OtherSidePsychic, Mark

I have known Mark for a couple of years. If there was anyone who had a heart of gold, that would be Mark. He gave and gave and gave until his heart gave out.

Two days ago, I thought about him. For some reason, he came into my mind and usually when that happens, well, it scares me when people suddenly come into my head because I know the outcome, Its never, well, I wonder how Patty is doiing, sure would be nice to hear from her.

Instead it’s, kind of like being hit in the head with a cast iron skillet except without the pain involved, thank goodness for that right? Seriously, I hate it when it happens because I honestly know the outcome and path that has to be walked.

Well, Mark died. Just slumped over in his seat while riding with some other close friends. Congestive heart failure.  I called to tell Joe, who truly loved Mark and while I was talking to Joe, Mark came through.

Mark told me to tell Joe, “Take care Bud.”

So I told Joe.

Joe Mr. Skeptic said, “if you are really talking to Mark, then tell me what he gave me.”

I said, okay, and the answer was a patch, pennat.

Joe said no.

I said yes.  it is a triangle on its side, and the colors are blue, red, white that I can see with another one.

Joe said no.

I said yes, and it might not mean anything to you now, but it will. He still was a doubter.

After we hung up, he texted me back, freaking out.

He had found it. Mark had given him a patch, and in the center was the space shuttle that was in the form of a triangle on its side. the colors of the patch was red, blue, white.

Joe called and said, you have to tell his family.

I said, Joe, I will but Mark doesn’t have much time right now and he has to go so he is saying goodbye for now, and he wanted you to know he was here, that he cared.

Joe will never doubt me again.

It’s not me that should be doubted, I am only the messenger.


One thought on “OtherSidePsychic, Mark

  1. That is such a great message. I believe that is what it takes for the doubters to believe – but I hate that it took a fiends loss to turn to a believer. My heart warms when I hear these moments with you.

    Have a Merry Christmas EVERYONE. I just prayed a bunch to all my deceased family this morning while walking my sweet dogs. Made me feel so good, and invited them to all please be with us on our Holiday trip. I would like my guardian angels with me always.

    Doorbell Joannie

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