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I have been called by people from different states and I can see the deceased in their lives, to the inside of their homes. Serious. Not many psychics can do this. It just happens to be part of my gift. As I have stated before, usually once the living person has communicated an interest in speaking with me, their deceased loved ones have already decided to come visit me and usually show up shortly thereafter, kind of like unannounced house guests with baggage. And they are there after the three day rule of visiting. You think I am kidding? Well, today, she and I finally got our acts together to speak on the phone. After numerous attempts to set a time, something always came up or my work got in the way or she had appointments. Finally, today, we were able to speak but her father, well he showed up the minute she asked for my help. Nice guy, great dresser, held a book in his hand. It had special meaning to her and I relayed it. A validation that it was indeed her father who came through. Then her grandmother, then her grandfather, and her grandmother’s son who was put in a hospital, all of them came through, to include her a picture of her future partner, and wow, is he gorgeous.

Sure you can call those 1 800 numbers out to California and get someone reading from a script and believe it but honestly, they ask too many questions and get their answers from yours. Don’t be fooled. My gift has never let me down with regards to helping others find closure and it usually is spot on, 100%. I can’t claim victory or claim it as my power because it isn’t. It is simply a gift that I am meant to share. I know someone who does exactly this, calls these places and pays for shoddy information. If you are a really good psychic, then you won’t waste your talents making the owner of the company you work for rich. You will use it to enrich other’s lives. Isn’t that what this is about? Helping others?

Anyway, I think the lady was hanging up with doubts when I shared a few other insights that the spirits gave me on the way out. I think I heard her gasp for air. Especially with her mother and father.

These spirits on the other side, you never know what they will say. She left a true believer.

Or course I can’t see for myself. Darn it.

2 thoughts on “Othersidepsychic, Telephone Readings

  1. I’ve been looking for some closure with my dad and a x fire d who recently committed suicide who my ex husband was suspected on being behind I went to a medium but really didn’t get answers I wanted. Not sure if legit could you help me?

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