Other Side Psychic, Insurance Inspections

A nice enough man,  he kept to himself doing his job. Occasionally he would ask me where the electric panel was or is there another water heater or fuse box and I answered his every question.

Standing in my garage as he was inspecting the panel, I suddenly saw his deceased brother grabbing his chest., I asked him, if he had lost a brother with the intiial H.

Wild eyed and having never met me before he came to do the inspection for the insurance company, He said “Yes.”

I asked him if his brother had white hair.

The answer was another yes.

His eyes were getting wider and his hands started to shake. His expression was turning to fright by this time.

I said, the reason I asked you that was because I see your brother standing behind you and he is grabbing his chest.

Did he die from a heart attack?

He answered, “yes he did.”

I said, “Don’t worry, he wanted to let you know he is with you and that he is happy. Plus, I might add, he hds a very hairy chest.”

He confirmed his hairy chest. Seriously, this poor inspector was frightened.

The inspector said to me, “I know about some things and some things I don’t know anything about. I don’t know about the gift you say you have and I figured it is better to leave that stuff alone.”

He left as fast as he could pack his tools up. He was scared.

He did finish the insurance inspection thought, must have been from his home as I never saw him come back.

The findings: Work has to be done on my house.




Other Side Psychic: Dunkin Doughnuts

Well his grandmother didn’t like his womanizing ways and his recreational drug use of which he was “on” right at that moment. He was loud and getting louder.

All I wanted was a cup of dark roasted coffee, and a chit chat with my good friend Kari the crazy cat lady, her nickname I call her.  She has a heart of gold for the cats in my neighborhood, as I do too. We rescue, spay and neuter all we can. So we share a common bond besides walking in the white light of God.

Anyway, back to the scene at Dunkin Doughnuts. Remember the tv show from the 70’s or 80’s, ‘Good Times’ with Jimmy ? what’s his last name?? He is or was a comedian. This guy was the spitting image of Jimmy and just about as loud and obnoxious as him too. Yet,  when he decided to include me in his loud banterings, I had to tell him, a total stranger, that his dead grandmother was standing behind him showing me the number 8 plus, she was not happy. She had raised him better than that. He had to get off the drugs. She was shaking her head, and I could tell she was Haitian. Try relaying that to a stranger on drugs at 10:00 at night in a dunkin doughnuts. I did. Here was his confirmation.

He was one of 9 kids and one died leaving 8.  Thank you GrandMother. I also saw a teenager in trouble who was his nephew and his  sassy three year old daughter.

I asked him who Phil was. Phil was the owner of the antique shop he did deliveries for, his boss. His eyes are slowly becoming larger and larger.

Kari told him, My friend is a psychic and a medium. I have read Kari in the past and her reading was 2 hours long. She is definitely a believer.

You would think the policeman who was sitting there eating yes, you got it, a doughnut and having a cup of coffee would scare a person away who was screwed up on drugs.

No, not the case. The real scare came from the psychic sitting there having coffee with a crazy cat lady.

Amazing how fast people will seek an exit….He didn’t even have coffee.

Other Side Psychic, The Empty Arms Mother

I want to say a big thank you to you for following this blog. It inspires me to tell my stories as a Psychic and Medium and to continue helping not only the people on this plane but the spirits on the other side who have a message for those left behind.

For all the negativity that I have encountered because I have this gift,  I have to say a big thank you  for believing that such gifts do exist. You proved that by following my blog. Thank you!!!!

I promise to bring to you the ncounters I have had, and continue to have every day.


If you read my post about Amy from Louisiana, you will recall she died two years ago, leaving behind three girls who wore a lot of pink and purple. Amy came to me yesterday again, this time showing me a picture of her holding her arms down by her waist and cupping them and rocking them side to side. It was as if she was rocking a baby to sleep. Except her arms were empty. Her face was sad. Amy is working to move up as she had a lot of unfinished business and wanted to send a message to her loved ones back in LA. I carried the message but there was still some doubters in her family, namely a woman who thinks all psychics are evil entities..

I called Dot, (my birth mother), she was married to a man named Paul. Paul was the first cousin of Amy ‘s mother named Donna. Dot and Donna were in constant contact and I asked Dot to find out if Amy was pregnant or did she lose a baby at some point in her life? I told Dot, I see Amy holding her arms down by her waist as though she is rocking a baby to sleep except her arms are empty. A text message came back a few hours later that indeed Amy did lose a child when she was 7 and a half months pregnant as the baby died in the womb. This was during her drug use. She had a still birth, a very unfortunate and very sad experience for any mother to have to endure.

For the family members who doubted,  their daughters soul is alive and well and working on her advancement in the better place, also known as Heaven.

I have come to know that

There is just too much information given to me by Amy, that a stranger such as myself would never have known if they were not psychic and a medium.





Other Side Psychic Jim in Therapy at a Coffee Bar

He was my physical therapist after my rotator cuff surgery. Talkative is a mild way of putting it. I knew I was ADHD but Jim took the cake. But somehow, we became close friends, and even promised to meet for coffee the next time I was in Savannah. I decided to meet him but had to postpone it because of traveling, moving, and everything else.

While in Ft. Pierce, as I was standing next to the dresser, I saw an orb float right by me as though it kissed me and then proceeded on it’s way.  Then it was gone. It is not often an orb is seen. I see them with my naked eye on a regular basis. I have to assume it is part of my gift.

The next day, I received a text message to call Ray and Phylis in Savannah. Just a simple “call me when you have a chance.” message.

Jim had passed away the day before. He was in the gulf war and like the Syrians being exposed to chemical weapons, so was he. His body suffered the complications from his exposure.

I have no doubts that orb was Jim, the orb, and I am quite sure, he carried a message to say, “You should have kept your appointment for coffee but I know a great coffee bar upstairs when you decide to travel home.”

Friends and family, our loved ones are important. Don’t put them off. Don’t do what i did to miss an opportunity to have a cup of coffee with them, even for a minute.


Other Side Psychic: Amy from Louisiana

When her name was mentioned to me, it was as if she was waiting for that word, her name so she could appear. She did. When my birth mother Dot texted me, and then called, I understood that the sickly woman, in her death state, drugged out was in need of help and had a message to give her Mom, Donna, and her three little girls. The other side to the story was her mother wanted to know what happened that night to her daughter two years ago. I proceeded to tell her through Dot.

Her brother Kyle came through and so did her cousin Cody, only in name because they are still alive. Needless to say, I saw the little girls clothes, I saw what killed her, what happened to her body, who was there.

What I have come to realize is when we are so self absorbed in feeding ourselves through mind altering venues and substances, we leave God’s white light behind and enter darkness. If something happens and we don’t make it, we have work to do to rectify our wrongs if that is the prescription that a soul has to take. For her soul, it was.

It doesn’t have to be drugs, it could be an obsession. It could be a job, it could be something that takes you away from walking in the white light, surrounding yourself. It’s when you shove the white light aside for something more important. 

For Amy, even though she is dead, she has work to do to rectify what she did in her 27 years of living.  Her job currently is to oversee youth, as a guiding angel, for youth  who are experimenting with drugs. There is hope, there is always hope.

For the people involved in her death, I am so glad  and Thank my God, I don’t have your soul.