have been from his home as I never saw him come back.

The findings: Work has to be done on my house.




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