Other Side Psychic

Just driving down the road, I immediately got an overwhelming bone cold chill. A true feeling of evil just overwhelmed me. I was near Amagansett NY and I had passed by a church due to the route I was taking. The traffic slowed due to tourists and as I looked over to my right, at the rectory, the evil spirit came forward. He was still in this church. I got on the phone to Joe, my partner in my business and explained to him what had just happened, where it was, and that I was just driving, minding my own business.

Sure enough, this church is haunted, with a pastor that because of his past evil actions towards the boys in the choir has to stay there as penance for his sins. He was a pedophile. My description of the priest was accurate to the glasses he wore and the thinning hair around his temples. His beedy eyes and evil presence was just too much, all within seconds of passing by a church a hundred yards away.

The priest immediately sought me out because of my gift.  It was a very dark ominous presence in that church and still is. He was so mad that I knew what he had done in his living years. His anger is still like a projectile surrounding the property and it crossed my path.

Joe confirmed everything I saw, felt that day. I hope to never drive by that church again. Just driving by, in one second, I saw it all, felt it all.