Othersidepsychic, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

I can’t remember if that movie was about trains or flying. For me, it seems appropriate that it is about trains.

Yesterday while going to see property with a realtor whom I am not so sure about ethically, because of what happened,and what I see to come,  I had a premonition seconds before it happened. I couldn’t stop it. I wasn’t supposed to. I do know I got a very uneasy feeling about the realtor when I walked into a restaurant to meet him and his wife. It was not a good aura around him. It was more of a grey black. This much I do remember. For someone like me, good auras are everything. He did not have one. She did, but he didn’t. I should have listened to that and walked away. Selfish, only about what he could get is the type of person I had received from my spirit guides and his aura.

Making a right hand turn and about to proceed onto rail road tracks, I got a premonition that I was going to get into an accident and sure enough kabam, right into the back of my car.  The other driver got out. He was okay. He was going really fast to because my back bumper on my old car was made of metal and split right in two. Not good.

I think I was so much in shock that I don’t remember turning the car off, just realizing that my premonition had come true. The realtor reached over and put my car into park.

Needless to say, I didn’t heed my own warnings nor my feelings that surrounded meeting this person. Unfortunately, now I know, because I see it, that he will sue me for his medical injuries. He had none as he proceeded to get up immediately and walked over to the ambulance and had them put a collar around his neck. A cat scan and exray later of his entire body, he bent over to put on his boots and walked out of the hospital to go look at property. It was not a loss for him. It was for me, my car, my transportation and ultimately, what I see to come. A few seconds after the car was hit, the train comes. As I am on the phone with 911, the operator asked if we were off the tracks. Barely made it.

What goes around comes around. Good Karma begets good karma. I only surround myself around good karma. Live and Learn. I am good, a little sore but magnificently alive and good!

As for the other driver, I hope he is okay. As for the realtor, remember, good karma begets good karma. I don’t see it for him.

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang..

2 thoughts on “Othersidepsychic, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

  1. Oh my gosh Mary, sounds horrible. You didn’t mention how you were? I assume okay as you would of said if you weren’t okay. He will get his – like you say it will come back and bite him. First of all let your Realtor drive you around. Why were you driving him? If the realtor here doesn’t drive the buyers around, the buyers follow the realtor around in their own car. I so hate it for your. I am so sorry, nothing but a mess for awhile with insurance companies. Hopefully your insurance covers it all. Document all you see on him…..have someone follow him at work and out showing others property, so you have proof he is not injured. You get in there car next time….use their gas and car. They shouldn’t have a problem with that. Don’t carry them with you. Follow each other so you can come and go when you need to. What if heaven forbid, you needed to run away from this guy, and now you have no keys to his car, you never know anyone for real. Always be on your own if possible. Safety.

    Have a drink of whatever calms you and relax. Start over with a new trusting agent. I would call one someone recommends, or one that goes to your church. No guarantee but a bit better chance of that. Joannie

    1. Joannie
      I truly appreciate you. I am very trusting and actually quite naive. Unfortunately, people take advantage of that. I always look for the good in people, and hope that they have it, Some don’t. Most don’t but a few do and yet, that gives me hope others do to.
      Thank you. thank you thank you.

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