Other Side Psychic: Dunkin Doughnuts

Well his grandmother didn’t like his womanizing ways and his recreational drug use of which he was “on” right at that moment. He was loud and getting louder.

All I wanted was a cup of dark roasted coffee, and a chit chat with my good friend Kari the crazy cat lady, her nickname I call her.  She has a heart of gold for the cats in my neighborhood, as I do too. We rescue, spay and neuter all we can. So we share a common bond besides walking in the white light of God.

Anyway, back to the scene at Dunkin Doughnuts. Remember the tv show from the 70’s or 80’s, ‘Good Times’ with Jimmy ? what’s his last name?? He is or was a comedian. This guy was the spitting image of Jimmy and just about as loud and obnoxious as him too. Yet,  when he decided to include me in his loud banterings, I had to tell him, a total stranger, that his dead grandmother was standing behind him showing me the number 8 plus, she was not happy. She had raised him better than that. He had to get off the drugs. She was shaking her head, and I could tell she was Haitian. Try relaying that to a stranger on drugs at 10:00 at night in a dunkin doughnuts. I did. Here was his confirmation.

He was one of 9 kids and one died leaving 8.  Thank you GrandMother. I also saw a teenager in trouble who was his nephew and his  sassy three year old daughter.

I asked him who Phil was. Phil was the owner of the antique shop he did deliveries for, his boss. His eyes are slowly becoming larger and larger.

Kari told him, My friend is a psychic and a medium. I have read Kari in the past and her reading was 2 hours long. She is definitely a believer.

You would think the policeman who was sitting there eating yes, you got it, a doughnut and having a cup of coffee would scare a person away who was screwed up on drugs.

No, not the case. The real scare came from the psychic sitting there having coffee with a crazy cat lady.

Amazing how fast people will seek an exit….He didn’t even have coffee.