The Dark Side of Beautiful

The marsh and tidal creek lay just out front from the large plantation house, with its majestic oaks draped with Spanish moss . It’s a beautiful setting for a low country wedding, and a place I fell in love with and could stay forever. With the price of beauty comes the side of darkness of its past.

Last year I went there from a request from the owner to see what was there. I primarily concentrated on several areas of the house and got lengthy Evp’s from the still lurking around owner from the 1800’s. This year, it was different.

I asked to speak to the kind man I engaged with last year. A voice came back to me over Evp’s that said, “He’s dead.”

My reply was, “Do you know you are dead too?” I was irritated that a spirit decided to screw with me as a medium and thwart my endeavors as to why I came.

“What do you mean he is dead?” What kind of spirit says that? Not a good one that is for sure. I had to dig deeper. I asked for a name and I got it. The next day I went to the library to get information and found out that the name given to me over evp by spirit belonged to the man who was ruthless, making this estate the richest during his lifetime for the area. He lived during the 1700’s. It was him I heard. It only got worse from there. The night time cameras catching us sleeping showed our project manager sitting on the edge of the bed rocking back and forth in an unusual manner around 2-3 am and all of sudden the footage showed his back contorting into a balloon. It was not humanly possible to do so unless you have helium to blow your back into a bulbous round shape. His did. Then you see the same spirit come over to me when I was sleeping and yank the covers from my feet and lay down beside me. I was not about to sleep alone in that house and he was my best friend. For three days I watched my friend turn into a 80 something year old, a man I did not know. Even his voice changed and his eyes narrowed, shutting for most of the time. Who was he? Not my friend Joe.

Later, his back hurt so bad that I took him to the emergency room. The doctors came back in and said his back had a compression fracture and a cracked rib. I know what caused it. He kept saying he wanted to go back home. We were home and now over 500 miles away from the estate.  Apparantly, this home was not the one he intended.

I asked out loud over an evp session when we were at the estate “Who is the evil entity here? Can they hurt someone?” I never heard the answer at the time, and it was “Yes”

After we arrived back at the house a few states away, having gotten home from the hospital, Joe’s phone turned Siri on, by itself, and a message came across the front screen,  “You don’t know true evil yet.”

After I left the estate last year, I got a message on my phone that said, ” What do you call a slut in the ground?.”

Pure evil lurks behind the beautiful sometimes.

Othersidepsychic, Possession, Why It Happens

Don Gabriele Amorth, I believe is his name , as I researched him today, is a Priest with the Catholic Church who is or was the most famous exorcist in the world. I even believe they made a movie about him. He has my utmost respect. To go toe to toe with the evil entities from below deserves my highest respect.

To obtain an exorcism from the Catholic Church takes years, medical review first by a medical doctor, then a psychiatrist then the Priest ascertains whether you are truly possessed. Those who are and make it to the final round only to be dismissed don’t have a chance unless there are others that can remove the squatter as I like to call them. First is the naming of the name of the spirit who squats in the body. Once the name is known, he/she/it or multitudes of them, can be banished back to hell.

I can’t do it. I merely see the past, the present, the future. I can see the squatter though but I can’t remove it. I can get help but it is too dangerous for someone like me and anyone who says they can, my hats off to them but, they can also make it more difficult. Even healers who come to heal you can bring attachments with them to the new person they visit. Unless they remove the attachment first, before coming to you, there might be a good chance that the attachment might decide they like you better than the last body they had.

Why does this happen? Simply, my guides tell me because our souls have a void in them. Kind of like a wound. When we are beat up by the world, not spiritually fit, entities see it as an opportunity to set up a home in our bodies. It could result from doing something that is not right in our God’s eyes and whammo, there you go.

I was riding in a car with my ex husband years ago after my twins death. As I laid back in the passenger seat, i saw a white like a fog come out of my chest. I thought it was my soul leaving my body. I offered to trade my soul for my twins if God would accept her into his kingdom. Jesus already did that for me so I didn’t have to but somehow, I knew what had happened. My spirit, my soul left my body. After that incident, I was less than human in my actions, hurting others, not doing the right thing. Today, my life is full of God’s goodness. I try to take others into consideration first, helping them, not me. Yes, we all go through life and the consequences of what we have done. I did, but now, I don’t pay for it as I have a higher power in my life but others are not so lucky. I was lucky in that I was not possessed during that time.

Usually during incidents of not being spiritually fit or doing the wrong thing, acting or behaving badly as I like to call it, whether it be an affair, stealing, even to not being honest,  we allow other negative energies to come in, not realizing it. They see it as their opportunity to set up camp and live in our bodies. During that time of my bad existence, my ex husband said that when i went to sleep, I was speaking in Aramaic to Amy.  I don’t speak Aramaic. She was reaching out to me to help me.

When the squatter as I like to call them decides to set up shop in our bodies, we become even more evil, lack emotion, body parts start to separate, we speak in languages we don’t know, and just become vile. Over time our bodies decay and the squatter shoves our soul to the back of the line. It is still in there but hard to hear from the evil entity. Time to call in the big guns and get help I would say.

There are ways to remove the squatter or make them extremely agitated so that they want to leave before the last resort of an exorcism. but usually that is what it takes to remove them is the last resort of an exorcism. One is to constantly surround yourself in white light of God’s love and keep open bibles in the rooms of your house. Another is to go to church or an organized religious house. Most squatters don’t like churches. The person possessed can’t go near one or they get physically ill in one.

If you are a psychic and speak to a person who is possessed, your body suffers the consequences. For me, the evil entity knows I am trying to help the person afflicted and they know me, just as a spirit knows I am helping their loved ones left behind. They visit me long before the actual reading. With a possession, they can’t just leave the squatters body but they can send messages that say, try to get rid of me. They have and still do. They can’t win because I am centered in my higher power.

When you are following a honest path, a “good life” meaning, you are kind, you are giving, you show love and live honesty in all you do, you don’t allow an easy path for a squatter. If you don’t follow a good honest path, it is kind of like having an open door with open for business sign hung around your neck. Good Karma begets good Karma. Bad Karma is a bitch as we say. The bitch decides to move in and kicks your soul out. I liken the bitch to a really bad ass ex that destroys us emotionally, physically and mentally. Time to move them out.

When I saw the arch angel Michael in 2000, I knew I had another chance at life. I knew I had a great fighter on my side. I won.