OtherSidePsychic, A Giant Puzzle

I meet some wonderful people in my line of work sharing my gift and these people come to me for closure and reassurance. They really just want to know that their loved ones are truly close by. I can say yes, they are for the most part but when I do a reading, I am merely imparting what the spirits are trying to relay. They show me symbols and signs and to the person being read, it might seem confusing and that I am off base on what I see. For some, it might be the hand made doll or the kitchen apron or the beige suit and matching shoes. They all have meaning to the person I am reading or should have meaning.

I am the one who has to tell you what I see and see if it makes any sense to you. A reading in Boca is a prime example. I saw my clients father standing there holding a book. He was very proud of it. He never turned it around so I could read the front title. Instead, it was simply a large book he was holding. Okay, maybe it was something his daughter had made for him, or something he had written. Nope. not the case. Then the picture of horses came through. I found out that her father had a gambling addiction to horses and the book he was holding up was a recovery book.

He was very very proud of the recovery book that he was holding. That tied in with her because she also was in recovery.

See how hard that was to figure out? If he had not shown the image of horses, we both would be scratching our our heads. So it was a validation that he was there letting her know he was there.

When I do a reading, it is not like the spirits come to me and start a conversation. They don’t say, hey Mary, its me, Melissa. Nice to meet you. Say can you help me? I need you to tell my love ones that….blah blah blah.  No, it doesn’t happen like that, well, not for this psychic. They show up, unannounced, with objects and pictures and a whole host of stuff.  Usually the really older spirits that have passed on, decide to  come back somewhat younger, close to the age of 50 or 60 but I am able to see them when they died and the age they died. Some don’t but that is their choice. The tiny infants that die usually come back as toddlers or progress to an age such as a young adolescent.

Really mean people who have passed on, or evil people show up and send bone cold chils through me.  I honestly don’t even acknowledge their presence. They go away or don’t even come into my space. I won’t have it. I have sent them away.

The spirits just don’t come out and say their entire name or when they died or for that fact tell me complete sentences. They simply make it brief and to the point. It is putting the pieces of a puzzle together that eventually makes sense to the person seeking closure.


One thought on “OtherSidePsychic, A Giant Puzzle

  1. Thank you Mary for both the reading you gave me earlier this week, and for this explanation on what you see, and how these signs need to be deciphered. Some people can be skeptical about conversing with a medium or psychic – feeding back, confirming details etc – and see that as meaning the person doesn’t really see anything. I’m sure this blog entry will help others make better sense of your gift, and the gift of others like you!

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